DeSantis Signs New Florida Election Bill, Dems Immediately Claim it’s ‘Voter Suppression’

Gage Skidmore Flickr
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just signed a new election reform bill into law live on “Fox & Friends,” becoming the latest GOP-led state to enact new voting measures to ensure the integrity of elections. The new law tightens restrictions around absentee and mail-in voting and naturally, Democrats are up in arms over the law claiming its “voter suppression.”

Fox News reports:

“I have what we think is the strongest election integrity measures in the country,” DeSantis said. “We’re making sure we’re enforcing voter ID… We’re also banning ballot harvesting. We’re not gonna let political operatives go and get satchels of votes to dump them in some drop box.”

DeSantis added: “We’re also prohibiting mass mailing of balloting. We’ve had absentee voting in Florida for a long time. You request the ballot. You get it. And you mail it in. But to just indiscriminately send them out is not a recipe for success.”

Democrat lawyer Mark Elias immediately filed a lawsuit to combat the new law.

“SB 90 does not impede all of Florida’s voters equally,” the lawsuit alleges. “It is crafted to and will operate to make it more difficult for certain types of voters to participate in the state’s elections, including those voters who generally wish to vote with a voteby-mail ballot and voters who have historically had to overcome substantial hurdles to reach the ballot box, such as Florida’s senior voters, youngest voters, and minority voters.”

Also among its provisions is a “prohibition on the use of private funds for election-related expenses,” which is a response to the fact Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others provided funding to some states and cities last year to help run the election.

The bill also allows drop boxes but with some restrictions but they must be operated within regular voting hours and with supervision.