Biden Chose to Skip These 6 Major Issues

White House

Joe Biden chose to skip over 6 major issues during his address to Congress on Wednesday night.

It shows that he doesn’t think they are important enough to address but woke politics, identity politics, and massive government spending are.

The Daily Wire made a list of his 6 big misses.

Many of the issues Biden chose to ignore show just how weak he is going to be against America’s biggest enemies.

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  1. Biden hasn’t got a clue how to run this Country. He can3 discuss some he knows nothing about. He won’t talk about China everybody can he’s handing them AMERICA on a silver platter. Biden is the most Disgraceful President theres ever been .Most of them cared some about American Citizens he doesn’t at all.

    1. President Harris is still pulling the strings with Nancy’s help of course. There is no President name Biden. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

        1. My guess would be George Soros owning Obama running Biden for the Communist Chinese who own both.

  2. Joe skips anything that is relevant. His handlers know he’s not capable of dealing with reality. It was all there to see at election time. Nothing new there.

  3. Let’s get serious here, we’re talking about DICtator OL’, SLEEPY, CREEPY, THIEVIN’, CRYIN’, LYIN’, HIDIN’, Biden. There is no way he’s going to say that his buddies in Communist China are committing genocide on the Uyghur muslim in Northern China. # 2 Him hold China accountable for releasing the Wuhan Virus on the world!! That would be like expecting him to say his boss in the white house for 8 long and torturous years this country suffered under was a lousy president.# 3 he won’t stop CCP from attacking Taiwan. #4 The Border Crisis he created? No way is he going to mention that, if he did he would be admitting he created that mess after President Trump had all but stopped the illegal immigration at the southern border. Now we reach # 5 he missed his opportunity to keep the Russians in check. I’m quite sure little Hunter Biden will NOT be found guilty of any illegal activity whether it be taxes, sex with under age minors or drugs. Gee I wonder why? Oh that’s right DICtator OL’ SLEEPY, CREEPY, THIEVIN’, CRYIN’, LYIN’, HIDIN’ Biden is his daddy. # 6) DICtator OL’, SLEEPY, CREEPY, THIEVIN’, CRYIN’, LYIN’, HIDIN’, Biden isn’t going to give President Trump and his administration any credit for operation Warp Speed to develop a vaccine for the Wuhan Virus, since day one of his ILLEGITIMATE presidency #46 has been telling the same lies “When we came into office there was no vaccine.” Oh so magically in a matter of mere hours of you taking office a vaccine magically appeared for you to save the country. C’ Mon DICtator Joe, everyone knows when you came into office a vaccine had been already created thanks to President Donald Trump’s efforts on getting Warp Speed going. All YOUR doing is FINISHING what PRESIDENT TRUMP STARTED !!! Everyone including YOUR MOUTHPIECE for spreading your LIES mainstream media as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google know that the Trump administration developed the vaccine through Warp Speed. You are just a clean up boy.!!!

  4. Beijing Chao Biden: ‘Ni hao ma?’ One day selling your country out to the Red Chinese will reap consequences for you, either in this world or in the Hereafter, for declaring us a racist nation while your Pal the CCP is pursuing genocide on the Muslim Uighers; and especially since you yourself are turning a blind eye to deep-sixing all these American near-term babies with beating hearts in America via Roe vs, Wade.

  5. Biden & company figure if they ignore an issue it doesn’t exist. And if they don’t bring it to our attention the American public will not notice. They are big on distraction. So they keep our attention focused on their right hand while their left hand is hidden behind their back.


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