‘The Party of Card-Carrying Socialists’ Dem Mayor Explains His Switch to GOP

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

“It’s all about them and their socialistic values and that doesn’t work,” says Nevada Democrat Mayor John Lee as he explains why he is joining the Republican Party. North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee has been a registered member of the Democrat Party for over 25 years, but no more. During an interview with Fox News, Mayor Lee explains how the left has become a party of “elitists” and “socialists” pushing an agenda “he can’t stand anymore.”

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Fox News reports:

They had an election recently for leadership, and four of the five people were card-carrying members of the Socialist Party. It’s not the party that I grew up with 25 years ago in this environment, and it’s not the party I can stand with anymore…

The working class, or working men and women of this country, and also the small business owners are not a part of the conversation anymore. It all has to do with the elitists and it has to do with the socialists. That is not the agenda that I have in mind for this country of the future…

When you’re a pro-life Democrat, a pro-gun Democrat, and you’re a very conservative person, that’s not really well known in the Democratic Party anymore. And so for me to hang on as long as I did, hoping the party would change, it didn’t, it got worse. So therefore, I found a new place that I can put my allegiance to and help. Once again, forget about the last eight years. It’s the next four years that predict the future.

As the Democrat Party moves further to let to appease socialists and woke progressives seeking to destroy our country from the inside out will more people choose to join the Republican Party? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

        1. One person at a time whether it’s a working class person, a Congressional person or anyone in between I am happy they have come to understand what the Dems are trying to do to America……these are the real “woke” people because they woke up and decided they were in the wrong party for any America loving patriot to be in!
          #WalkAway to Constitution loving Americans in the Republican Party!

    1. So was I and, as to the question of whether or not MORE long term “Democrats”, will flee and become Republican or Conservative : When the EFFECT of their blatant and rampant irresponsibility, unaccountability, lack of moral conscience and American Values is FINALLY realized by all who like this gentleman have been hoping those was a momentery abberation, I pray they will defect in DROVES. I am a 76 year old disabled Vietnam veteran with a 54 year old degree in Government I had WHEN I served in Vietnam in 1968 and far more HONORABLY, than any of these treasonous troll and seditious swamp slime Socialists and WORSE! And, I make NO APOLOGY for viewing these disgraces as EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE!

      1. Thank you for your selfless service to America and her patriots! Thank you also for speaking truth to power……I totally agree with you!

      2. Welcome Home Shipmate.
        Looks like 1945 was a good year.
        Barry 76
        PO1 USN RET
        Vietnam 3x (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club)

      3. I don’t want to be a pessimist, but I have little hope for our country. The left has control of the public government school system and brainwashed our children since 1980. That’s when Comrade Carter rammed through the Federal Department of Un-Education with its socialistic guidelines. That’s two generations of brainwashed kids. School boards have their grubby little hands out for the federal money, and then have to impose the Marxist dogma that is required to get the money. I talked with entry level employers and they all tell me the same thing. These kids can’t read, write their own name, do simple math, or think. In addition, they have been brainwashed into thinking socialism is a good thing. Parents, NEVER send your child to a public government school. What? You say you can’t afford a private or religious school. If you have a new flat screen TV, a late model car, and a smart phone, get your priorities straight!

        1. You are correct except it started in the 50’s and 60’s. Coming from a conservatives family I saw it when I was in school in the late 60’s. It just became more apparent in the 80’s.

        2. I THINK this ONLY happens if ur state is BLUE…MINE IS RED/Texas…I have ASKED My Children & ALL 4…HAVE SAID…NO…THIS WAS NOT TAUGHT…last CHILD 2 graduate was back in 2008…Maybe I should also ASK ABOUT the Colleges??

      4. Thanks for your service and dedication to the Republic! I am a Retired Regular Army Officer and at 75, remember my oath of service everyday. If politicians in general and especially liberals politicians would live up to their “Oath of Office”, the country would not be in the trouble we are in today.

    2. First and foremost the REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMEN need to put their BIG BOY PANTS ON. Stop kissing DEMOCRAP AZZ.

      1. KDS… It’s not so much that the Republicans are kissing the Dems’ azzes as much as they are playing by the rules. For the most part the R’s try to do the right thing. The Dems don’t care how they win so long as they win. They are dirty street fighters! They lie, cheat, accuse, manipulate and pull every trick in the book to win. That is why Biden and Harris are in the White House. Only a die hard Democrat voter would believe a majority voted for those two. Trump had the crowds, the enthusiasm, the momentum, the successes…. and he was draining the swamp. Dems feared him! It is only a miracle that they didn’t try to assassinate him. If by some chance he did win, despite the cheating, that could have been their next step. God bless America! God bless Trump! He will be back!

  1. Congrats to Mayor John Lee who saw the light. Pro gun and pro life definitely doesn’t fit the Dems mantra. Hopefully more and more people will come to realize how destructive the new “woke society” has become. They are destroying the family unit and want to take away freedom of speech and freedom to own a gun to protect oneself. Even freedom of religion is under attack.

    1. Thank you mayor JOHN LEE FOR SEEING THE LIGHT I TRUST JUST MAYBE YOU HAVE STARTED something that could start a landslide of the smart one’s. I know there has to be a lot more who are disgusted with the way things are GOING ..IF JUST 1 PER MONTH FOR THE NEXT 4 MONTH’S IN EACH BRANCH OF THE GOVERNMENT WE COULD SAVE AMERICA.

  2. He has been voting DEMOCRAT for 25 years, it is time for him to RETIRE. IF he is SO CONSERVATIVE, why did he NOT KNOW what the LIBS were doing and why did he go right along with WHATEVER GARBAGE they put out there??? We have TOO MANY RINOs already. We do NOT need anymore Dems to get in on the GOP ticket and then vote with the LIBS!!!

    1. I agree with you. But I’m willing to hear what he does next. I’m hoping others realize their wrong way. The pain is just beginning. Let’s see how hard the left squeezes before many idiots realize they can’t take it anymore.

      1. Betty Steele, Nine island Girl, I agree with your analogy and he is one person and apparently he decided to change his mind concerning party line psychology and or physiology.
        Are there people in the republican party that are either tired of hearing the party line, or have lost interest or party affiliation? Etc. This can happen, some people either loose interest or decide to go in a different direction whether it is good bad or indifferent.
        The interest and pep needs to be encouraged and understood, otherwise the party will wane and wither and eventually die. And that is reguardles of party affiliation.

        1. I actually watched slow joe say in his much anticipated press conference that by 2024 there could possibly be “NO REPUBLICAN PARTY” think about that. Definitely something these treasonous people are thinking about. Very scary.

      2. Nine island Girl, That didn’t work so well with Mitt the Twit RINO Romney

        Here is one Utahn that will be fighting him in the Primaries when he comes up for reelection.
        Barry 76
        PO1 USN RET
        Vietnam 3x

        1. Barry, first of all, thank you so much for your service. I’m really glad you’re on to Mittens. Make sure others are with you
          I’ve noticed that Mittens has had a reprieve of quiet. Maybe his constituents are letting him know to keep his mouth shut. I still think he wants to run for president again.

      3. Better late than never, and by announcing his intentions he will be causing other non-leftist Democrats to think about their choices.

    2. You must have flunked history. The Democrats have done a better job with the economy than the Republicans and you can actually look up the statistics to prove it. I know Trumpets are the least educated in the population but give it a try.

      1. Another total dork that refuses to see the light. Find one of those ‘liberal/fascists forums and comment there, we just don’t need you unless you find common sense.

      2. Republicans do not violate their oaths of office to Implement U.N. Open Borders, and Agenda 21, force censoring of free speech and dissent, disarmament of American citzens by forcing the U.N. Small Arms Treaty on us and otherwise interfering in OUR Domestic affairs, end the 2nd Amendment and try to limit or eradicate other freedoms and all personal choices. Their Charter from 1946 states their RIGHT to determine the Sovereignty of every nation on earth, even non member nations, which like everything the Left does is total BS! You think that applies to China Russia or Iran? You KNOW they will never comply so even if we were of a mind to comply, WE COULD NOT and we are not anyway!The Democratic platform is all about total control of every aspect of the life of the individual. And, You are full of what makes the grass grow green stating that they are in ANY WAY, FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE OR MORALLY CONSCIONABLE. IT IS THEY WHO PASSED ROE v WADE, “LEGALLY KILLING,” 62 MILLION INNOCENTS SINCE IMPLEMENTED IN 1973! IT IS THEY WHO HAVE RUN UP MOST OF THE CURRENT $28 TRILLION DEBT WHICH WAS 8 TRILLION WHEN OBAMA TOOK OFFICE AND 21 TRILLION WHEN HE LEFT! It is also the Democrats who have tried to end the police and allowed and supported the billions in damage to private property done by Antifa and BLM and do NOTHING to protect American citizens from these career dissidents and criminals. many of whom are foreign felon illegal aliens whose first act on this soil is to vioate our immigration laws, aided and abetted, ignored and unenforced by either the elitist establishment Left or the corrupted DOJ and SJC!.Trump is responsible for the booming economy SINCE he took office and now Biden and his fellow buffoons want to take credit for something they could not and did not do. Trump also got the COVID Vaccines Fauci said was impossibe in the time promised and was once again, proved WRONG again as once more, the left is tryng to take credit for Trump’s successes from his Operation Warp Speed policy. The left is full of inept , incompetent and malevolent, hate-mongering lunatics who are ANYTHING BUT ; “AMERICAN!” AND, THEIR PITIFUL PERFORMANCE RECORDS FOR THE LAST 60 ODD YEARS PROVES THE CONTENTION IF ONE BUT LOOKS AT IT WITH EYES OPEN AND A FUNCTIONING BRAIN!


      4. You are one full of self ignorant low information idiot! I’ll bet you don’t know your anus from a hole in the barrel, either!

      5. You are wrong the Republicans have done a Better job from Ronald Reagan to Trump. Exclude the Bushes!!!

      6. WRONG AGAIN! “Many leading Democrats in Washington these days seem to point to the fact that the federal budget was balanced part of the time that Bill Clinton was in office. What they do NOT mention is those balanced budgets occurred ONLY when REPUBLICANS CONTROLLED BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS. In fact, according to the historical data published by the Office of Management and Budget in the Obama White House, no Congress in which Democrats controlled both the House and Senate has balanced the federal budget since fiscal 1969. That was forty years ago.” (written in 2009). NOTE: data by Obama White House. OOPS Republicans are EDUCATED …. Democrats are WOKE (actually BROKE).

    3. It takes a great deal of courage for an elected Democrat to speak against what his party leaders are doing, let alone declare that he is LEAVING that party.

    4. Joe Manchin is a moderate Democrat whose constituents are conservatives and voted twice at approximately 70% for DJT! Joe Manchin likes his Senate seat and does what is necessary to keep it, PERIOD! I wish WV demanded more from Manchin than they do! I keep hoping Manchin will become a woke up person and realize he should be and will be conservative Republican!

      1. Maxi you’re right. He must be bringing home the bacon. I’m not really familiar with WV except that it’s a conservative state.
        2 years ago when he was reelected, I saw some residents being interviewed and they just said he was a good man.

    5. You’re are just another dumbass pos libaturd. Wake up dumbass. No one will beat Trump economy. Obumdick had alm 2% growth. Unemployment was at 8%. You listen to the fake news to much commie. F**k off.

    1. If you want thetruth, use the MSM. The main stream media, MSM (i.e., TV Networks – CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox – only Fox doesn’t have any news bureaus so they don’t really count as a news source to begin with) have TV stations affiliated with them who have FCC licenses to broadcast in the “public interest”. Do you really think broadcasting fake news is in the public interest? Of course not, and if a TV affiliate lies, they would lose their license to broadcast. It’s only the right-wing pundits who labels news as fake because it doesn’t conform to their false narrative. The story is true, but you bought the lies. Sad because you can always research what the FCC license entails.


      1. Hogwash. The only cable networks allowing the true picture of the tragedy are Newsmax and OANN, Fox, not so much. Still on trial for deliberate slip up on election night by never Trumper Baer. .

      2. You’re just like Biden. Tell the lie often enough and you think we will believe it. Fake news CNN and all the other stations you just listed are just like you. Look at the lies CBS (60 minutes) just told about Governor DeSantis , even the Democratic mayor spoke up and told CBS they just lied.

        1. They are turning into the Pinoccio’s of the 2021. Telling lies is their pastime Too bad we dont believe them. Its as plain as the mole on my face.

      3. Wow! You really are a illiterate pompas moron! Do you really believe all that BS you are trying to feed everyone! You are full of poison just like the rest of the snakes in your party!
        I guess the D. in your name is “Dumbass”!

  3. It is bound to happen. There are many good Democrats who will not be able to stomach what the Left has in store for the country. .

  4. If you love this country this is the DEMOCRATIC PARTY today and I am a DEMOCRAT LATINO:
    -Weakness to an aggressive China
    – Weak arms control with Iran as they continue the pursuit of nuclear weapons
    – Benghazi’s failure of leadership-Hilary babe
     -Open borders and mass amnesty immigration non-enforcement
    – Globalist anti-American policymaking by that LowIQ liberal’s racists
    -The Paris Treaty punishing the US for Global Warming to pay by USA suckers

  5. It is nice to hear from someone with common sense; forget party use ones head.
    if we could convince the “old” San Francisco Dems to bow out maybe just maybe there would be room for sensible “democrat” thinking people. Even Mario Cuomo
    was able to “think” not just be obedient, unlike his sons!!!!!

  6. Far too many Democrats are ‘lock-step’ Democrats, who are totally ignorant of what has transpired in their ‘so-called’ party.

  7. Lee’s action will have “zero” effect on anything important but maybe some other demonazzi’s will take a hint. Private colleges are seeing a big uptick of students joining young Republican groups. That started shortly after Trump took office although with the crap that Dopey Joe is doing that might push more to head to the conservative side of the isle. The massive spending and tax increases by the democRAT communists should help a lot to flip people.

  8. Good for him and the State of Texas. Wish the State of Washington would do this. But, we have nut cases running our State. Also, fraud. Gov. Inslee did not tell the truth when he was elected, he said NO NEW TAXES, what a lie that was. If you want to loose your freedom, move here. Ferguson also wants to take away our 2nd Amendment, and wants state income taxes. ENOUGH !!

  9. Pardon mayor if the GOP does not embrace you immediately until they find out if you bend with the prevailing political winds and end up being a Rino!

  10. Welcome to the right, right side, Congressman! You will not be sorry you made this change, and sounds as if it has been on your mind for a long time now. Caring about the people, our Constitution, and America, are obviously lost concepts on the left! God bless you, and may God bless and save America! 🙂

    1. Can anyone viewing my comment above point out something in it that may have offended the censors’ sensibilities? It had to be approved before it could be published, and I am honestly just flummoxed!! 🙁

      1. I go through this all the time.
        They approve it days later, after we move on to another story. In the beginning I never experienced this. I guess they joined the thought police now.

  11. I hope this will encourage other dims to open their eyes and see that the dim party is definitely NOT the party of the people. The radical left wants to control and enslave and if they deem necessary, destroy people who don’t walk in lock step with them. I again ask, WHY ARE WE ALLOWING THE SMALLER MINORITY TO CONTROL THE MAJORITY? We true Conservatives have the power and numbers to fight and fight hard. There are more RED states than blue and we need to organize and stand up for our rights.

  12. I’m glad you realized that the DEMON RATS are SATAN WORSHIPING,GAY, COMMUNIST. Not socialist. Good job on seeing the truth. You should advertise with Candice Owen’s on black stations. Every black person should watch the inconvenient truth about the Democrat party and to be fair watch the inconvenient truth about the Republican party also. Blacks have been Brainwashed and don’t realize that the DEMON RATS are and has always been the RACIST party .

  13. I have to believe that there are thousands of registered Democtrats like the Nevada Mayor who can see that the party has left them as it races to be more socialistic . How can any true American back a party that believes in gang warfare, destruction of personal and government property, destruction of our religions and places of worship, destruction of small business everywhere and uncontrolled increases in taxes on its people. They want to make the USA look like China, and have its people controlled with no personal freedoms, like China. How do we impeach a newly elected president who has no idea what the effects will be of the 35 executive orders he has signed in his first 3 months in office???

  14. There is a lot of buyers remorse out there, especially from those 8000 who lost jobs on the first day of Biden reign by Executive Order. . however, Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. They have never gone beyond the mainstream media to hear the other side. They have never read a conservative newspaper such as The Epoch Times. They have been willfully blind and intellectually deaf. As for the choice of Biden for president. The Democratic party leaders had to know Biden was compromised but they kept his condition from the voters, who unfortunately showed no curiosity. There are now several court challenges concerning the condition of the voting machines and the legality of the ballots in the 2020 election. More information will be forthcoming. The Republic needs the balance of a two party system to run smoothly and make important choices for the welfare of it’s citizens. We can only hope the Democratic party will do some soul searching and return to the fair and balanced party it once was.

    1. Agreed, Grace… if they want to be a viable alternative in a two-party system, they still have a chance to be–they just need to get back to their old-school ways like Truman and John F. Kennedy talked about. Instead of talking the Socialist/Communist game like “deprogramming” their opponents, or a “Universal Basic Income” scheme. Lenin and Stalin must be shedding proud tears right about now… If there are any left like Truman or JFK in the Democratic Party, please hear me when I say, you need to take your party back from the socialists and totalitarians while there’s still time to do so–for all our sakes! #America #free #brave #whatweweremeanttobe

  15. Well it’s about time. Nevada was admitted to the union as a slave state in 1864. And as everyone knows democrats held a vast majority of the slaves. Better late than never.

  16. When the Democrat party is so corrupt and anti America that even life long Democrats can not support it anymore, that makes a pretty strong statement.

    This fellow is a politician, so he gets press coverage on his decision, however, millions of Citizen Democrats of all races are making the same decision.. DEXIT… Democrat Exit…

    Soon, even rampant election fraud will not get a Democrat elected… and the blame for that rests completely on the heads of Democrat leaders..

  17. We can only hope that the Democrats’ newest trick is not to have their people pretend to desert them, get elected as Republicans, and then show their true colors by voting with the Democrats. I know that sounds cynical, but I put nothing past the Democrats and their dirty tricks.


  19. Socialism is a disease of the mind
    The socialism disease removes humanity and installs hate.
    It’s cronic and lethal. Lethal for non-socialists.

  20. Looks like Nevada has started to get some Neuroproctologists working. Need a lot more of them, though.

  21. Anyone with a cultural background, common sense, and who have had the experience of living in a “socialist/communist” country, will be able to understand where Democrats are taking our country and, therefore, change party allegiance for the future of our generation and to preserve “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in a country blessed by God.


  23. I was a voting Democrat for 40 years and had to finally walk away. The party doesn’t care about the citizens of this country. Illegal aliens, other countries and anyone other than Americans are the only thing they care about. I am now a Republican because I am tired of being a second class citizen in my own country. Just remember all those who vote Democrat once the rights you take for granted now are gone you may never get them back.

  24. Problem is people are Lazy do not want to work rather have everything given to them. Hell they can make 15 hr min. Wage and flip hamburgers meanwhike the rest have to work harder to make ends meet. The rest do not get a raise. Even though we deserve it. Putting more strain on small businesses to keep help that they can not afford. Or increase the prices in the store to compensate. Tail wagging dog. What good is it to increase wages. Then allow inflation that we created to rise. Oh then more taxes to boot. Tax our money when we make it. Tax our money when we spend. Oh then tax it when we invest trying to make alittle something. It is just a never ending cycle.

  25. Just another Democrat that wants to infect the GOP with their liberal virus…and I am not talking about Covid19

  26. Perhaps Donald Trump could run for the seat in the US House of Representatives made vacant by the unfortunate passing of Rep. Alcee Hastings of Palm Beach FL?

  27. It’s commonsensical to me. What took him so long? Let’s hope the conversions and defections continue.

  28. Biden’s act are Satanic. He is fulfilling the prophecy in Daniel and Revelation concerning the Mark of the Beast i.e,,, the government. It goes from Papal Rome, the first beast and the second beast, the USA, is to make an image to the first beast. He, Biden, will pack the Supreme Court and drop the first and 2nd amendments and then they will make laws that will support the first beast … make an image to him. This covid 19 is a passport to the card carrying image of those who support the beast power. Our freedoms will be gone and the activities of the Dark Ages will begin all over again, and then the Lord will step in and claim His saints. All of the murdering that Pope John Paul lamented about so often will be happening all over for a short period prior to the Lord stepping in.

  29. Hopefully Mr. Lee will continue to disavow the Socialist/Marxist agenda of the Democrat party and not be another RINO. We don’t need RINO’s in the Republican party, we need constitutional conservatives that are real and will take a hard line stand. The GOP has too many Mitt Romney and John McCain types that are infiltrated within.


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