Trump Endorsed all of These Lawmakers to Run for Office

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Though he’s no longer in the White House former President Trump still holds an immense amount of influence over the Republican Party. As the country heads into the 2022 midterm elections Trump has already begun issuing endorsements for Republicans running for office. After two failed impeachment trials it’s no secret that Trump values loyalty above all else leading him to publicly declare he will support conservative challengers campaigning to unseat lawmakers that voted to convict him. A number of incumbent senators and congressmen have launched political campaigns along with former Trump administration officials and Trump has already thrown his support behind them.

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  1. I will support anyone that President Trump endorses. I will work tirelessly to help them win their election. And yes, President Trump is still my President, biden WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT!

    1. I would just love to agree with you but Marco Rubio is for Unconstitutional Red Flag Gun Confiscation laws!! Those are not defending our Second Amendment! Beijing Biden will NEVER be my President ever either but we have to stop getting those Anti Second-Amendment lawmakers in office! My heart sank when he gave Rubio full support!!

  2. Heis not my president an never will be. I’M READY FOR CONTROL TO AND ready for them to try and takes my guns..The 2nd amendment is my protections. BRING IT ON.

    1. When you show me who beat him, I may be somewhat with you. Unfortunately, no one else has a chance. Besides, other than destroying formerly
      Constitutionally illegal currency system [which he should get a badge for IF HE GOES BACK TO A GOLD BACKED DOLLAR] he did nearly everything he said he would but, with money that could never be paid off, EVEN before Convict 18+1. Something has to break and it’s U.S. remaining as the World’s Reserve Currency. That’s a pipedream, but so is fighting trained killers machines who have been brainwashed to believe we live in a free country. And also when you advertise you have guns. That’s extremely dumb. It’s too bad American Heroes didn’t know they are pawns in a much bigger game. A game where are all expendable. The sheeple there think our military leadership can’t do anything wrong. The facts are, the only thing we were doing “right” was killing any country that tried to get away from the petrodollar system.

  3. For the life of me I cannot figure out how in the hell President Trump would endorse that Second Amendment TRAITOR Marco Rubio!!! He is NOT for the Second-Amendment if he is for those UNCONSTITUTIONAL RED FLAG FIASCO LAWS!!!!!!!!! They are big time Unconstitutional. His advisors are letting him down again just like that Bill Barr that was the head of the Ruby Ridge Fiasco on August 21st 1992!!!!!!!

  4. Ok, I took the time to click to each one. But, you could have just made a list with their corresponding state. There is also a great African American lady running for Senate in I believe Pennsylvania. I heard her on the radio a couple of days ago and she sounds phenomenal.
    If anyone is from that part of the country check her out.

  5. Here’s a rhetorical question: what will be the good of all these excellent and loyal candidates if Bill H.R.1 succeeds, railroaded and ramrodded through by corrupt, power-mad Democrat Socialists? They seek to disenfranchise all the states so that they will no longer be sovereign entities, but must submit OR ELSE to Federal control of elections. Remember GA, AZ, PA and MI in 2020? After H.R.1, all 50 states will turn out like them. And oh yes, we just might have DC and Puerto Rico as new US states, as well!


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