Guilfoyle Named as National Chair of Greiten’s MO Senate Campaign

Former Fox News host and former Trump adviser Kimberly Guilfoyle has been named as national chair of Eric Greitens’s Senate campaign, suggesting the Senate hopeful is attempting to solidify his ties to the former president. Trump has yet to offer Grietens or Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt an endorsement.

The Hill reports:

“Governor Greitens is a fighter who has stood with President Trump and has a proven record of advancing conservative, America First policies,” Guilfoyle, who is dating Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr., said in a statement issued through Greitens’s campaign on Monday.

“I am proud to join this team as the National Chair and look forward to championing Governor Greitens’ vision throughout Missouri and around the country.”

By bringing Guilfoyle into his campaign, Greitens is sending an unmistakable message that he is the candidate most closely aligned with Trump, who remains the most influential Republican in the country and commands the support of an ultra-conservative base of voters.

The GOP Senate primary in Missouri is shaping up to be a clear test of Trump’s political strength in his post-presidential life. Some Republicans inside and outside of Missouri are hoping to thwart Greitens’s chances of securing the GOP nomination next year, believing that he could cost Republicans a relatively safe Senate seat in 2022.

In 2018, Grietens resigned as governor over blackmail allegations and allegations he had stolen a donor list from a nonprofit he founded to help his gubernatorial campaign however the charges were eventually dropped.

  1. Go, Kimberly! I know she’ll do a fantastic job in helping to put the Conservatives back in control and dump the RINOs.

  2. Know “ZIP” about this guy, but WHY would he steal “stuff” from a non profit & he’s supposed to be blackmailed? Raises “red flags” & this guy is NOT a “good” Republican candidate for anything. It’s “time” tp clean house & get rid of these RINOS!! GO KIMBERLY & I HOPE THAT YOU SUCEED in booting this “jerk” OUT OF OFFICE!

  3. I admire Trump! He was a mgnificent preesident. I supported him and voted for him. His sex life and morality are horrible! His son Jr. apparently has the same problems. They both need to keep horrible Kimberly out of their campaigning, political plans,etc. She could be nothing but a liability. Jr. does not need to flaunt his problems. He should keep his divorce and infidelity private.Conservtives would like to forget about the sexual immorality, divorces ,etc. and just concentrate on promoting Trump, De Santis, and others who support our wonderful constitution.Things look very hopeless with sick puppet biden and evil marxists ruling the oval office.We need the very best working to save our once wonderful country. We do not need Kimberly!

    1. You speak with a forked tongue. A mish mash of lies and deception. The socialist liberal party has enough lies, corruption, infidelity, immorality, perversion, and total depravity to go around the world many times.

  4. Kimberly will do a great job. She works hard to bring out the truth, and the rest of us do too, we are sick of the lying left who are a disgrace to this nation and around the world.


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