House Democrats Panic as Their Majority Shrinks to Two Votes

AFGE / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

Nancy Pelosi’s historically slim House majority just got even smaller as Republican Rep. Julia Letlow is officially sworn into the House of Representatives for Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District. Letlow will fill the seat left by her late husband Luke who recently passed away from Covid-19 complications before being sworn into the House.

Julia easily won the Louisiana special election, receiving nearly 65% of the vote.

Fox News reports:

This gives Republicans 212 seats in the House, catching up to Democrats’ 218. Since tie votes fail in the House, that means Democrats cannot lose more than two votes from their party to pass legislation if the GOP fully opposes them.

That slim margin of error could prevent Democrats from passing more progressive bills that moderates in their party may not support.

Some reinforcements may soon be on the way, however, with Democrats favored in two of the three House special elections that will be held over the next two months.

Former President Trump issued a glowing endorsement for Rep. Letlow’s campaign and congratulated her when she won saying her late husband is looking down proudly at her accomplishment.

Trump congratulated Rep. Letlow, “Congratulations to Julia Letlow on her BIG win in Louisiana!  Despite running in a field with a dozen candidates, no runoff election is necessary because she received 65% of the vote—an incredible victory. I am thrilled for Julia and the entire Letlow family.  Luke is looking down proudly from above.”

    1. And, may her melted putrid “self ” run off into the sewer with the rest of the feces, where it belongs!

  1. Serves her right. Punishment might not be enough just yet. She is a witch and does not deserve to be in the position she is in. Putting her out to pasture is the best option.

    1. she don’t need to be put out to pasture she need to be put in jail on death row for being the person in charge for all the lives lost in the past 4 years .and being a traitor

  2. NM-1 is open with voting on June 1. Leans left, as does the state, so prayers for an upset are welcome. Expecting lots of DCCC cash to be spent of nasty political ads until then. Hope they concentrate on MLB market so I won’t be seeing them.

  3. I am praying for a miracle, giving the three elections in the next two months ALL to conservative Republicans!
    We have to “dehorn” that old buffalo! Her stampede has done sooooo much damage to America and has made politics so mean and nasty……we are ALL sick to death of the sociopathic display from this beast! She has got to go soon! Maybe she will lead a stampeding charge over a 5000 foot cliff!

    1. “Sick to death” only just begins to describe it. Just ask the families of the 200,000+ Americans who died of the Chinese bio-war virus because The Pig was so obsessed with overthrowing President Trump that she led Congress to ignore the President’s warning that there was something deadly headed our way from China.

  4. This was hilarious listening to Pelosi claim had the rioters tried to get to her they would have to have dealt with a street fighter, she grew up in the mean streets of the Baltimore in the mayor’s mansion, surrounded by the mafia, so life must have been tough for this little Princess. She’s more delusional than I had originally thought. I laughed so hard I peed myself, I laughed so hard I started crying. She was the first one to go into hiding. What is she going to do hit me with her Prada handbag or point her arthritic talon at me?  I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too. Go screw yourself, you delusional old hag!!

      1. The only wild dog that might go anywhere near the old b!tch might be a rabid wolf but only one time. One bite and it would die

  5. Keep praying you guys. I believe God is still on the throne and doing things behind the scenes to restore this nation because the Don has paid respect to Him and was bringing the US back to God. Already I see republicans on the line-up to take over Cali and NY governor position due to Nusiance and D’ohmo’s incompetence. Things are back to normal or slowing returning to normal in most states. Keep up the good fight

    1. It ‘tis what they are counting on than trump will be speaker then all lleh will break loose and it will be thee end of the left for another 200 years. God almighty will protect the meek and mild and he always wins.

  6. Bernie Madoff died today,could Nancy Pelosi be next on the Grimm Repers list – – – We can only pray – – – Amen

  7. I Hate coka cola,but I am a diabetic hooked on Coke Zero – – Pepsi Cola can you Please come out with a Pepsi Zero,I am sure it would sell !

    1. I kind of liked the clear pepsi they made for a little while it was clear like water but tasted like soda! It was pretty cool and 0 calories!

    2. Soke cucks! It’s a fine cleanser for windows, toilet bowls and batteries, but I wouldn’t drink that swill. It likely rots brain cells, I shouldn’t wonder.

  8. So Pelosi can only afford 2 defectors when it comes to party line votes. Manchin comes to.mind and Pelosi just pissed off “The Squad” – AOC plus her following in her just released book. Add to that Pelosi is the least liked person in D.C. and she is digging ger own grave.

  9. We live under an illegal dictatorship, since free and fair elections were taken away from the people. These lunatics wanting absolute total power at any cost, or telling any lie. The accusations of racism are getting worst daily, as we offer no resistance, the lies continue as a one party propaganda media endlessly report lies and twisted half truths. This cancer might be to powerful to control, once we are as democrats planned on purpose, over run by Countless millions of new illegal voters. We have choices, a peaceful one is we could request succession from our illegal communist masters. The biggest threat to our freedom as a republic is the democratic communist party and their illegal control of congress and of the corrupt federal government. This communist inspired pure evil, this cancer calling themselves the congressional majority, must be questioned. Open borders is nullification of federal law, and act of treason against a once free people. God we pray protect us from this pure evil.

  10. This is good, but how many RINO’s are within the Republican Lackey Party House Representatives?!?!?!

  11. Yeah! Piglosi doesn’t 👀like she gonna have that ‘free tax-payer funded’ funeral…that every demon(c)rat thinks is their ‘constitutional’ right?

  12. Good now we need some real people in the House that LOVES this country more then WHAT THE SWAMP CREATURE DEMOCRATS WANT! Let’s see if there is ANY!

  13. The democrats will shrink to more than just what recently happen in the coming days. Americans are Fed-Up with all this stuff going on. They are ‘getting the picture’ now. Each of biden’s/harris/democrats grandiose schemes (election fraud; border scandal; and more recent one is ‘pack the courts’ is part of a big fraud scheme. Each one individually is only borderline criminal, and hard by itself to prosecute. But added together in one big grand scam – it spells ‘FRAUD’. FRAUD on the American people. And I don’t know about y’all, but in my state of TEXAS, Fraud is a CRIME. Me and my wife put a contractor in jail (who came from Michigan) who was kicked out of MI for ‘civil matter’ issues with his clients, and he lost his Contractors license and got a $10,000 fine. That’s all he got. Where if he had been in TEXAS earlier(which he eventually did) those same ‘civil matters’ would be criminal offenses. He pulled the same ‘games’ in TX, got caught, and has a 17 year sentence – and shows not remorse. He just thinks he is ‘unlucky’, and not a criminal.
    joe biden has ‘moved to the white house’, where he is perpetrating a FRAUD against the American people – and he to doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong.
    Well He’s going to find out…..

  14. Which States are running elections in two mos. Is Alabama one? Who is replacing Mo Brooks when he runs for Senate?? Has anybody heard? Shelby has only said he was leaving. He never did say WHEN!! I was hoping it was SOOON!!

  15. That is good news. But we must do even better. Come next year the Marxist democrats must become the minority party in the House & Senate. The gavel must be taken away from Nancy, Schumer and all the Marxists chairing the various committees. We must defend the right!

  16. Boy if Americans don’t understand the seriousness of voting any Democrat into office we really have lost our country to the communists. These people in Democratic side of the house are actually most card carrying communists who are just gone over the top in craziness and have lost any element about being for the American people they are suppose to care about their constituents. Please wake up we need all three of those seats on the Republican side for your kids, grandkids futures. God Bless America!

  17. Conservatives everywhere have to keep the pressure on. Every time they have an opportunity to put a Republican into play they need to vote and vote in large numbers.

  18. Let the bloodletting begin while we watch the Wicked Witch of the West dissolve like her fancy ice cream in her $20,000 freezer!

  19. With all the crazies in the country, I am surprised some nut has not tried to take out 7 or 8 Democrat Congressmen in red states in order to flip the house Republican and shutdown the Democrat agenda. Even if Dems won the empty seats it would take months to fill them. In a lot of states the Governor gets to select the person to fill the seat till the next election. You can bet a Republican Governor would appointed a Republican as the temporary replacement. I would not cry if someone did it.

  20. OK, True Conservatives, if these special elections are being held in your area, get out there and help the Conservatives win all 3 of these Seats. You can do it!!!!!


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