These Companies Support the Republican Party

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Over the past few months, America has seen major corporations become increasingly political. Many of the corporations have come out supporting “woke” policies and narratives being pushed by Democrats in an effort to avoid being “canceled” a popular intimidation technique used by the left which basically says someone is either with them or against them. After Jan. 6th, many corporations pulled their money from Republican campaigns or politics altogether but there are still many companies proudly supporting the Republican Party.

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    1. Sorry, but I don’t see a true “list” of Conservative/Republican friendly companies who support our country and practice our Conservative ways of life. Being a Conservative worker I can’t click through all of these emails to compile a simple list of businesses. If there is one, perhaps post it here or email it to the group. Thanks, Ben Bryant


  1. Hoe Exxonmobil supports Republicans when Warren Buffett owns millions of stock and he is a big leftist.

      1. They are supporting their bank accounts, not their country or the future of their families or generations to come.

    1. It is hard to know who all the companies who are right or left like the vp Harris bailing out criminals..doesn’t she make her money from us taxs payers?? check out the photo

  2. I worked for Lockheed Martin, then ULA’s launch vehicle program for over 40 yrs. Defense companies generally support conservative defense programs and investment in
    space exploration, way before SpaceX was around. Loved working for these companies!

  3. I take precautions when I make a purchase trying my best to buy only American made products, and especially making sure the American made products are ACTUALLY made in the U.S.A.
    I don’t affiliate with anything related to the Democratic Party, and I do not support, or listen to any argument that they have about anything.

  4. Let me tell you that I will support these people! I will not buy Coke, & I’m still finding out what else is there in the supermarket dept.that I will not buy.

    1. We should all drink rc cola and insist stores start carrying that add an option to fully boycott coke

  5. The republicans better wake up and stick together and get to the bottom of the 2020 election, THE PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW!!!!!
    Or else they will never win again!!!

    1. Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin(?) are having audits AND PA Dominion voting machine kept spitting out Democrat voting sheets when the voter voted Republican BUT Dominion said it was some kind of printing problem. In Arizona the DEMs are using everything they can get to stop the audit including the DOJ 90 (yes NINETY) lawyers involved, etc. I mean over the top so one has to wonder what they know they don’t want the rest of America to know?

  6. Trump is the President of choice but, I have my doubts that with all of the hate in the black community and Hispanic community that he can win the election against the Democrats. They don’t seem to understand what a good President Trump is or has been. Pence is a fine and intelligent person but, Trump should have picked Ben Carson for his running mate and that would have made the difference in the election. Now we cannot lose the next election, so I think that perhaps different persons should be considered for the Presidency. DeSantis would be a good pick for the Spanish people and Clarice Owens would be excellent for the Vise Presidency. She would appeal to the black women and men, DeSantis would appeal to the Mexican persons. It is Communism for America if the Democrats win again, and we must keep that from happening. All of our freedoms would be trashed and the image to the beast power in Revelation would be made by making the Sunday Blue Laws mandatory and the mark of the beast would be established. Otherwise the GOP must investigate the Jan. 6th incident and find the head of the riot that got the $500,000.00 from the Englishman who paid it to the head of the riot group and when he saw the results he committed suicide. That caused the riot not President Trump. Then the vote counts need to be redone if Arizona proves that the vote were stolen. With that the whole group of States that were suspect need to be redone and if Trump wins he should straighten out all of the direction that the Democrats are attempting to drive us into..

  7. I read Chik-Fil-A and I will never boycott them!! They are av GOOD Co. I did not, will not ever go to the next pages. PUT THEM ALL ON ONE PAGE

  8. Well, we are proud to shop at the Hobby Lobby and at Home Depot. We have always been treated right there.


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