Sen. Murkowski Just Torpedoed Her Chances for Re-election With This Vote

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s chances for re-election might be dead in the water after her latest vote to confirm President Biden’s choice for associate attorney general Vanita Gupta. Sen. Murkowski was the lone Republican to vote to confirm the controversial Justice Department pick.

Gupta raised eyebrows throughout her confirmation process from Republicans over past incendiary comments targeting GOP lawmakers. The DOJ nominee claimed to be remorseful for the past comments even pledging to conduct herself in a strictly nonpartisan manner going forward even if she wasn’t confirmed, yet days later was caught liking a tweet calling former UN ambassador Nikki Haley a snake.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz called out Gupta’s flip-flopping before her nomination was sent to the Senate for a vote. “Gupta’s talk is cheap. She is a partisan ideologue.”

Senator Chuck Grassley also noted Gupta’s startling rhetoric towards Republican lawmakers, some of which were in the same room during her confirmation process.

“Her Twitter feed has painted Republicans with a broad brush, describing our national convention last year as three nights of quote-unquote ‘racism, xenophobia, and outrageous lies,'” Grassley said. “How many of our colleagues in this room were there? Of course, Ms. Gupta has in fact launched Twitter attacks on some of them directly. Will that kind of partisan political advocacy affect her legal advocacy in her role where she represents all Americans?”

However, it seems the dangerous rhetoric towards her Republican colleagues wasn’t enough to convince Sen Lisa Murkowski to vote alongside every other member of her party as Gupta was confirmed Wednesday afternoon along party lines.

Murkowski has repeatedly sided with Democrats on controversial nominations and policies in the past, even voting to convict former President Trump during his second impeachment trial earlier in the year. However, this vote might be the final straw to turn the rest of the party against her for good.

The Alaskan senator’s impeachment vote earned ire from Trump who has stepped into a sort of “kingmaker” role within the party. Trump vowed to support Republicans seeking to challenge and unseat the Republican lawmakers who voted in favor of his impeachment, specifically naming Murkowski as one Republican he wants to go. So far, the candidates Trump has issued endorsements for are polling higher than other contenders.

Bad news for Murkowski but good news for the Republican Party.

    1. She knows that her time is short. She is angling for some other position after being given the boot by Alaskan voters…………………..probably Pelosis’ rear end wiper.

    1. May everyone remember when Palin was running on the ticket with John McCain against obama for the presidency. She wanted to go after obama with no holds barred but she was reigned in by McCain. She could have won that fixed election for the GOP. Unlike McCain I believe she is a true patriot —- the real deal.

      1. I agree about Palin! She did a great job as Governor of Alaska. She is what she is, is not a social climber, is a blue collar working gal and not ashamed of it. The D.C. Dem elites tried to make the world believe she was a dumb broad but, Palin probably has more brains in her pinkie finger than all the D.C. Dems have combined in their marxist heads! AND like DJT, she couldn’t care less what they think about her….she KNOWS who she is!

      2. Yes, and four years later Mitt Romney used the same “play nice” book. The result: eight years of enormous damage to this country.

  1. Not likely this broad will be re-elected. I’m hearing Sarah Palin is thinking of running against her. If Sarah runs, Lisa is toast, for sure.

  2. Well just thank the Republicans for doing what they do best , that’s why I’m done with them , they are spineless and weak F U Republicans you are the reason we are in this situation

    1. I am sick to death of what I have seen happening to our country. I don’t trust the GOP establishment as they have not done anything to oppose some of the most blatant evils in our country —– the selection of obama, Obamacare, a fake 2020 election, rampant sexual perversion, the murder of over a million defenseless babies/year, etc. I see only two choices to save our country —– revolution or the peaceful path of voting out these evil politicians and doing our best to make better choices in the future, although I have serious doubts that the latter will ever come to pass. Outside of this I believe our great country is toast and doomed to fall to eventual marxism/communism. But if that be the case I pray the Lord Jesus returns and removes His Church.

      1. There is no shortage of RINOs who are keeping Republicans from protecting the Country from the devastation the Democrats keep trying to impose on us. Patriots will pay attention and identify these RINOs who must be removed.

      2. We need term limits and remove all lobbyists and their payoff/kickbacks to politicians for supporting their causes!

      3. Guess you aren’t paying attention. Online: Newsweek forced to admit President Trumps Title X rule saved 180K babies. That from Pro-Life. Of course they did everything they could to belittle it …. as usual.

    2. Awww! Come on….Bill!
      The RINO and bad Republicans will one day be gone and I will still be here fighting for our conservative values….against marxist Democrats!
      Bill, if you are against Republicans, you are defacto FOR the Democrats! Exactly like if you stay home and don’t vote, you have given a vote to the Democrats!
      Please reconsider your position!

      1. She has an opponent the doesn’t intend to lose. Kelly Tshibaka “…. for the Alaskans who believe government is of the people, by the people and for the people. The D.C. insiders need to be held accountable to us.”

  3. Murkowski has been a sorry excuse for a RINO since the beginning. The sorry broad should be placed in the Alaska wilderness, and force isolated until she dies.

    1. She identifies herself as a Republican only for political advantage. She obviously isn’t one.

  4. Somebody should check her finances (including Swiss accounts), because someone is SURELY paying the ugly broad for her votes. George Soros comes to mind.

  5. This woman is totally crazy and shouldn’t be in the Republican party, period!
    Alaska, please drop her and elect the person running against her. You couldn’t do any worse.
    I’m sick and tired of her behavior. Obvious she wants to make waves.

    1. In her write-in campaign, she probably was elected essentially by Democrats and left-leaning independents. Republicans had already rejected her in the primary.

  6. She’s as good as gone, totally worthless,incompetent, senator to boot, her and collins always voted with dumbocraps, because their rhinos of the worst kind, and don’t know what party they belong to.pathetic

  7. Lisa Murkowski is a terrible Senator. She is worse than a RINO. The good people of Alaska need to voter her out in the primary.

    1. They already did in the last primary, but they didn’t come out sufficiently strong for her Republican opponent in the general election.

  8. Merkowski and Susan Collins have never been true conservatives in the sense of conservatism! But with the extremism of the left Mercowski should have followed the majority rather then bucking them for a person that isn’t truly fit for the position making it easier to push their radical agenda. I wouldn’t vote to reelect her either!

  9. Did the people of Alaska vote her “in” so that she would vote this way in the Senate? If that’s the case then maybe Alaskans should vote for a Dem.? They sure didn’t get a Republican when thy voted for her!

  10. Murkowski=a masochist committed to political suicide…….
    ●What an idiot or maybe with her state’s GOP committee announcing they will do everything legal to assure she is not reelected, she sees the handwriting on the wall and is going to spend the rest of her term being a angry petty old hag just like Pelosi!

  11. FkingRhino – she voted against almost all Republican nominees and says nothing specifically at all as to why she voted for this pcofshit.

  12. There are so many more qualified candidates than Murkowski. How Alaska can stand this RINO is beyond words. She has no redeeming qualities what so ever. More Murkowski, less economic windfall.

  13. Hey, Mitch McConnell, are you listening? Keep your monies out of this race to support the traitor, Lisa Murkowski. She is not for her constituency, let alone, the American electorate who is conservative and moderate. She’s has picked her side and the Alaskan voter will pick theirs and it won’t be her, so just keep your mouth closed and watch her go down in flames unless she switches sides before hand. And then we’ll know the rest of the story.

  14. I think there’s real danger Lisa Murkowski would switch to Democrat party affiliation after she gets re-elected.

  15. She already was out when she voted to impeach Trump. She will be primaried out by whoever Trump endorses against her. She is not a Republican anyway.


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