Trump Urges Americans to Get Covid Vaccine After Biden Causes Confidence to Sink

Gage Skidmore Flickr

Former President Trump is attempting to restore American’s faith in receiving the Covid-19 vaccination after Biden caused vaccination confidence to plummet with Johnson & Johnson pause. Speaking with New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin, Trump promoted the vaccine saying he received his first dose in the White House and the second in Florida after leaving office. The former president promoted the vaccine saying any American that wants it should definitely get the “lifesaving” shots.

The New York Post reports:

“I’m all in favor of the vaccine,” Trump said Thursday. “It’s one of the great achievements, a true miracle, and not only for the United States. We’re saving tens of millions of lives throughout the world. We’re saving entire countries.”

Trump remains understandably proud of Operation Warp Speed, the program he commanded that dramatically reduced the time for vaccine research, development and human trials. No previous vaccine had come to market in fewer than five years, while this one went from start to finish in about nine months. The first doses were shipped to the states in the middle of December.

“If we didn’t have a vaccine, it would have been just like the 1918 Spanish flu,” Trump said of the pandemic that took as many 100 million lives around the world.

“The vaccine is a great thing and people should take advantage of it” Trump said, before quickly adding that “nobody should be forced, we have our freedoms. But I strongly recommend it because it’s a real lifesaver.”

The J&J vaccination was recently paused over possible links to bloodclots.


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