Hunter Biden Tries To Justify Ukrainian Paycheck by Saying He Was Fighting ‘Trump’s Buddy Putin’

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In Hunter Biden’s new memoir “Beautiful Things” he attempts to justify his suspicious payments from Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings on President Trump’s relationship with Vladamir Putin. The drug-addicted son of now-President Biden accepted a lucrative five-figure-a-month position with the energy firm while Biden was vice president. However, throughout Biden’s book, he pathetically attempts to justify his disturbing and underhanded actions by continuously attacking Republicans and former President Trump.

The Daily Wire reports:

“If I was going to pick a side—and if I was going to get paid to pick a side—I’d choose the same way again, rather than back the person President Trump has sided with,” he writes, saying a company official told him, “You can get paid by the Russians or the people who are fighting them.”

“Do you think if any of the Trump children ever tried to get a job outside of their father’s business that his name wouldn’t figure into the calculation? My response has always been to work harder so that my accomplishments stand on their own,” he writes, even while detailing how he laid on the couch for days with a jerry-rigged bottle of vodka propped to his mouth, or spent his days lounging by the pool while going to the bathroom to smoke crack every fifteen minutes.

An email involving another potential business scheme involving China said that “H,” or Hunter, would get 20% and also hold 10% for “the big guy,” which a participant on the email thread, Tony Bobulinski, has said referred to Joe Biden. Hunter simply says comments by Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani questioning the propriety of the arrangement were part of the “up-is-down, self-dealing universe cooked up for political and personal gain by Trump and Giuliani and their circle of bandits,” part of “the ever-swelling club of Trump’s conspiratorial delusions.”

In the end, the elder Biden “beat back a vile man with a vile mission,” Hunter writes, and “I became the beneficiary of the absurdity and transparent criminality of my pursuers. … Every bogus whistleblower, out-of-context email, salacious photograph or video clip (manufactured or real), made me feel nearly invincible to their slings and arrows.”

Biden’s book which was marketed as a memoir detailing his journey with drug addiction is more like a constant barrage of excuses attempting to blame Republicans for his own mistakes and misdeeds. The memoir reads more like a money-grabbing scheme than any type of memoir.

      1. I am sure BHO was standing on the sidelines saying “but Joe, you told me I was the smartest man you knew SO what is this Hunter is the smartest man you know crap!” One thing is for sure Dementia Jo-Jo would make up his mind if only he had a mind!

    1. Hunter called Putin “Trump’s buddy”? Wasn’t this braying jackass the one to received $3 million (?) from a Russian mayor’s wife? Show me where Trump made anything easy for Russia. He had the most sanctions against Russia than any other president. Remember Obama and Hitlery sold Russia 20% of American Uranium. Obama gave Putin the serial numbers on the Trident missiles we gave Britain. Hitlery’s “Russian Reset”. Much more.

  1. Joe and Hunter will lie about anything and blame everyone else for their troubles. or if things don t work out for them. EVIL Its always some one else fault not theirs.

  2. Says the meth head with stuff on his phone they don’t want out….Hunter pays em and Joe sniffs…

  3. Hunter Biden is MORE stupid than his father. He is also MORE corrupt. Joe did a good job of raising him now didn’t he. You liberal fools who voted for Biden should compare Hunter to Donald Trump’s children. It will teach you a lot.

    1. I disagree, the only Dem more corrupt than Dementia Jo-Jo is the evil demonic cult leader “Goat” Pelosi!

  4. Sure blame President Trump for all your woe’s . Hunter is a pathetic life form and be an adult and own up to his misbehaver. Stop making excuses and blaming others take responsibility. How much is he making on this book deal? Does the Big Guy get his share??He probably is a story teller just like Joe.

    1. Your probably right! He may have plagiarized several excerpts to fill in all those missing days he was too drugged up to remember.

  5. This ass thinks people are going to believe a word he says. Get serious. Hunter. You as big a liar an crook as your demented father. Joey!!!!!!!!!

  6. They just don’t understand, that with all the slide of hand in trying to fool people, we can see right through them…and they can run,…but no place to hide….lol

  7. It’s all true. Hunter biden is a liar. He can’t tell the truth. Besides which Democrat have you ever known to say anything resembling the truth. If it sounds good to 3 dems they create a personal around it. Put it on the news then back it with every liar they can find. Truer today than ever before.

    I would take any black man or woman in my house before I would give any Democrat in congress the time of day.

    1. JFK was the last democrat that spoke the truth and we know what happened to him. In fact, I think JFK was the last real democrat. He wouldn’t recognize the party these days.

    1. what would happen to you if you lied on a gov.form asking for a gun permit? has anyone seen the atf about this?

  8. Isn’t it funny that President Trump suffered a massive lost of his personal fortune during his presidency? Well over a billion and a half dollars. He also donated his income as President to worthy causes. I’m not sure but I believe Ivanka and Jared also used their own personal money except while traveling abroad on diplomatic missions. Jared and Ivanka are hated by the Democrats, but Jared did amazing work bring nations together peacefully. Ivanka was a beautiful and intelligent representive for America. Could that hatred of the Democrats at the upper end of power for the Trump children be because they are all intelligent and seccuseful. The Democrat’s children and their extended families have gotten to where they are in life due to the influence of mommies, daddies, aunts or uncles especially in the case of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. It seems like you hear of a Democrat that is in the news at least once a month for having family members being overpaid a substantial fee for working on their campaigns. Many of theose same Democrats who came to Washington or state government poor and after a few years they are millionaires. How galling it must have been seening an outsider come in and accomplish things they never could because they have been BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY LOBBIST AND SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS , people who help keep them in office. The Democrats must cling together and cover for each other due to being involved in corruption. Hunter Biden is an example of the corruption in politics.

    1. The Trumps have all made positive contributions to society, including charities and worthy causes to help people. What have any of the Biden’s done?

  9. Who fathered this freak Hunter anyway? Oh yeah, it was old Joe who never held a job. Always at the public trough just like a pig. What else can we expect from democrap politician? The corn does not fall far from the tree.

  10. Typical of all Democrats. When accused blame someone else. This whole family has benefited from “the big guy”since he went into politics!

  11. What I think is the saddest, most pathetic thing about this so called memoir book it the fact so many will believe the Republicans and President Trump is truly to blame. No one will blame Daddy Joe or crackhead Hunter for the dirty, illegal, and corrupt dealings that happened while Joe was Vice President. No one will blame Hunter for his own problems with addiction. Hunter is still blaming everyone and everything else for his problems, so he still hasn’t faced the demons or started his recovery at all if he still blames others.

  12. What about the 3 million he grabbed from that Russian Hussy that was Mayor of Moscow and best friends with Putin?

  13. Hunter Biden? 😂🤣😂🤣🤣 No one believes that irresponsible me-itis son of Biddyboy. No one! Hunter can try to blame P.T. for his lack of character and GREED, but it just isn’t going to fly!

    When Hunter’s computer was found to contain files/emails to young under age girls with him strutting his stuff half naked smoking crak in front of them online, Hunter’s CHARACTER suffered a blow that even money can’t fix.

    Nice try Hunter. Best you go hide in your bedroom and have play time on your computer…but leave those innocent young girls alone. They DO NOT need to be corrupted by YOU!

  14. How in God’s name did this idiot Biden family get in our White House? How did “We the People” allow this to happen. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong, but the Bidens are still in our White House illegally. That’s a MEGA WRONG AMERICANS!

    HOW DO WE FIX THIS OR DO WE ALLOW THEM TO WALK ALL OVER US LIKE DOOR MATS? BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING…how do you like being treated like a mat to wipe their feet??

    I HATE what has happened to our once decent Patriotic secure country! I HATE seeing that pathetic skinny old excuse of a man “pretending” to be our President. He is NOT the President of the U.S. He is a fraud with his perverted nasty son and a ghost of a wife.

    These people don’t care about our Nation, they only care about themselves! They are “DESTRUCTIVISTS” and only want to make us and our Country vulnerable and weak. IT’S WORKING!


  15. All i can say is WTF…and once again nothing will happen…he and his family can lay in state with the Clintons…butt buddies that they are and toss in the Obamas for the icing..

  16. Throw that lying SOB in prison and throw away the key–Him and his father creepy joe are the worst people to have ever been born. BIDEN IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE MY PRESIDENT!!

  17. Joe, the zombie president, (bearly living dead) has always been a deadbeat lier. He and his deadbeat, drug addicted son should be in prison. Joe zombie should be in prison for all the crimes and mismanagement of taxpayers money since Jan 20, 2021.

  18. The Biden assholes are a disgrace to our country . The president needs a good physician to diagnose his Dementia and put the old Bitch in a nursing Home ……..

  19. “Hunter was Kung-Foo fighting! Putin was extremely frightened!”… but the dream and the pipe came to an end about the same time, so he grabbed a fist full of Parmesan cheese (Must’ve been REALLY WELL AGED”!) and Turned on the “Blow” torch to get the cheese all melty and smelly…..or was that his “girlfriend”?

  20. What else would anyone expect if not drivel like this. Hunter is less than a whole person, and his beautiful book is the evidence. But I suppose his Democrat protection will last for many years.


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