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Watch as Dr. Cordie Williams calls out an elected lockdown liberal Fresno City Councilmember Miguel Arias. Dr. Williams also explains what it will take to regain our freedoms.

Dr. Cordie Williams is a US Marine and Chiropractor. At the beginning of the COVID pandemic in 2020, Dr. Cordie felt the state of California was violating his right and the rights of other Americans. As a father, veteran, and business owner, he knew he had to be the man to stand up. Dr. Cordie picked up a megaphone and began speaking up at protests all across California, gaining him the name #megaphonemarine. His message was loud and clear and caught the attention of millions. His speech from May 1, 2020, at the state capitol in Sacramento, CA, has received more than 8 million hits on Facebook and has generated over 15 million views across all platforms.

  1. A Chiropractor – you have to be kidding.Perhaps you should Just watch the video which has been on TV thousands of times., how far your breath carries with, and without, a mask. Guess what? The video shows that with a mask, most of the particles of your breath are stopped by a mask. Did you flunk common sense? A new national study adds strong evidence that mask mandates can slow the spread of the coronavirus, and that allowing dining at restaurants can increase cases and deaths.

    1. Just stop breathing in public and the pandemic will die out (so will all the people, but hey there have to be some costs to stupidity)

    2. Guess you haven’t heard of nor read the Danish Study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine that was written by scientists from the University of Copenhagen. Of course you didn’t. You’re a parrot. Another cherry picking liberal douchebag. Do us all a favor stay home and by all means stop breathing

    3. I refuse to let the lying loony liberals “mandate” that I have to wear a face diaper. Never have, and I never will. It does absolutely no good at all.

    4. That’s a good boy (condescending pat on the head). Stay in your home until we (the Government) tell you it’s safe to come out. You may, however, come out of your home to get your China Virus vaccination. Remember to come out for your yearly China Virus vaccination booster. Make sure you wear your mask at ALL times! We, the Government, believe you should wear your mask inside your own home. Wear it with Pride and show that you too are doing your part to save lives. We, the Government, will tell you when it will be safe to come out of your house. Until then, your compliance will make our tasks that much easier. As to food, we recommend that you use internet delivery services to your home. Remember to minimize your interactions with other human beings. We will all get through this together! Just do your part Mr. Tonge and you’ll be fine!!!! One more thing Mr. Tonge. If any of your neighbors show unpatriotic tendencies and insist on resisting our efforts to make everyone safe, please inform your Community Covid Safety Officer of who these people are. We are here to help!!!

      1. You have covered all the bases. Unfortunately that’s more than likely where we’re headed. I personally am resisting vaccine and everything else, as much as I can. It is now extremely obvious where the government is going with all this. When Jim Jordan was questioning Dr Fukki and the head of the CDC, they both refused to answer the most basic questions, and could care less about our liberties and rights.
        Wake up people! RESIST

        1. The China Virus vaccination is the first, and perhaps the final, step in total control of each vaccinated person. It is not a live virus vaccine as is the influenza vaccine. This particular vaccine is analogous to a ‘smart bot’. Time will tell whether I, and others, are completely right or completely wrong. There’s evidence that I’m completely right! This vaccine should not be administered to any human being!!!!!

    5. I can’t believe I have to live with people like you, but here I am. Do you really listen to these so called experts and whatnot? Do everybody a favor and grow up. All of those ‘special’ people have one thing on they’re mind, sucker your types out of your money. Period.

    6. Not one real test shows a mask stopping anything. Multiple studies show otherwise. A mask really is harmful to many people especially the way masks are used. Surgeons wearing masks change their masks after twenty minutes and take oxygen. A mask is never to be used twice. Multiple studies produced by physicians show no difference but many people have become ill due to their masks. It should be up to each person, not up to some evil liberal looking to make sheeple. Masks mandates are illegal. They are a violation of your fourth amendment and first ament.

      1. As for me I hate the masks for another reason, I have gotten eye styes. Painful, itching, and the result of bacteria from masks. Google eye infections, etc., as a result of masks. Now I have a medical reason not to, but get spoken to if my mask is temporarily lowered over my nose.

    7. Are you really as stupid as most of your postings make you appear? I think you really must have a mental issue.

    8. Also brain dead DAMOCRAPS all think the same what happens when you collect the virus on your mask from someone else then you touch it and spread it to objects even food on the shelves at the store or even putting your food away at home .get gas . MASK have been proven more harmful than good. And by real doctors . and not this ignorant FAUCI. Doctors across America are much smarter than he is . he is juxtaposing DAMOCRAPS ASS for publicity . him and the DAMOCRAPS ARE the ones that converted this virus and spread it

    9. chiropractors actually have one to two more years of study in certain areas than a doctor. and many GPs as well as specialist have also proved the mask ineffective. Unless you wear the N95 it is really pointless. and the virus, according to science, spreads by contact more so than breathing it in. its about control of you not the virus.

    10. The SARS CoV-2 virus is 1500 times smaller than a human hair(10 microns). The only mask that can trap a particle this size is an N95 mask and it does not capture 100% of viral particles. Only a randomized controlled study with a placebo arm can prove or disprove if masks are helpful in preventing spread of respiratory viral infections and sofar not one study supports the prevention of viral respiratory illness exist (to the best of my knowledge). An interesting observation concerning Bangladesh shows that with a population of 176,000,000 they only had 10,000 SARS CoV2 deaths despite abject poverty and a challenged healthcare sytem…hydrochloroquin? One must question the “mandate” for masks when there is no standards regarding which mask to wear. Does the CDC not realize a handkerchief or surgical mask differ in filtration capability compared to the N95 masks?

  2. The one and only reason the KKKRAKAS want this to keep going is not only to control all of us, the people, but most importantly for the election of 2022 and 2024. No doubt about it.

    1. That’s the truth! And the sad thing is the lemming liberals will all follow each other over cliff. (Or maybe that’s not too sad.)

  3. Dr. Fusia ,wrong spelling I know was heard before saying masks do nothing…Other Dr’s and scientist have said the covid does not spread of a surface…And don’t forget that private schools and Catholic schools have been open for most of the year with no problems…That’s hundreds of thousands of kids…So wingnut Tonge zip it…

  4. First “virus/flu” (?) in the history of mankind, where you “have to take a test” to see if you’ve got it! Survival rate is 97%, without the “miracle vaccines! Then, if you “get the vaccine/shot(s)”; you are told to “continue to wear masks, continue to social distance” etc. ad nauseum! {Question} If the “supposed vaccinations” were/are “supposed to be the solution”, then why the hell would we be told to “continue the previous protocols”? Hopefully, even the stupidest “sheep” in the herd, (libtards) will see the incredible hypocricy of it all and wake up! Seek the “Truth” about this whole mess “i.e. the “control of the masses” by those in power, who seek to do so! “Take the Red Pill” people, the lives you save will be your own!


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