Embattled Rep. Matt Gaetz Reportedly Sought Preemptive Pardon from Trump

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A source has revealed that Florida Representative Matt Gaetz once sought a preemptive pardon from the Trump administration at the end of Trump’s term.

The news comes as Gaetz is currently under investigation by the Justice Department for sexual misconduct and alleged sex trafficking.

Fox News reports:

Gaetz, 38, who was an ardent supporter of the former president, sought “blanket preemptive pardons” for himself and unnamed congressional allies for crimes potentially committed, The New York Times first reported. The request, however, was said to be viewed by White House officials at the time as likely to set a bad precedent.

A source familiar with the situation told Fox News on Wednesday that Gaetz’s request was met with “lots of eye rolling” and “wasn’t even considered” by the White House.

The Times noted that it was unclear whether Gaetz knew, when he made the pardon request, that the Department of Justice had been building a case against a Florida tax collector – who has been charged with sex-trafficking a minor – connected to him. Gaetz has been alleged to have met women through the tax collector, who was said to be a political ally.

Gaetz has so far vehemently denied the allegations, saying that they have been brought forward in an effort to extort him and his family.

The investigation into Representative Gaetz began during the Trump administration.

No charges have been filed against Rep. Gaetz yet.

Former President Trump just released a statement that Rep. Gaetz did not ask him for a pardon. However, this doesn’t rule out that the Florida Republican could have approached separate Trump officials in regards to a possible pardon.

45Office statement

At the end of his term, Trump issued a number of pardons and commutations including former adviser Steve Bannon.

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  1. If the MSM press were not so completely dishonest, we might be able to have some belief in what they report. Alas! Nothing they say can be believed by a rational person. AND! Their opinions are worth exactly zero.

    1. It is totally a shame that the reputation of our media as suck so low. Years ago this certainly was not so. the media used to serve a very important role in investigative reporting but now it appears totally destructive and intending to destroy people do to biased political designs. I am sorry for those who have great integrity as there are some.

      1. mtbt
        The first thing is that media is not what you seem to think it is, in 1942, Roosevelt brought in two high powered reporters and hired them to put out information about the WWII activities to make it look like the USA was doing much better than they were, so they changed the law on News Casting so that it all became COMMENTARY, not actual factual news and every media outlet uses it, including FOX News, now not one is allowed to lie about something but they cn spin it any way they choose, most actually telling the actual true facts but telling it in their way. like the age old story about a politician that the law had hanged.
        “now the crowd was held in awe and listening to every word the person said, and suddenly the stage gave way and the Politician was killed.”
        Its all in the way you tell what happened to someone.

  2. Don’t believe gaetz has done ANYTHING! The fake hacks are as usual trying to destroy the rising powerhouses of opposition..they SUCK at it and are lying pos

    1. Actually, and unfortunately, they are better at it than you think. It falls well within their wheelhouse of corruption and destruction.

  3. Is this a sequel to Adam Schiff’s: indisputable, irrefutable, concrete, whistle blower… evidence fantasy.?

    .. hello FISA 2 and DOJ fabrication!
    .. It meshes quite well, with holding agriculture captive to carbon police environ-mentalists..

    What a shi**y way to mistreat animals just for doing what comes natural.. talk about cruelty to animals.. just trying to be themselves and follow those beastly desires!

    You environmentalists are way too intolerant!

    Biden’s EPA is getting ready to to control livestock operations and there’s some petitions floating around too…

  4. So tired of media outlets like this one piggybacking on Trump with inaccurate reporting. The author of this report needs to get the facts straight. To report that Matt Gaetz was/is an “ardent supporter” of President Trump is hogwash. Gaetz, 10 times while Trump was in office, voted against the president’s bills. This is not “ARDENT”! TTN needs to clean house and be more vigilant in the facts before dessimnation.

  5. Anyone who believes ANYTHING from the NY “Slimes” or Washington “ComPost” is a fool. Like a broken clock, they may be correct occasionally but don’t bet any money on it!

  6. President Trump is no longer in office, however the leaks keep coming out. Where are the leaks from slow joe’s administration???

  7. I haven’t seen evidence and don’t trust un-named sources that haven’t been positively proved! The Dem.’s including yahoo news have used un known sources with out proof to push a false narratives! I don’t trust a word none of these main stream medias un known sources and the people who push them! There all liars with out proof!!!

    1. The left’s best tactic, accusing the opositor of their own sins, that keep us busy,
      and away from find it out about their incompetence and evil ways!

      1. Well said Maria. However more and more ppl are starting to see thru the demoncrats agenda. I just read of a Democrat politician switching to republican. Things are looking up

  8. Don’t you just love the way the Gray Old Rag judges people before all the facts are known. It’s always easy for these morons to obfuscate, knowing they can run and hide behind the 1st Amendment whenever they choose. But woe to anyone else using the 1st Amendment, you’re sure to be a racist or bigot don’t you know.

  9. A source said this? You are citing a Faux News story? NYT is also a source? WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU? Why are you even publishing a story like this until facts are in. We already know about the accusations. We already know about Gaetz’s proof to the contrary and his claim of blackmail. As being open minded I am waiting until non opinionated FACTS are produced, not claims by “a source,” nor opinions from FOX News(?) and especially not the known liars at the NYT.

  10. Well we all should know that this is crap coming from these hacks! I don’t believe for a minute that Matt is guilty of this! Those dirty sick democrats always try to use this garbage while they are the ones guilty of this!

    1. The more they go after someone, it shows those are the ones that they fear the most. The Democrats are scraping rock bottom, in the barrel of ethics!

  11. No big deal!

    A lot of your totally way totally never did nothing wrong absolutely not guilty of anything whatsoever creepy people ask for blanket pardons every day even when they are not under investigation by Billy Barr.

  12. The U.S. Media sucks when it comes to telling truths. Half of their statements are colored how they want to represent something — not the actual truth — and the other half are blatant misrepresentations. No one I know believes anything they read from MSN, CBS, etc.

    How do you find a website that tells the truth? In today’s world, “Truth” isn’t recognized and evil runs its course!

    As for Gaetz, what was he doing that put him in that nasty position? And I agree with the White House. Pardoning Gaetz in this circumstance would set a precedent and at the same time condone harassment of female employees — whether Gaetz did this or not. He was caught doing something that got the wrong people’s attention. Hopefully, lesson learned for Gaetz!

    1. If I was Gaetz I would answer the BS with ” In my country I get to confront my accuser so either produce her/him and then to my face tell me when and where this tryst took place!

  13. I feelthis is a creation of the Democrats. They want/need to have the most people in their grioup to maintain power and are trying to keep Gaetz out. Pelosi recentlyneeded to keep a Republican from another state from being seated for the same reason: to have more seated Dencratic delegates : to have more power when voting. I rthink that’s dirty!

  14. The source is a LIAR, this has already been totally debunked. Please stay up with the news if you are going to report it.

  15. NYT…..?
    What is that?….Are they the ones who manufacture the toilet paper, with Biden, Pelosi, Oh-Bama & Schummers, picture on it? I’ve seen it at the grocery store……but never bought it, because, even the UN-USED rolls, smelled like Sh*T……. LOL

  16. Anyone wanting a pardon seldom if ever asks the sitting President for that pardon they submit the request to a pardon committee for consideration, when any President pardons persons close to him, it puts a bitter taste in most person’s mouth, that persons connected with the a President need Pardons in the first place, Pardons are as written only for guilty persons, who have been convicted of a crime unjustly, and ther is no court remedy.

  17. I think Trump has already come to his rescue. He issued a statement that Gaetz never asked for pardon. That is about as clear as it can be made. Why do all you news people run with whatever the left says as if it was true?

  18. The fraud news media is drumming up a diversion to take our attention away from the real slime ball — Andrew Cuomo.


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