Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Challenges Liz Cheney to Debate on Election Integrity

Office of Congresswoman Liz Cheney / Public domain

Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis has challenged Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney to a debate on the topic of election integrity. Ellis was on Trump’s team of lawyers which filed multiple lawsuits across the country to battle the results of the 2020 presidential election.

According to David Harris Jr:

Liz Cheney loves to run her mouth. It is about to run her out of a leadership role and next year it will run her out of office. She will probably announce she is not running for reelection rather than take a humiliating defeat. But she has run her mouth once too often and Trump lawyer, Jenna Ellis has called her bluff. Cheney tweeted that the election was not stolen from President Trump. That was a mistake.

Now, Ellis has challenged Cheney to a debate on the election. She has made it clear that she will debate her anywhere and at any time. What are the odds that Cheney will take her up on it? Her crocodile mouth wrote a check her butterfly glutenous Maximus can’t cash. Cheney was one of ten members of the GOP contingent in the House to vote for Trump’s impeachment. She says she will campaign every day on her vote to impeach Trump.

I wish her good luck with that. She and Adam Kinzinger endorsed a NeverTrump candidate in the special Texas election. He finished ninth. hating Trump does not be a good position to stake out if you want to gain office. If you think President Trump looked good while he was in office it is nothing to compare to how good he looks while Biden is in office. Cheney has driven even her supporters away from herself and it is unlikely she will keep her leadership position through the end of May.

Ellis just launched the watchdog group Election Integrity Alliance.

  1. I pray each day and the same each night that the dems will be exposed for the world outright. I pray they stand before man then God to make sure they never get that power again. God stop them in Jesus’ name I pray.

    1. god is too busy blessing; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation

      1. and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep AND altar boy raping priests .

      2. you couldn’t be more wrong Vlad, God is ultimately in control but he does allow free will to humans and that means evil wins some battles but it will not win the war

    1. That leaves globalist puppet cheney only qualified to debate globalist puppet, chester the molester biden .

  2. What the DEMS do not realize is that those in the left are becoming afraid of them as well. Not even a staunch democrat that looks at what the democrat leaders are doing find any of it acceptable. They realize that they are NEXT.
    It will become IMPOSSIBLE to further infringe 2A and to gerrymander and to fake election results.
    The company who was in charge of Arizona elections is refusing to provide passwords and not even the supervisor of elections was given it. The people are not idiots.
    If and when the people arise it will be ALL of us against the democrat leaders. Good luck with that.

  3. Nobody likes Liz Chaney, she has betrayed the Republicans party! Shame on her, with a big mouth! All lies, too! It runs in the family!


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