CNN Stays Silent as Outgoing Anchor Accuses Network of Gender Inequality

Nan Palmero, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Liberal CNN has remained suspiciously quiet as outgoing anchor Brooke Baldwin accused the network of gender inequality. The network, which has raised eyebrows in the past for having fewer female anchors than competitors has been tight-lipped over Baldwin’s accusations.

Fox News reports:

“The most influential anchors on our network, the highest-paid, are men. My bosses, my executives, are men. The person who oversees CNN Dayside is a man, and my executive producer for 10 years is a man. So I’ve been surrounded by a lot of men,” Baldwin said on the Ms. Magazine podcast.

Fox News also asked six women from CNN’s media relations department for a comment on the matter, but did not immediately receive a response. CNN’s “Reliable Sources” media newsletter didn’t mention Baldwin’s comments in its Wednesday edition, either, despite the remarks being picked up by several prominent publications, including People magazine.

Baldwin announced in February she would soon leave CNN after 13 years. Her exit was foreshadowed last fall after she sent cryptic messages on Instagram that suggested she was being forced off the air in favor of Tapper.

“As the election gears up, the political maestro @jaketapper will hold down my hour and his for the coming weeks. Wish I was with you, but I’ll see ya on [TV] on the flip side of the election,” Baldwin wrote back in October.

When Baldwin was asked why she was taking time off at such a pivotal moment she said, “it’s not my choice.”

Critics on Twitter have also noticed CNN’s lack of women in primetime positions.

    1. Donna Lemon too!!!
      That gives them a minority – majority “female” as well!!!!!
      We’re checking off the all-important boxes here!!!!

  1. don lemon should qualify as both a woman and african american…. and a mentally disabled

    that thing is a darn triple threat

  2. Nothing to worry about because they have several homosexuals and possibly transgenders, so not having any females is just fine an dandy with CNN!

  3. Nothing to worry about because they have several h*mosexuals and possible transgenders, so not having females is just fine and dandy with CNN!

  4. and thus is a somehow surprising response from the inept people who run and work at CNN?? This so-called “NEWS” network is beyond the pe when it comes to sanctimonious accusations against other entities but when it comes time for them to come clean on their inexcusable activities they clam up like a turtle in its shell!! Their hipocracy knows no bounds and unless they’re held accountable they will continue with their transgressions while pointing their accusatory finger at everyone else! The bald-headed baffoon running this company should be fired along with a good majority of their opinion only, talking-head know-it-alls that make-it-up as they go liars that wouldn’t know what real news was if it slapped them upside the head and shouldn’t be allowed nowhere near an actual NEWS organization ever again!!!

  5. As much as I am sick of Dementia Joe, I’m even more sick of the liberal Democrats turning EVERYTHING into a “social justice” issue. These morons actually believe that every decisions is based on “gender” – “race” – “sexual prerference” – “nationality”.

    Will someone please enlighten these idiot liberal Democrats, that sometimes decisions are made on things like PERFORMANCE, QUALIFICATIONS, and EFFECTIVENESS.

    1. Ever notice that Being sick of them doesn’t change anything. However when they are sick of us they change everything.

  6. Why in the hell does any one watch those self centered fools…They have no idea about real news nor do they care to speak real news…I’ll go to any drinking establishment and come out knowing the real news of the day…How much will CNN get from Biden’s infrastructure bill…2Trillion dollars, grab your ankles and find a lubricant folks…

    1. We dont watch them, at least I dont, never have, but exerpts of their insane comments often are on Fox to point out their foolishness.

    2. I think I watched 10 yrs ago, and that was for 4 minutes and turned to NICKELODEON when I saw THE BLITZER

  7. I didn’t notice nor do I really give a rats A__what they do on the Clinton News Network. I never watch them, not even a second.

  8. gender inequality, and after 13 years.
    She most certainly knew about fake news.
    She was there during the Trump administration, and why hasn’t she said anything about that?
    If anything she could be a witness of the fake news that cnn has put out in the last ten years. There’s going to be a lawsuit I guarantee it.

  9. WOW! If this isn’t calling the kettle black! CNN is a washed up opinionated mouthpiece of the Dem party, masquerading as a “news” channel. America has seen enough! it’s only a matter of time before it’s off the air OR somebody reputable buys it. Ted Turner had the “right idea” re: 24/7 global news.Bush did us “no good” by embedding newspeople on the front lines . THIS is where “mouthy” arrogant Accosta got his “start”, & CNN BEGAN “fake news”.Obama’s chief of staff, Ben Rhodes “BRO” is in charge of CBS “News”.Comcast is run by the ?davis? bros. who are Dem supporters.Disney, in the interim, has ABC in their pocket. SO NOW YOU “KNOW” “WHY” “we” only get fed propaganda!

  10. Where are all the social justice warriors to reek havoc on CNN? Where are the reverends with their destroyer troublemakers? Me wants to know? Who watches CNN anyway?

  11. Good for Brooke. She was TOO GOOD FOR CNN anyway. Their loss!!

    Don’t you think it is time for these POWER HUNGRY MYSOGENIST MEDIA NEWS SITES TO FALL APART? Give them enough rope and they WILL HANG THEMSELVES!! Can’t happen soon enough for me nor most American women!

    Thank you Brooke for telling truths about the Pro-Male hierarchy that has snaked their way into destroying not only their News Stations but the ability to deliver honest truth filled news. Instead we get politically branded news. S I C K !!


    Let’s have the whole truthful news, both sides of the spectrum! Time to deliver REAL NEWS, NOT POLITICAL PLATFORMS!

    I’m SO DONE WITH CNN. MSN, CBS, ETC. They all suck. Brooke is lucky to have escaped that nasty hornets hive!

  12. Does anyone really care what the Communist News Network does. If enough of us ignore them they will fold.

  13. TALK ABOUT HYPOCRISY!!!! Outgoing female “anchor” admitting CNN is guilty of what she falsely accused POTUS Trump.

  14. It might have had more impact had she spoken up when she was still working at CNN instead of when she’s walking away from the place. It would have lent more credence to the complaint. Now she’s just sour grapes.

  15. Anderson Cooper does NOT qualify as intelligent; In any gender though there are in pragmatic reality only male and female and we are not even to use the pronouns as such anymore. and according to the insistence of the Left on “science ,” so lauded by them but,ONLY IF IT FITS THEIR INSANE NARRATIVES. CNN, the Clown News Network and I am being kind in so describing them as they have NO INTEGRITY OR CREDIBILITY AT ALL.PERIOD.

  16. Who the hell cares how many they have or don’t have, if they don’t like the job then go someplace else. or stay home and bake cookies.

  17. I love to see these liberal hacks eat their own…doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s so fun to watch

  18. CNN is a Gay Man’s World. Gay men have no use for women. They are certainly not going to pay them as equls to men


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