Trump Judge Vacates CDC’s Eviction Moratorium

MattWade via Wikimedia Commons

United States District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich vacated a nationwide freeze on evictions implemented by federal health officials in response to the Covid-19 pandemic which left many citizens without the ability to pay their rent.

Days after President Biden’s inauguration, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention extended the revocation freeze until the end of June.

The Hill reports:

The ruling was a win for a coalition of property owners and realtors, who brought one of several challenges against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) eviction moratorium, which was put in place under former President Trump and later extended through June.

In a 20-page ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich, who was appointed by Trump, ruled that the agency exceeded its authority by putting in place the temporary eviction ban.

“The question for the Court is a narrow one: Does the Public Health Service Act grant the CDC the legal authority to impose a nationwide eviction moratorium? It does not,” wrote Friedrich, a Trump nominee.

This story is developing.

  1. While rental property owners are not getting paid the people living in those houses, or units shouldn’t expect the owners to do the repairs they want like the door that’s stopped closing properly or the cabinet drawers that won’t open and close smoothly.
    No new paint jobs or carpet. If you’ve got no money coming in from the property, you have no money to upgrade or repair. Some people depend on the little profit they make from that garage apartment to pay for their food or utilities.

  2. The CDC is a private organization, it is not affiliated with any govt. why would it have any say over anything to do with Americans ???????????????

    1. Because the government has given them that power, just like Bill Gates I never really understood the stop on evictions especially when people who were laid off received an extra 600.00 a week on top of their unemployment and because it was a mandated shut down, people who were laid of earned in unemployment what they earned if they had been working. Now we have created some some people who don’t want to go back to work and that was the plan all along. To get people so dependent on government.

      1. Can you say universal wages?
        Around my area, I see lots of for hire signs.
        Business owners are saying they have next to no applicants. Wonder why????

    2. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is a Federal public health agency, part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

      1. And what’s your point? Doug has it right. The cdc has no authority to mandate anything to Landlords!

    3. The CDC is a Federal Government agency.
      “The CDC foundation is a private Trust, like a charity. Only the CDC Foundation is never publicly audited and uses its money to corruptly influences the CDC. The Foundation is like a filter to hide kickbacks to the CDC.

    1. They’re up to something. Hold my comments all the time. I think Trump Train is deceitful.

  3. CDC is part of the master plan for socialism and this is an example. Overreaching? That would be understating. They cannot get a pandemic right let alone handle private real estate business.

  4. Has anyone with a brain the size of a very small pea thought about how the landlords are supposed to pay their mortgages???
    The CDC is/was acting without authority!
    But, we’re now living in a world of the woke who want everything for free. When is it my turn??? I’ll wait……

  5. End this STUPID FREEZE…. They don’t pay the rent…..but they get assistance fm the Govt. Pay out’s, to do so…….. WHAT A SCAM….

  6. I did support the ban on evictions at the beginning, but then when all the extra Covid “money” started coming out, for example the extra unemployment money. It has allowed many to make more than when they were working. In fact, many are making more than when they had a job. So I think what they should do is have something that, if you were employed in a position that for whatever reason you don’t get unemployment, and you lost your job, you can apply for help paying your rent. Because a freeze on evictions doesn’t really do anything except put off the inevitable. Because when the freeze is lifted, you still probably won’t have enough to pay all the back rent you would owe. And why should the owner of the property have to carry you? My landlord is not a corporation but a couple. And rent from rental property is how they pay for the building and also that is their income. So now, they will lose their property, because the bank certainly isn’t going to carry them especially for over a year! I know it’s hard but a lot of people have lost their homes due to this CCP and landlords could lose the buildings you want to live in! Just sayin…

  7. Good for the Court! As long as the Government has the citizens practicing Socialism, (In other words, stay home and we will pay your way) some lazy individuals will never opt to go back to work! Get a job and stop allowing the govt. to make you dependent on it!

  8. Must it not depend on the State? The rigid BLUE States such as that ruled by Gov. Whitmer (Heil Whitler!) have suffered abominably and needlessly due to a totalitarian wannabe. Other States like mine have have reasonable Republican governors who sought to open partially, fortunately recognizing that once the COVID bogeyman is history, if the economy is in shreds, there will be nothing left to return to.

  9. Demand one day elections counted on site by hand before 10 pm, absentee ballots counted on the same day as well ,voter ID required to cast a vote.

  10. This government has become weaponized against the people, freedoms, and liberty. Everything going on is tyrannical against your rights.

  11. Damn tooting they exceeded their authority. Since when did legislation originate in the CDC and not the Congress?

  12. Letting an unelected government body have the power to interfere with the economy and to do so without redress to the landlords is pure Communism.
    Now t will be interesting to see how lawsuits against the CDC play out

  13. Halting evictions and paying low life’s more in unemployment than they used to make working is just one more step in the commie dems master plan to create a permanent dependent class that will always reliably vote demonrat. Same thing goes for the illegal invaders.
    Must be nice; just sit on your ass with your hand out and wait criminal China Joe Biteme and his merry band to fill it up.


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