Trump and Lindsey Graham Break Over This Biden Decision

The White House from Washington, DC / Public domain

While Senator Lindsey Graham has mostly agreed with Trump on his foreign policy decisions the two Republicans are splintering over President Biden’s decision to pull all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by September 11th. Trump released a statement criticizing Biden’s timeline but overall “getting out of Afghanistan is a wonderful and positive thing to do.” However, In a series of Tweets, Sen. Graham shared “could not disagree more with former President Trump regarding his support for President Biden’s withdrawal of all forces from Afghanistan against sound military advice.”

The Hill reports:

Graham casted doubt on the Taliban’s ability to police al Qaeda and ISIS, which he said is a key provision in the deal to withdraw troops.

“The intelligence regarding withdrawal is ominous for U.S. interests and no one believes the Taliban can be trusted to police al-Qaeda and ISIS as envisioned by the Biden-Trump plan,” Graham wrote.

He continued, addressing both Biden and Trump as “General” and expressing his fear that “over time Afghanistan will become worse.”

“For the sake of our nation, the people of Afghanistan, and the entire region I hope President Biden and former President Trump are proven right and our military and intelligence communities are proven wrong. However, I very seriously doubt it as I have seen this movie in Iraq and I fear that over time Afghanistan will become worse. It is important history judge those who make these decisions fairly but firmly,” he added.

The South Carolina senator has been extremely critical of the decision to pull troops from Afghanistan saying the move essentially destroys the country’s insurance policy against a second 9/11-style terror attack.

Last Wednesday President Biden announced his plan to pull troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11 extending Trump’s deadline to pull U.S. troops out of the country by May 1.

    1. that’s right, but John Kerry even sent $150 billion to our enemy Iran and now is working on Red China….


    1. Soon, How long do we stay their, Been their 10 years? We have much more important war to win & the enemy is the DEMOCRATS, they are determined to destroy this COUNTRY & take our FREEDOM AWAY!

      1. Dim wits are the Enemy Within as Rome had that brought it down. You are right at the state level we must fight like hell to stop the lying vote stealing monsters. And this area China is moving on since India and Pakistan are in their way of domination like that small island of Taiwan off their mainland they are trying to intimidate or just run over with their military.

        Let China get their dose of the middle east, they richly deserve it. And with this forceful pushing to take over other countries, etc. maybe the world will realize this is war though undeclared. Eventually they will overstep and then it will be bad. Now there are nuclear weapons and mutual deterrence are not stopping these wanton Chinese socialist dictators for life!

      2. How long have we been in Korea and Germany. The real point is blockage from free reign terrorism. The Taliban seeks protection in a country they will control but their religious mandate for the world is no different than ISIS, al Qaeda, Iran, in imposing their brand of fanaticism to the rest of the world. We have, under Biden, allowed them to have ICBMs and near future nuclear weapons. The Taliban will also want them and get both from Iran, NK, and China to form a pose to attack us economically and militarily threats into acceptance.

      3. Been there 20 years. We do not need to be shedding blood in that hell hole. The war mongers Graham and Liz Cheney need to resign. If the need arises, a laser strike will take out the fools just like ISIS was taken out in 2 weeks during President Trump’s administration.

        1. Brad you are so right. Graham has been in congress long enough to have had the problem solved but he, Cheney and many others in congress like the large donations they receive from the war machine to put an end to it. What do they care if more US soldiers die over there fighting a useless, endless war. It is time for those living in the region to clean out the bad guys.

    2. The people of the middle East have been fighting each other for 4000 years. Whether we stay there or bring our military home they will continue fighting. Our presence there will not ever bring peace.

      1. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can bring peace to all nations and they have rejected him and his truth. So they will live in war man against brother, nation against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.

    3. You do not know that. We have been training these soldiers for many years. They should be able to defend their country by now. Yes, ISIS. AL Queda, etc are big threats to everyone, but there is no reason why the Afghanistan Military cannot destroy any of them. WE DID TRAIN THEIR SOLDIERS.

      Perhaps Graham is more worried if we remove our Military and insurgents try to take Afghanistan over again. Biden, more than likely, will not respond fast enough to squelch the uprising and Afghanistan could be destroyed. If any Country has to depend on Joe Biden to rescue them, they are in HUGE TROUBLE! In that case, I would leave our troops there until we have a more cognizant and quick thinking President to address the uprising — not Biddyboy biden!

      1. Agree we have been training them for more than 20 years. They are not trainable. They will never be able to protect their own country because they do not want to. Look at how much money we have spent there and we have nothing to show for it. I think we need our American’s there to keep an eye on what is going on in the region. Believe me I sent my Son to war and I do not think the Afgan’s can think for themselves.

  2. Bring our men and women home. Let these countries police themselves. And,,,, this administration has no clue what it’s doing. joe is asleep at the wheel hoping someone gives him an Ensure.

    1. Stop the nonsense and stay on topic. Lindsey Graham knows the money laundering spigot is being turned off in Congress.

    1. Our Troops being there won’t stop a 911 from happening again. They need to be home and protecting America. We are in trouble and have plenty of Chinese forces and others here now. America First needs to.continue. If we are taken down, then what?

  3. Foreign invaders and interlopers have faced severe trouble in that region since Alexander the great. There must be demons in the sand, in the mountains, in the caves.

    1. The Bible declared they would be fighting among themselves there and what kind of people they would be. Can’t change the Word of God, even with good intentions. It is what it is. Even when most come here they don’t want American life but just what they came out of with the good of America. Look at the reps in Minnesota and Michigan. What do they represent in Congress? Senate? It is true that some want things different but not so many. Most do not assimilate into American culture. We didn’t continue to insist they assimilate. Our huge mistake and it continues. Children brought here as children and born here don’t even apply for citizenship! Many can’t even speak English! If they don’t apply for citizenship when they are of age, why gift it to them?? All Election Ballots should be in English only!! No excuses. We have a lot of cleaning up here to do or we cease to be America.

      1. Revelation 20:4 I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of God.

      2. Daniel 2:45. “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, They shall mingle themselves with the seed of men, This mingling is done in the name of PEACE. The ONE WORLD government will begin the rule of seeking consensus, the will of the simple majority at the expense of the minority. It is important for people of all different areas, cultures and religions to learn to live together, but his is the premeditated herding of diverse groups of people, forcing them to intermingle and live together. Actually it will divide people. The invaders are NOT going to assimilate and adopt to one another’s cultures….Daniel 11:24. he shall scatter… The rulers cannot force people to live together peacefully, its like forcing lions, wolves, bears, sheep and cows to live together. Sooner or later there will be conflict. This is the reason for the open borders. It won’t work, for They shall not cleave to one another, Even as Iron is not Mixed with Clay. the Bible explains all things.

    1. Lindsey Graham is not what he pretends to be. Its any way the wind blows with him. He can’t be trusted. He talks big and then melts like ice cream in August. He NEVER takes a stand or sticks by what’s right, only what is right for Lindsey. All talk and no principle.

  4. It’s not a break from Trump, per se. Whether your agree or not, and many of us don’t, Senator Graham is showing consistency with his long term position on Afghanistan.

  5. Helping an ally is one thing but taking over another Country’s responsibility for their own defense is insane! We’ve been there 20+ years training their troops and they STILL can’t defend themselves??? Tons of wasted American lives and $$ for those without the will to protect themselves.

  6. Graham is a RINO who shifts with the wind. He does what is best for Graham. Trump has always based his actions and decisions on what is best for America. It doesn’t matter, though, what course is charted. Biden/Obama will screw it up for sure.

  7. I agree. We should leave. If troops go and the Taliban take over, I would put restrictive travel policies on anyone coming from Afghanistan but would be open to extending refugee status to anyone fleeing who believes in democratic values and not sharia law.

    1. the place we really need to worry about is here and what the democrats are doing and their terror groups they are supporting like BLM and Antifa. I think every state should put a law on the books like Florida just did an anti-riot bill that states peaceful protests are legal but riots are not and any and everybody in one will be arrested

  8. One of the main reasons Trump is against the pullout is the day he wants it done on Biden wants it done on Sept. 11th the worst day in Our History and this will make light of all the lives that were lost and the fact of the terrorist attack that took place on that day

  9. You don’t tell your enemy when tour leaving?? Insane but we all k now Biden is truly insane and so are every one of the democrats. Trillions of our money has been spent on endless wars and time to bring these people home we need them here in our own hell hole America that Biden and his goons have created. Put our solders on the border and arm them heavily and don’t spare any bullets and secure our border. Than have the military assist and remove all and I mean every illegal from our country. Our money is needed here time to stop all this foreign aide and supporting these leeches that continuously invade our country.

  10. Graham and McConnell are nothing more than back stabbing converts to DEMOCRAPS. When are people going to check and see how much money they are getting from big tech, Soros and communist countries?

  11. Linsey Graham has been on the wrong side of getting Americans out of wars! He and John McCain are own by the military weapon manufacturers. He never investigated Muller fraud investigation he was head of the committee and did no real investigation. He is a trader to President Trump and 75 million plus
    Who voted for Trump ! He is the deep state! Just another worthless republican politician we have to get voted out of office.

  12. I side with President Trump! He has already pre-set the departure
    by reducing our presence… to UNDER 2,500 and removed the bulk
    of Military Equipment…as he ordered the reduction down to that level.
    All *President Biden had to do was to let it all play out, on schedule,
    and…..without naming the precise exit date!! NO, his handler’s
    apparently…..want our Military to be attacked on their departure!!
    That kind of an exit, will play well in the MSM, and would support
    the “correct narrative” of what the Biden Administration is pushing!

  13. To a hammer, EVERYTHING is a nail !! Fortunately (or unfortunately according to some people) we CANNOT police the world. We HAVE a far more effective protective mode — CONTROLLING who comes into the United States. President Trump led the way (and was continually opposed by the left) by INSURING comprehensive vetting of all visitors AND limiting/screening immigration. In “my opinion”, all U.S. Military should be housed on American Soil — home or possessions. We have NO unlawful land possession intentions and thus have no need for foreign troop assignment. I don’t believe in “troops for rent” when this entails a mortal risk for our servicemen. “Millions for defense but not one red cent for tribute”!!!

  14. Initially, there was a reason we invaded Afghanistan– to remove the terrorists who were terrorizing the Afghanistan people. Those terrorists were violent and vicious to the Afghanistan populace. They did unthinkable acts to those people (yes, their own culture, but that made no difference). When evil invades a Country like it did in Afghanistan, the only way to remove it is to DESTROY IT MILITARILY…so we did. (America has been invaded by that same evil. We have a huge issue here!)

    Here is what Graham doesn’t get: these poor Afghanistan people have been living under a Country run by Americans and Afghanistan troops. These families know nothing different. They need to live their lives as God created for them even if their God is named Allah. They have been living in an “OCCUPIED COUNTRY” where their normal lives do not exist!

    If there is no more terrorists tearing apart their Country and their borders are secure, then “Why in God’s name are we still occupying their Country — when they can be running it themselves?” If any insurgents pop up inside Afghanistan, their own Military can squelch the uprising. We Americans have been training them for that for years! If they cannot destroy the threat, then we send more American troops back in to defeat the enemy. What is so difficult about that Graham?

    REMOVE OUR TROOPS FROM AFGHANISTAN AND LET THAT COUNTRY EXIST WITHOUT BEING CONSTANTLY OCCUPIED. Let the Afghanistan people breathe and exist without our constant supervision. I believe it is way passed time this happens for those people…freedom. They have paid the price, now send our troops home! If anyone tries to take their Freedom (or ours), we can send troops right back to defend the Afghanistan people. Bring our Military home!

    1. The Afghan people will not fight other Afghan people or other Muslims. They will expect us to do it for them. We have been there 20 years and they have not learned much of anything have they?

  15. Didn’t “we” already do this with ISIS under Obama? Got us NOWHERE! THIS is gonna make things worse! Now the insurgents can re-group, stockpile their weapons, plan their strategies and amass $$ to further their aims. Is Biden super stupid or what? Apparently so, since the “smartest” person he knows is Hunter Biden, a drug addict. “HOW ” come Hunter pays ALL of Jill & Joe’s bills? My kids don’t pay mine!

  16. Nation Building does not work, time and time again we see it, especially in the Middle East. We spend all our time, resources, and blood trying to help these countries become civilized. These countries are hostile to the ways of the West and to peaceful solutions, and it hasn’t changed much in thousands of years. You know these wars are big business for some of the politicians and at a very high cost to the average American and military.

  17. Lindsay Graham is one of the biggest political hacks out there. He’s not unlike Chuck Schumer…wherever a microphone can be seen, Lindsay Graham can be found. How many times and for how many years has he touted how he’d get to bottom of things, and how so many criminal politicians would end up behind bars on his watch. BS! The man is tiring. It’s always about Lindsay Graham all the time, and no one else.


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