Iran’s Foreign Minister says John Kerry Informed Him of Covert Israeli Operations

U.S. Department of State from United States / Public domain

As the United States discusses returning to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal leaked audio has emerged that reveals then-Secretary of State John Kerry told Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif of more than 200 covert Israeli operations in Syria. The leaked audio was shared with The New York Times and also confirmed was had been long suspected, that the decisions of the Islamic Republic are primarily left to the supreme leader or, more frequently, the Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Zarif has already faced criticism for the leaked audio from the foreign ministry, specifically for speaking against General Quassem Suleimani. Suleimani was killed in 2020 by United States troops during the Trump administration.

The New York Times reports:

In the portions that were leaked, Mr. Zarif does praise the general and says they worked productively together in the prelude to the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. He also says that by assassinating him in Iraq, the United States delivered a major blow to Iran, more damaging than if it had wiped out an entire city in an attack.

But he said some of Mr. Suleimani’s actions also damaged the country, citing, as one example, his moves against the nuclear deal Iran reached in 2015 with Western nations, the United States among them (the Trump administration later renounced it).

On the night that Iran decided to retaliate against the United States for the killing of General Suleimani, two Quds Force commanders went to see the Iraqi prime minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, to inform him that in about 45 minutes Iran would be firing missiles at a military base where U.S. troops were stationed, Mr. Zarif said. The Americans knew about the strike before he did.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry informed him that Israel had attacked Iranian interests in Syria at least 200 times, to his astonishment, Mr. Zarif said.

John Kerry now serves the Biden administration and has a seat on the National Security Council as the special presidential envoy for the climate. Kerry has previously been accused of colluding with Iranian leaders to undermine the Trump administration. (per Fox News)

Zarif’s comments could also affect current talks in Vienna aiming to find a way for Tehran and the U.S. to rejoin Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.

  1. Kerry needs to be removed from any position that involves sensitive or higher information and barred from ever holding those positions or ones like them ever again.

      1. Kerry was the cause of Viet Nam Vets getting slammed by left wing idiots. A book, Disinformation, written by the highest ranking KGB officer to ever defect to the West, told on Kerry’s lies to the U.S. Congress about American troops. Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacpea said Kerry’s report was almost word for word the KGB was spreading throughout American and European leftist movements during the 1960 – 70s. “Disinformation” is a KGB tactic in which you take one kernel of truth and wrap it in lies. That is why Kerry lost the election when he ran for President.

  2. I understand that Kerry’s daughter is married to an Iranian! That should be enough to keep this traitor OUT of government.

  3. couldn’t agree more with the above… history has shown what happens to traitors like Kerry, but in America today, the country is run by those who hate it… WTF

  4. This piece of scum showed his true colors in Viet Nam on a gunboat. He was a rat then. & a traitor now. He should be brought up on charges of treason.I hope Israel has the tapes & gives them to One America News or Project Veritas .Thats the .ONLY way we will hear it with our own ears what a vile serpent that John Kerry truly is.

  5. This no good fkg traitor needs to be arrested. He was also a traitor in the Vietnam War, this pos is a disgrace to our country,and traitor, and he’s in charge of climate change,get serious, he got rich by selling us out,did u get that. Arrest him.

  6. John Kerry is the ultimate PHONY! You have got to be really stupid to trust this guy.

    The only person I know who likes Kerry is Kerry. He is in love with himself. And this makes this delusional nut think everyone else is enamored with him. HE IS A JERK.

  7. John Kerry has always been a low-life and he should face the death penalty for what he did to Israel. Where is Mossad when you need them? Just like when Kerry bought his million dollar yacht he moored it in Delaware, or he said he did so he would not have to pay the sales tax in his home state of Massachusetts, where he was a friggin’ senator, for gosh sake. When he got back from Viet Nam he turned against our country and even threw his unearned medals in a fire at a anti-war rally. He started a Viet Nam Veterans group which I did not join because it was anti-war and anti-AMERICAN.

  8. John Kerry has been a traitor to our country his entire public life. Yeah, now he’s preaching to people he holds in contempt on how to live their lives when he has a carbon footprint of an average small town in flyover country.


  10. And as always, he will not receive any punishment. He is a traitor to this country, and he should receive the punishment for TREASON!!!

  11. The GOP sat around for 4 years knowing damn well what was going on including the plot to steal the election. THEY are worthless, spineless and don’t give a crap about us, the people who pay them.

  12. We all know he is a traitor. We also know the worthless fbi will protect him like all the other traitors.

  13. Photographs of Kerry leaving a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Zariff in France, an Iranian Foreign Ministry official confirmed those meetings-IN May 2018, but that was A OK with Democrats, not a violation of the Logan Act. Now Iran’s Foreign Minister releases the fact that Kerry informed him of 200 operations by Israel-OUR ALLY!!
    Is Kerry punished for his anti-U.S. actions–NO! Instead he is rewarded by his Democrat cohorts with the position of Presidential climate envoy, a position I could not find the salary rate for and a position that he can use to further capitalize his climate disaster movies. While earning millions claiming the rise of the oceans will destroy us, he and his wife bought a home in Martha’s Vineyard on the water.

    1. Climate change is mostly BS. Some time back there was an article in Parade. It stated that 30,000 years ago the ocean was as high as it is now. 15,000 years ago it had dropped 500 feet. It then started rising again. This was written by person with one of the highest IQs ever.

  14. Kerry has been a Communist since Vietnam. Charge him with Treason.
    How come nobody in Government NEVER gets Charged and tried?

  15. I wonder how many Mosad agents had family and friends killed during these “treasonous exposures”. Wouldn’t be surprised if he had a bad accident if that was the case.

  16. John “swift boat” Kerry was a POS durning (his) time in the NAVY. Was a Showboat coward, Traitor and Anti American at the Paris peace talks! Called EVERY PERSON THAT SERVED A MURDEREST POS MUCH LIKE G. KAUN. HAS SERVED NO ONE BUT HIMSELF! Ever!

  17. John Kerry has been a traitor all his life. Remember him in the Vietnam War. His daughter is married to an Iranian doctor who happens to be the son of the Iranian minister Kerry was negotiating with during the nuclear agreement. His cozy. 

  18. It’s really to bad that when John Kerry was hit with that hockey puck, it didn’t do him in.
    But, instead he’s back terrorizing the USA.

  19. Just goes to show you what a POS John Kerry really is when the Iranians who gained most from the information have no respect for him. The dimocrats keep recycling this fool, and he just doesn’t get that he’s one of the most hated men in the country. Who know maybe there’s an Israeli team on its way to do the job we don’t have the balls to do ourselves. We can only hope.

  20. It’s a shame that we don’t even enforce treason laws.What a disgrace Kerry is. No wonder Biden chose him to push climate lies and hysteria.

  21. The Senate Intelligence Committee needs to acquire a copy of the recorded conversation between the Iranian official and Kerry If classified material was passed on to the Iranians, Kerry should be indicted and he should resign. If he lies before the Committee as to what was said to the Iranian official, he also should be prosecuted for lying before a congressional committee. I’m of the opinion he should resign anyway since it is clear he does not represent American interests or values.

  22. Kerry is a traitor. This makes twice he has committed crimes against Vietnam and now Iran. The SOB is a criminal.

  23. Isn’t this classified information? Isn’t this treason? Trump was impeached because of a harmless phone call…at the very least…Kerry should be fired immediately and charged with treason. He has ALWAYS been a traitor. Remember Viet Nam?

  24. Scum of the earth. Once a traitor and always a traitor. Kerry deserves a firing squad and if I were him I would watch my back anywhere in the middle east. And this is who represents the USA today per the dim wit party. That says it all about the party of the DNC everyone. A traitor for decades is still a traitor today!!! Biden is just as bad as those he hirses!

  25. Believe it or not, Jewish people vote for these rats. The RINO rat pictured on the left is a prime example.

  26. This biatch needs to be hung for treason. You have to start somewhere because there is more to come. They also should meet the same demise. Billions of dollars sent to a country that burns our flag. They chant DEATH TO AMERICA. Not only that Obama gave them directions on how to build a nuclear bomb. What do you think they will do with that knowledge? Hillary Clinton giving Putin a reset button along with 22 % of our yellowcake uranium. They use this high-grade uranium to build nuclear bombs. What`s wrong with you people?


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