Fox Nation Running Ads for its Expose on Andrew Cuomo on Brother’s CNN Show

By Senator Chris Coons (DNC CNN Camerota & Cuomo) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Fox Nation, Fox News’ streaming app has found a creative way to advertise its expose on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Advertise for it on his brother Chris’s primetime CNN show “Cuomo Prime Time.”

According to The Hill:

Fox News Media’s streaming service, Fox Nation, is running ads for a special critical of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) on the CNN show of his brother Chris CuomoMediaite reported Monday.

The special called “The Collapse of Cuomo,” posts to Fox Nation Monday and reports on the several scandals the governor is facing.

A 30-second spot promoting the special is running in markets like New York City and Washington, D.C., and will air on “Cuomo Prime Time,” and also other CNN shows such as “New Day” and “The Situation Room,” according to Mediaite.

CNN and Chris Cuomo have faced criticism for their vacillating positions on how “Cuomo Prime Time” would cover the governor and his scandals and CNN has changed its mind at least three times on whether Cuomo could report on his brother.

The New York Times revealed that executives ordered Chris to not report on Andrew in 2013 but dropped that in 2020 during the pandmeic.

  1. Sadly, people don’t do their homework and listening to propagandists only confuses people. If people are having a problem with recognizing the truth, here is a failsafe way to know. Do pundits back up what they are saying with VERIFIABLE facts? If they act offended, then you KNOW they are lying because when speaking truth to power, the truth will stand because truth does not change. When you hear elites like faux pax Biden, “we don’t let facts interfere with the truth.” TRANSLATION: Our facts (lies) matter more than the truth.
    In other words, we elites will provide you the people with information lies a d we will keep repeating until you no longer question our facts a/k/a BRAINWASHING. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!

    1. Precisely – Look at how the Democrats in Arizona are protesting and suing to stop the audit. They know something stinks there and are deathly afraid. Just pray the auditors find massive fraud and in particular, “vote switching”. If that’s the case, then Michigan and Georgia are next and eventually we may have the presidency back – that is, if Biden doesn’t pack the Supreme court before any case reaches there!

  2. This criminal empire that has control of this country needs to be crushed!!! No more ignoring it we’ve been taken over by communist globalists and traitors from within

    1. AND, there should be no remaining questions that the Biden/Harris admin, Pelosi and 99.999% of the Democrat leadership are the marxists who have America and the American people by the throat in a death grip while they steal our way of life by ramming a socialist/communist government down our throats! The Dems look us in the eyes and deny, deny, deny but their actions tell us they lie, lie, lie!
      WAKE UP CITIZENS OF AMERICA! Why do you not believe we are running out of time to save our freedoms and rights in the Constitution plus our way of life is being stolen from us and our future generations? Tick, tick, tick…………

      1. Well put. Action matters, talk is cheap. Biden-Harris-Pelosi cartel are the new Tory-BananaRepublic-Mussilini ….. Remember America’s history, British, South Africa Apartheid and our beloved WWII Veterans of whom many are no longer with us, including my dad.

        1. I only mention South Africa because Mandella, like Martin Luther King, proved change can happen. Unfortunately America doesn’t have that kind of time. Our window of No return is shrinking .

  3. Fight fire with fire, expose the lies and omissions the Media purports to the eager liberals.
    They’re not used to the facts!

  4. It’s a good thing that not all the illegal weapons/technology the Deep State, including Biden & family, provided to China and others actually got in their hands, but were retained by Patriots who saw the coming of the Leftist attempt to take over America behind their puppet Joe!

  5. At least one conservative network is starting to do what the left-wing ones have been doing. For the last five years outlets have been advertising their left-wing ‘exposes’ during the conservative’s programs while the conservatives seemed to only advertise on stations that shared the same views. Conservative stations and political leaders need to use the opposition’s air time to advance the truth, viewers of outlets like CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS etc. etc. will NEVER hear it if they don’t.


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