WaPo Publishes a racist Hit Piece on Sen. Tim Scott

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

The Washington Post’s fact-checker Glenn Kessler dug into Tim Scott’s family history to refute the Republican senator’s statements that his grandfather was an elementary school dropout cotton picker, and ended up proving that he was telling the truth.

Scott is set to deliver the Republican Party’s rebuttal after President Biden’s first speech to Congress on April 28th, and the liberal media is so desperate to discredit him, they published what would have been decried as a racist attack if Scott was on the other side of the aisle.

“Senator Tim Scott is not just one of the strongest leaders in our Senate Republican Conference. He is one of the most inspiring and unifying leaders in our nation,” commented Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY. “Nobody is better at communicating why far-left policies fail working Americans.”

In what is so clearly a hit piece, that commenters labeled the writer Glenn KKKessler, he attempted to disprove Scott’s assertions that his “family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime,” and his grandfather, “dropped out of elementary school to work in the fields and pick cotton.” 

Kessler dug into the annals of history in an attempt to close the “gap in Scott’s narrative,” and here’s what he found:

Scott’s great-great-grandfather, Lawrence Ware, purchased 170 acres of farmland prior to 1918, like “some enterprising Black people” did “during the era of racial segregation to escape the perilous uncertainty of sharecropping.” 

Scott’s great grandfather, Willie Ware, rented land most of his early life, presumably from his father. By the 1940 census, he owned a house and a farm during a time when “many Black farmers lost their land to foreclosure,” in the wake of The Great Depression. Kessler frames the family’s land ownership during the Jim Crow era as an indicator of immense generational wealth.  

But records show Scott’s grandfather Artis was an unpaid worker on his father’s farm, who put in 55 hours a week after dropping out of elementary school by the fourth grade. At 21, Artis worked in a Navy shipyard at the Port of Charleston, “where job discrimination would have limited him to positions that likely led to poverty.”

While championing an “heir’s property” amendment in 2019, Scott commented that mother only retained five acres from Lawrence’s once sprawling farm.   

Kessler concludes his findings with “The Pinocchio Test,” forgoing rating Scott’s statements about his family, presumably to save face, because the “fact check” expose proved them to be true. 

Kessler’s past however is on he wouldn’t like discussed for purposes of this hit piece:

    1. If Senator Tim Scott was a Democrat, his “cotton to congress” story would be a Washington Post, above the fold, front page, joyful, tear-streaked, seven part hagiography.

      1. As it is, Kessler’s article could be boiled down to:
        Tim Scott told the absolute truth about his grandfather, but I’m calling him out for not balancing that out with facts about relatives who didn’t have it so hard. And I’m going on and on about some cherry-picked relatives of his to prove my point.

  1. Face the facts. Kessler is a part of the WApo army of never-trumpers.. Rather difficult to buy any of their garbage.

  2. Biden is a swamp creature. 47 years as a Washington Swamp Rat on the gravy train with little to show for it. Fact-check THAT!!

    1. Biden and the Biden Crime Family are a blot on our system of justice. Joe should have been censored and banished years ago. A perfect example of crime pays if you are a Democrat. Now the Democrats have gone beyond the pale and must be stopped at all costs. The prize being our democracy and the Democrats must never again control liberty.

  3. The Washington Post doesn’t deserve to have the name “Washington” in it.!!! It’s quite a dirtrag.

  4. This is nothing but s “hit piece” on a black American who stands for Trunp!I Cculd care “less” if you’re Indian. Puerto Rican, “Mixed race”or half -white” OR ANYTHNG! “WE” are A LL AMERICANS Period! !The Dems “divide & conquer”! ALL of “us” ARE AMERICANS! Maybe Washington, D.C. , “should” “figure this out”?

  5. Every problem large and small is a result of democrats,,pure and simple,,,any dems want to come back at me,,I’m ready are you???

  6. I can’t take much more of this racism against black republicans—imagine if he were
    DEMOCRAT>>>?? THE WORD Racist means nothing anymore since highways became
    racist oh and milk—it’s all a big joke–no one cares–it’s like Russia Russia Russia
    now that’s over its racists, racists, racists—–these moron democrats are going to
    regret all of this when WE come for them!!!

  7. WaPo is aptly named the WA Composte (by Mark Levin)!! Pure propaganda & garbage!! But I know quite a few libtard Yidiots who read it like some folks read the Bible!!

  8. Gee, Glenn Kessler, you tried so hard to dig up dirt on Tim Scott. Lo and behold, our beloved Tim Scott is an honorable, truthful man and you are left red-faced! Shame on you. I hope you and WaPo sink where you belong, in the cesspool.

  9. The liberals are always liars and pretend to be the champion of the blacks and other minorities. But in reality, they see them as weak, ignorant and stupid. I guess when you lie for a living, you expect everyone else is a liar too. And, yes this “writer” is a racist in my opinion as are most lying liberals are. Don’t forget these WAPOs imbecile think Biden is competent and knows what he’s doing and that the Deep State doesn’t exist… need I say more?


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