Republican Senators Demand FBI Investigation into Biden’s Pentagon Pick

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A group of Republican senators is demanding the FBI launch an investigation into President Biden’s nominee for undersecretary of Defense policy, Colin Kahl. The Republicans wrote a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding an investigation into whether Kahl allegedly disclosed classified information on social media after leaving the Obama administration.

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  1. I don’t trust the FBI, never have. I know first hand how they protect their own, Fidelis, Bravery, Integrity….., Bullshyt. Just another corrupt coverup.

    1. Maybe in the past….not now.
      In Today’s law enforcement….agents and cops will throw each other under the bus in a heartbeat.
      Supervisors at both levels have ALWAYS been like that.
      (It’s a quality trait that got them there in the first place.)

  2. Leave it to the Delaware Dunce to pick a criminal for a top job. Anyone else fed up with this coprolitic imbecile?

  3. I frankly think ALL of Bidens cabinet members need to be investigated–He has chosen some awfully weird people.

    1. They’re all from the OBUMMER administration.
      One thing you can be sure of is, they will all stick together and protect each other.
      Republicans could learn this tactic from them.

  4. All of the Biden picks should be investigated especially HHS pick which was a tranny who supposedly counseled troubled children to change their sex. That is something to look into. This idea of Codependency for people with mental/psychological problems has to stop. No one is born to be anything than what their genitals clearly indicate. Don’t give me BS about people born with a slight penis. It’s not a normal occurrence and doesn’t make you both.

  5. Why aren’t they asking why he was not charged with a federal crime?
    if congress oversees DOJ & FBI they should be demanding EQUAL justice. Jan 6 intruders in capital building being denied bail while antifa & blm not even being arrested!!!


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