Mike Pence Undergoes Major Surgery

Photo of Trump and Pence in the Oval Office. Public Domain

Former Vice President Mike Pence has undergone surgery to implant a pacemaker to reportedly correct a slow heart rate.

According to Fox News:

Former Vice President Mike Pence underwent surgery to implant a pacemaker after experiencing a slow heart rate, his office disclosed on Thursday.

Pence, 61, had a successful procedure to implant the device on Wednesday, according to a press release. He is expected to make a full recovery and return to normal activity within days.

“My family has been truly blessed by the work of these dedicated healthcare professionals,” Pence said in a statement.

Pence has recently announced the launch of a Trump-backed conservative political group.

  1. If this treasonous s.o b. had a heart, he would have done a little better for for his country on Jan. 6!!!

      1. The idiots here are those who claim or imply they’re conservative constitutionalists patriots who’re benighted or aliterate about the Constitution and US laws.That unfortunately includes those who castigate VP Pence for not violating the Constitution over the Electoral College certification such as Mark and those who agree with him.

        The Scriptures say His people perish for lack of knowledge. That not only applies to faith in Him and his Words, but also into other areas of life. One area is civics and the public square.

        Sadly, this once great nation is now a moribund republic that once had a Constitution adhered to and a free market capitalist economic system. But no more due to the benightedness and/or apathy of supposed conservatives.

        We’ve been played and outmaneuvered by the liberal/progressive/socialist/communist left, and the fault is largely ours due to our studied ignorance of civics and how it works. It’s a self inflicted wound.

        It seems like just possibly under the Beijing Joe SOCIALIST Democrat regime the Great American Experiment may perish. Where are are the Jeffersons, the Franklins, and the Paines?

        A politically incorrect Christian conservative constitutionalist curmudgeon

        Hosea 4:6 and 2 Chronicle 7:14

      1. he sure does he has long time RINO friends that had one goal and that was to take Donald Trump out of office. He told us all the he is friends with Paul Ryan……well, well, well. Is a book deal coming?

      2. Just maybe VP Pence knew a lot more about his role and duties as outlinded in the Constitution than Mark does.

      1. Sadly, he’s ALITERATE about the Constitution and how it works. He believes VP Pence had the authority to overturn Congress’ confirmation of the Electoral College vote. In doing so, Mark believes VP Pence thus gave aid and comfort to the enemy, hence the charge of TREASON.

    1. Snark A. Trocious? On the other hand, I must admit: like to think that I myself would NOT have certified that erection…er, I mean election….

      1. He could’ve constitutionally not certified the votes but send it on to the house of representatives for resolution. This has been done in the past and is part of the constitution. Also as a Christian he failed his responsibilities by knowing that there was greed and corruption taking place and he let it pass.

      2. EXCEPT, the Constitution didn’t give VP Pence that authority. I wish it had and the rightful president was in office fighting to restore this once great nation back to a constitutional Republic with a free market capitalist economy..

        However, it was the courts, especially the SCOTUS, that could’ve changed the course of events had they heard Trump’s arguments about MASSIVE fraud on their merits.

    2. MIke Pence is a wonderful man! We are so fortunate and blessed to have him on our side. I can only find positive reasons why we should NOT be negative about a man of Mike Pence’s character.

      1. Sadly, too many in their misunderstanding of the Constitution. think VP Pence had the authority to vacate Congress’ confirmation of the EC vote. But the Constitution doesn’t give a VP that authority.

      2. Americans will fit Pence right in with John Boehner and Paul Ryan, rinos who betrayed their country and did everything to help the globalists. Come on, don’t tell me that any of these people have the balls to stand up to the New World Order agenda.

    3. I defy you to define treason as stated in US law. I also challenge you to find in the Constitution, you know, that piece of paper you disdain, where it says a VP can ovedride a State EC delegation’s vote. I doubt you’ve the eruditeness for either, or perhaps you lack the cojones my aliterate false conservative.

  2. I hope the lying traitor goes down. This CKSKER uses the God as an attempt to give the reader that he is one of the Lords speakers! If fact that isn’t true at all, he is lying traitor and he can go to hell

      1. because GDS is speaking the truth. Mike Pence I started questioning in the beginning, when he was telling Trump he needed to fire General Mike Flynn.
        Now there is a man of Honor that truly got screwed.

        1. I believe GDS is condemning VP Pence to hell. Not only is he wrong about VP Pence, he’s treading on thin ice.

      1. Hard working tax paying Americans insurance is so high because they receive no insurance but several globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep collecting welfare all their life and several globalist puppet, illegal criminal invader voters starting to collect welfare all their life, will receive health care at your expense .

    1. Susanna, you must be very young. Many, many things can go ‘wrong’ with the heart and they are not all ‘heart attacks’.

        1. Great for you. I wish I had that healthy of a heart. Of course most in decent health are nearer 60 BPM. Mine’s near there, but I’ve had a heart attack and am suffering from CHF. Keep healthy, keep weight down, and be good. 🙂

    2. Good point, Ask a cardiologist what problems this vaccine can cause. It can increase inflammation and cause blood clots. The spike protein in the vaccine causes a sequence of events in the human body.

    3. its not strange to have a slow heart and not have a heart attack. i was living with a slow heart and was doing ok. then my heart was running on three chambers out of four and it was running backwards . i had a pacemaker put in only after they shocked my heart back to normal

    1. god is too busy blessing; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep AND altar boy raping priests .

      1. These evil people will get their judgment in the Tribulation. Man is to blame for man’s problems, deceit, immorality, corruption, lawlessness, and polluting God’s earth which he created perfectly. (SATAN IS BEHIND ALL OF IT INCLUDING THE WARS ON THE EARTH, AND MAN TURNING AGAINST HIS BROTHER,) God allows evil to happen to wake mankind up. Sometimes they reach the point of no return because they refuse to shape up and do whats right and lawful. All the evil countries that want Israel and America’s demise are going to get God’s wrath, its coming and its imminent.

        1. Unhappily, the way things are going, the US may be one of those who experience God’s wrath. We aren’t exactly becoming more righteous as a nation.

    1. Yes, globalist puppet pence needs to get well soon so he can continue to help globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media destroy the US .

  3. This is NOT “major surgery”. I have had three pacemakers implanted and it was always described to me as ‘something relatively minor’, but necessary to control my atrial fibrillation. I am currently approaching my 95th birthday.

    1. Pacemaker has to do with the heart’s electrical system…a heart attack is a problem with the heart’s plumbing system…a clog if you will.

  4. Well, @ least we “KNOW” that Mike Pence goes to the doctors!”WE” @ least “know” that he has a cardiac problem. How come “we” have no clue what’s WRONG with the Pres.?

  5. I wish him a full recovery, but I do not wish him to run for office again. The detriment and destruction to America from ignoring the stollen election and stopping Arizona from presenting it at the Capitol is a tragedy, one that we will regret forever.

    1. How much bribes did globalist puppet pence receive from globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ . . . . .

      1. The Rinos in America are allowing the globalists to change America. They are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. Nancy Pelosi staged the Capitol assault so that there would be a deterrence from examining the stollen election evidence and delegates statements in Arizona. Nobody will ever forget what happened, the left, rinos, and globalists can forget Pence getting the Conservative vote!

  6. Somebody must think they will conjure up a sympathy vote for Mike Pence. I won’t vote for him ever again. I wish him a full recovery, but I cannot put my trust in him.

        1. Vladimir is a divider, he loves to cause chaos and trouble and divide Americans by pumping propaganda and lies on this website. His mission is to divide and conquer the US, destroy our sovereignty, laws, society, and status as a Super Power. A nation divided cannot stand and the communist-globalists know that, they have destroyed many nations.

    1. globalist puppet pence won’t enjoy life even after he continues to help globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media destroy America .

  7. globalist puppet pence undergoes what, only globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media only care about globalist puppet pence as long as globalist puppet pence continues to preach globalist agendas .

  8. Had he not certified all the invalid ballots, we would not have the mess we have on our hands now that the county may not recover from…….

    1. Evil wants to destroy everything that is honest, good, and that God made. God made the Universe and everything in it, (perfectly). and Satan has always been jealous, his mission on earth is to corrupt and wipe out mankind.

  9. Pence is a coward like the most of Trump s surrounding. People who didn’t live the difference between a good life and previous moderate life will not understand.
    No more selfless fighters.


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