Ron DeSantis Tells Carlson His Top Agenda Items If He Were President

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While speaking on “Tucker Carlson Today,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis listed off his top agenda items if he were president. Unlike President Biden, if DeSantis were president he would prioritize securing the border. The Florida Republican noted Trump’s much-needed improvements at the border during his term but said if he were commander-in-chief he would take it a step further.

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According to Townhall:

“I would secure the border, first of all,” he replied. “This is created because of what Biden did.”

“We banned sanctuary cities in Florida when I became governor, we did E-Verify for the first time ever, fought the business lobby to do that,” the governor told Carlson. “I would fight for those policies on the federal level as well, because we’ve got to get this immigration situation under control.”

He also pointed to the problems of bureaucracy, which he said “we’ve allowed to fester for years and years.”

“I think it’s at the point now where even if a Republican wins the election the other party still maintains control of the apparatus of the executive branch and that can’t be the way this goes—you go in, you have the ability to implement the agenda.”

DeSantis is seen as a top presidential contender, especially if Trump decides not to run for president in 2024. The Florida governor also noted that he views the controversial Democrat-led push to make D.C. the 51st state as unconstitutional.

        1. there is some more there in Tallahassee that needs to be standing right beside him in front of one I am speaking as somebody that lives in Florida and watches the local news out of there

    1. Ya can’t have him he is our Florida Governor LOL I feel your pain if you live in a black & blue state ( referring to being beaten up by the Democrats). I do hope he runs for President, but I want a guarantee that an equally good Conservative Governor will take his place in Florida. We don’t take crap from the Socialist left, especially in North Florida in the Panhandle. If you are moving to Florida from a blue state leave your failed liberal commie politics or you won’t like it here.

      1. Yup,… DON’T NEW YORK MY FLORIDA! Dem policy doesn’t work in your state! Don’t move here and bring it with you!

  1. Trump & DeSantis in 2024 would be a fantastic line up. That would set up DeSantis for a Presidential run in 2028. DeSantis is the proven heir of President Trump for Republicans.

  2. He’s my guy if President Trump doesn’t run again.
    I actually think he has a better chance. The distractions for President Trump will be many.

  3. Common sense, honest, balanced leadership is what most people are looking for and desire, they saw it in Trump’s policies and also in DeSantis’ policies. We know that those that govern by corruption and greed in Washington and elsewhere aren’t worth a hill of beans, some people aren’t even interested in watching the MSM propaganda and coverage of insane plots, assault on police, on freedom, security, and on anyone who doesn’t agree with a socialist agenda, they know they are being lied to and strung along by rinos as well.

  4. Florida is SO lucky to have a clear-thinking, independent operator in charge of things. He is beating the Dr. Falsie and the COVID scam to lock us down irreversibly into socialism. He also sees the dangers of multiculturalism: I’ll bet he is aware how (1) Miami has become little Cuba and (2) Florida has become a mecca for blue-voting retirees from liberal loony-land.

  5. Securing our borders should be a top priority, we are not sovereign anymore, and our people will pay a very dear price for what the globalists have done to America in crime, drugs, human trafficking, jobs, and security.

  6. I would hate to see Ron DeSantis leave here in Florida but if he runs for Prez. he will have my vote just hope we can get somebody like him back here as Gov.


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