Biden Makes Decision on Afghanistan

President Joe Biden has announced that he will break the agreement negotiated between the Trump administration and the Taliban and will keep U.S. forces in Afghanistan past the May 1st deadline.

Biden did set a new date for withdrawal of all forces to be September 11th, 2021.

According to CNBC:

Biden’s removal of U.S. forces will coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks that triggered the nation’s entry into what would become its longest war.

The announcement comes as Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin meet with NATO partners in Brussels.

In February 2020, the Trump administration brokered a deal with the Taliban that would usher in a permanent cease-fire and reduce further the U.S. military’s footprint from approximately 13,000 troops to 8,600 by mid-July last year.

By May 2021, all foreign forces would leave Afghanistan, according to the deal. The majority of troops in the country are from Europe and partner nations. There are about 2,500 U.S. service members currently in Afghanistan.

Critics have warned that Kabul will quickly fall back into the hands of the Taliban if both U.S. and NATO forces leave.

  1. We have no reason to be there since we completed the mission of getting Bin Laden. Kabul is not our concern. That’s not our business.

    1. Seems to me he is following Trump’s ideas. Build the fence, bring the troops home. What next? Start the oil flowing from Canada. Unfortunately neither Biden nor his hand picked idiots have an idea of their own.

    1. You got that exactly right, Odumbo F up everything he came in contact with and that sorry ars is still doing it . I’ll have more power after I’m out of office !!

  2. Anything Biden does with foreign policy will be a wrong decision. He has a perfect record in that area. Perfect record of always being wrong.

    1. You are completely correct. The only thing consistent of this career politician; is that he is consistently WRONG!!!

    2. That moron Biden is to stupid to even be on the same level as stupid!!!and by the way his face offended me !!!!how can we get it off like all the statues they moved because of people being offended??? Well I’m offended looking at my tv and that perverted face!always wanting to touch little girls!! Just watch him

  3. What they should have said is SOMEONE else made a decision for Jobama to leave the troops there. Jobama doesn’t even know what flavor ice cream he didn’t have last night.

  4. Everything, everything this old, senile, corrupt man does is to destroy our country.
    Are all you sheeple out there that voted for this convinced yet that it’s NOT him making decisions? Look at his administration. All OBUMMER criminals. I’ll give you one guess as to who’s running our country????

  5. Like many Americans, I would like to see us out of Afghanistan and stop spending our military’s lives and our treasure in that cesspool of a country. Maybe we should napalm or agent-orange the poppy fields on our way out. But before leaving, consider the downsides? I predict that within a few months, a year at most, the elected government will be gone with leaders exiled or killed. That women will be banned from schools and enslaved once more, and that the country will descend back into the cave age once again controlled by the Taliban. And it will again be a haven for terrorist organizations meaning we may need to start exterminating the rodents all over some years from now. So the question is simply whether the benefit of pulling out is worth the ultimate cost? I don’t know and so I won’t judge. But if Biden makes good on his threat, he will be responsible for the result and no one else. That should be made very clear. 

  6. TDS is so strong that these fools will undo anything Trump did without even considering if it was a good thing. Foreign wars are good money for the Military Industrial Complex, Military Contractors, the Afghan Government, members of our government, all of whom get rich on our tax dollars and none of whom want the money train to end. US dollars sent out of our country ALWAYS enrich the people who made the decision to send them!

  7. Why leave them there since they now are not serving any purpose that is besides being killed or wounded. All they have become now is targets, but that is ok since biden and all the other piles of crap called his inner core do not have any of their loved ones there. And while we are on the subject of the military…..HOW about the NG troops still in…dc. how about sending them home?:

  8. Twenty years of wasted time, lives of our soldiers and soldiers being kidnapped by Afgan forces.U S needs to leave and get out of that area now. What have we accomplished there nothing bur years of heartache and grief from the death of many soldiers. Don’t forget the lie from Hillary Clinton when she was landing there about landing under fire. So why do we need to stay there and what we do is nothing to the American Citizens. We need to leave that area now.

  9. He and his administration are just a bunch of asshats who will do whatever they can to try and take credit for what the previous administration has done.

  10. Let’s all agree he is not legally our president, that election was stolen, no and if’s or but’s. He is not qualified to manage a bed pan let alone the most power position on the planet. This is a hostil takeover of our country and we all better be prepared to fight for it and get it back.
    I have never been so frustrated over politics like this. He has already committed many crimes against our constitution and should be Impeached for them. Failure to protect the American people from foreign invaders (Drug Dealers, Human trafficking, criminals in general and our Sovereignty as a Independent country) WTF! why hasn’t anyone in the GOP been screaming their lungs out?

    1. Like this by 1000. Robinette isn’t my president either. But be patient. I’m seeing things subtly that could bring a strong comeback for republicans especially by midterms. If things happen as I hope they would, anything that ol fart proposes will be null and void

      1. Why is everyone talking like there will be another election? If the last one isn’t dealt with and examined for criminal cheating, any future ones will be the same. The courts won’t look at the evidence. If judges and others are being threatened, it needs to come out. Why won’t the judges do their job? There is a huge amount of corruption in the system and failure to uncover it and destroy it will make all future elections rife with more ballot stuffing and buying of votes. We can’t keep repeating the same failures and expect a different outcome. That is insanity.

  11. Biden has failed on every foreign decision his whole career except being able to enrich himself. I can guarantee you will now see a total outbreak of war by the Taliban with massive deaths of civilians. The Taliban is not our friend and are little better than Osama bin Laden.

    The Taliban seek to establish a puritanical caliphate that neither recognizes nor tolerates forms of Islam divergent from their own. They scorn democracy or any secular or pluralistic political process as an offense against Islam. The Taliban’s Islam, however, a close kin of Saudi Arabian Wahhabism, is far more perversion than interpretation. The Taliban’s version of Sharia, or Islamic law, is historically inaccurate, contradictory, self-serving and fundamentally deviant from prevailing interpretations of Islamic law and practice.”

    Make no mistake, this group of radical Sunni Muslims are true terrorists and have the same goals of world conversion through violence as Osama’s ISIS JV Team. the Taliban had a close working relationship with Al Qaeda.

    The Taliban have violently attacked any person, institution, or place that they feel threatens their system of belief, like Pakistan. In addition to murdering innocent people, they have bombed schools, music stores, and have even destroyed ancient shrines and tombs.

    A spokesman for the Taliban told Afghanistan’s Khaama Press in an interview that the terrorist group’s “war against the United States will resume … until they leave Afghanistan” if Joe Biden walks back President Donald Trump’s attempts to withdraw U.S. forces from the country.

    1.  In addition to murdering innocent people, they have bombed schools, music stores, and have even destroyed ancient shrines and tombs”. Sort of like our own BLM/ANTIFA and Social Justice warriors here?

  12. Hand the dumbass an ‘assault’ rifle, and point him in the direction of the Taliban.
    What’s a thousand or more of our kids sent home in body bags anyway ?
    Maybe he could send his coke head son too.

  13. The only reason he moved the date is so he can say it was his to do that or Camela’s decision

  14. Every life or injury that our military suffers in that horrific country, and which occurs during this extended stay, will be the responsibility of Joe Biden. Yet another fumble for the idiot swamp dweller who does not have a “clue” about anything. If he had every a tiny pea brain those troops would be reassigned to the border with instructions to block the illegals from coming to the USA. Come here legally like my forefathers and the forefathers of millions of our citizens who never shamed us because they came to the USA to build a great country and not for the freebies that Biden wants to give them (to buy their votes).

  15. Train all women to use Kel Tec P- 17, .22 LR semi-auto handguns. Any religious police from the Taliban come and try to bother them for doing anything they want or wearing, anything they want……Well the women be required to point blank enforce the will of Allah onto the zealots. Their burqa robs make for great concealed carry opportunities to surprise and bewilder the idiots who did not learn anything when the Americans came to town. Women now have freedom and the wonderfu opportunity to set things fairly and right. That being a couple double taps, so the the guys with swinging dicks can go talk to Allah about their bad attitudes. Allah wants all his children to be happy and pursue the noble goal of being allowed to stop being screwed with by obvious evil devil worshipers. New law. Second Amendment for women to be able to kill off the idiots that don’t understand what Allah wants. Women can do what the American and all their allies just could not do.

  16. 50 years in Congress and not once did he vote for anything that made sense militarily. Why should we expect anything different today???

  17. Because Biden is now purchasing middle east oil he needs to trade blood for oil. Trump discontinued that need. We were energy independent under Trump.

  18. So all the terrorists can congregate back in Afghanistan and pull off a terror attack to commemorate the 9-11 attacks, and joe has given them plenty of time to plan, how nice.

  19. Biden and his 3rd Obama Reign can be counted on to do everything possible to hurt the USA on the way toward installing a socialist/communist regime here. Lying to the public is the main strategy, since many citizens don’t yet realize this is the strategy. How wasteful!

  20. The only reason Biden’s handlers want to break the agreement is because it was negotiated by Trump. They’re going down the list of things Trump accomplished and one by one they change them just a bit…We’ll leave in September not May because Trump set May.
    Trump’s administration negotiated the release of 50+ Americans being held in foreign prisons for no sane reason…Pastor Brunson was helping orphans. When Democrats get to the place on their list showing people released from unjust imprisonment in those countries will they round up the released former prisoners now here in the US and return them to the countries to be placed back in prison?
    After all, according to Democrats every single thing accomplished by Trump was a bad, horrid, terrible mistake and must be corrected by our “elites saviors” who are somewhere in the shadows running Biden’s administration. Not sure most democrats in congress know who those “Shadow People” are.

  21. Joe Bijibberish is keeping troops in until the anniversary so he can claim the credit for bringing the troops home and have a significant anniversary date we will all remember (he won’t remember) but, it gives historians something to write

  22. So, we are going to keep our forces in danger for 4 months longer to coincide with 9/11? Its an honorable date for sure, but the troops can honor that date at home with their families.

  23. Short of total annihilation there is no peace that can be foreseen between them and the world. Leaving a philosophy such as that standing is a mistake towards all the people in the future of mankind.


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