‘Talk is Cheap’ Cruz Attacks Biden DOJ Pick for Liking Tweet Slamming Republican After Pledging to be Nonpartisan

Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Ted Cruz blasted President Biden’s pick to be associate attorney general before the Senate votes on Vanita Gupta’s confirmation. Throughout her confirmation hearings, multiple Republican lawmaker’s voiced concern over Gupta’s past tweets about GOP lawmakers saying her rhetoric shows she is not the right person to hold the DOJ position. Gupta apologized for the comments and vowed to be ‘strictly nonpartisan’ & said she wouldn’t engage in this rhetoric going forward.” Turns to it was all just talk as Gupta just liked a tweet comparing Nikki Haley to a snake, which caused Cruz to call out the behavior.

Fox News reports:

“During her hearing, Vanita Gupta said she regretted her ‘harsh rhetoric,’ pledged to be ‘strictly nonpartisan’ & said she wouldn’t engage in this rhetoric going forward,” the Texas Republican wrote on Twitter. She’s since liked a tweet calling @NikkiHaley a snake. Gupta’s talk is cheap. She is a partisan ideologue.”

He coupled the tweet with a screenshot showing Gupta favorited a tweet that said, “I can’t see Nikki Haley’s forked tongue in this shot.”

Republicans had raised numerous complaints over her past remarks. “I regret the harsh rhetoric that I have used at times in the last several years. Perhaps, I think, the rhetoric has gotten quite harsh over the last several years and I have fallen prey to it and I wish I could take it back,” Gupta said when asked to explain her comments.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, also raised concerns. “Her Twitter feed has painted Republicans with a broad brush, describing our national convention last year as three nights of quote-unquote ‘racism, xenophobia, and outrageous lies,'” Grassley said. “How many of our colleagues in this room were there? Of course Ms. Gupta has in fact launched Twitter attacks on some of them directly. Will that kind of partisan political advocacy affect her legal advocacy in her role where she represents all Americans?”

Gupta’s nomination advanced out of committee on a tie vote, soon the full Senate will vote on her confirmation.

    1. Well, now you sound just like Pelosi, Waters, Gupta,Biden,Harris,and all the other two faces treasonous liars destroying America and our freedoms. You call Ted a liar but so far the only liars have been on the left.

    2. realitybasedboob is at it again. He is a clown and no one pays any attention to his ridiculous posts. He adds nothing to any conversation.

  1. Isn’t it wonderful that a Democrat can display their bias with false inflammatory rhetoric against Republicans, then ‘apologize’ and claim they won’t allow that attitude to affect their use of their position and it’s all OK while anything similar by a Republican is used to condemn them for eternity, apology not accepted.

  2. My question is why are any Republicans voting for ANY of dementia joe’s picks for any position??? How many KKKRAKAS voted for President Trump’s nominees???? If I remember correctly, they even stalled them from coming to testify.

  3. Gupta announces “I regret the harsh rhetoric that I have used at times in the last several years.” Then Gupta immediately tweets Nikki Haley is fork tongued. Not in reality based boob cannot see Gupta is the liar like most Demonrats not in reality.

  4. Republicans are held to higher standards according to the Dems.. Bret Kavanaugh was held accountable for things that he supposedly did when he was 17! Biden is not held accountable for anything that he’s done for the past 40 yrs.! Every “whacko,” in the Dem party is being nominated for posts that they have NO competency in.have no experience in AND have no education in! “They” can say “whatever” “they” want to but it still doesn’t cut the mustard. They are all INCOMPETENT and have zero “clue” what it “IS” that “they” are supposedly doing. In short, it’s political payback for a bunch of morons who have no idea what they are doing.


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