Pelosi Reportedly Feeding Opposition Research to Cheney, Kinzinger

AFGE / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly producing opposition research for Republican Reps Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger to use against GOP leader Kevin McCarthy. Pelosi is funneling the research to the two embattled Republicans in response to the House Republicans decision to vote on Rep. Cheney’s position as House Republican Conference Chair this week.

Axios first broke the news of Pelosi’s opposition emails:

The subject line from one such email, dated May 4, read: “From the GOP Leadership: Help Wanted  Non-Threatening Female.”

The next day her office sent another email, titled: “McCarthy’s Rules: Punishing Truth, Rewarding Lies, Embracing Extremism & Bigotry.”

Pelosi has even taken to praising Cheney — one of the most conservative members of Congress — in an effort to undercut Republican leadership.

“I do commend Liz Cheney for her courage, for her patriotism,” Pelosi said last week.

Upon hearing the news, Republicans were extremely frustrated with Pelosi as well as Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger for buying into the opposition emails.

The Daily Wire reports:

“It’s shameful that Pelosi has nothing better to do with her time than produce oppo for Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger,” a top source close to GOP leadership told The Daily Wire. “And it’s telling that Cheney and Kinzinger are stupid enough to let themselves be used like that. Goodbye and good riddance to both of them.”

The report said that the attacks would ramp up this week as Republicans are set to oust Cheney on Wednesday morning from her leadership position after she refused to quit attacking former President Donald Trump instead of focusing on galvanizing support to unite in opposition to Democrat President Joe Biden.

The report said that House Democrats “must react to Republican efforts to remove” Cheney and that, according to a Democrat House aide, Pelosi is directly responsible for 95% of the messaging.

On Monday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced that Republicans will hold a vote on Cheney’s leadership position on Wednesday. Cheney previously survived an attempt to oust her as GOP Conference Chair in February after voting to impeach former President Trump but it’s unclear if she will have enough support this time around.

  1. Send all of them down the road. These democrats in office now are shameful and power hungry, greedy and are not patriots of this country.

      1. Nor Father time!! That’s what happens when you think ugly, evil thoughts all of the time! It shows on the face.

  2. Hey RINO candidates……..allowing Dems and most especially “Puke” Pelosi help you is political suicide SO PLEASE, let her help……let them all help all of you! We need your chairs for the new conservatives we are going to elect!

  3. WTF is piglosi doing interfering in internal policy in the opposing party. Just affirms the the Repubs need to remove Lizard and pretty boy kinzinger ASAP

  4. Here we have crazy,piglosi rooting for the two rhinos who are about to get kicked to the curb, for being incompetent, like her. U can’t talk to stupid.

  5. This can be fixed very swiftly. When they’re both up for reelection, please vote them out.
    Problem solved! I saw Adam this last Sunday on some talk show trashing his party and it’s members. He’s creepy and Liz is both ugly on the outside and much more on the inside.
    Wyoming and Illinois, please head to the polls in droves come November 2022.

    1. Wyoming, vote to save your state from the globalists and job killers, constant wars, etc. Save your energy industry!!

  6. Democrats have now transformed their party into the new Marxist dictators like Castro, Putin, Mao, Stalin,Pol Pot, Chevez, and Kim. This is their vision for America and we are stupid for letting it happen to become enslaved by government Oligarchs.

  7. The old saying is correct: “When you lie down with dogs (Ms.P), you get up with fleas!”

  8. Send liz and nancy , the 2 seahags out to pasture , they both should just shrivel up and turn to dust ugh

  9. Chebey and Kinzinger might as well join the Democrats so they can lose in 2022 along with the Democrats! Rot a Ruck, Sucka!

  10. Liz and Adam are untruthful! Traitors! Two sick people working with sick Pelosi! She has plenty of money and won’t even help her people down the box from her house! Democrats are out for themselves! Thieves in Democrat party! God will one day get them all!

    1. If you read the Bible God might be closer than you think. Seven prophecies concerning the Israelis. Five have already happened, the last four in the last 100 years. The two coming up? 6. Nations will rise against Israel 2. God will destroy ALL nations rising against Israel.

  11. they dont belong in the conservative party, they need to get out with their whining selves

  12. democrats are ruining this country, Trump was doing so great, comes along Biden and down the tubes we are going

  13. Neither of them gets support from me especially since I don’t live and vote in their district. Wonder how much support they will receive when they run again?

  14. Nancy Pelosi has proved herself over many years to be anti American trash (like most of the Democrat Party) so any “help” from her should destroy the political careers of ANY Republican in Congress. I wonder? Just how long is it going to take for the Democrat Party to expel moral trash like Pelosi, et al, from their ranks? Is it even possible, or is the modern Democrat Party going the way of the modern Communist Party of The USA?

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    1. They are both ignorant, and how did they even get elected. People need to educate themselves, or why vote?
  16. LISTEN UP…NANCY PELOSI Needs to GO. SHE Makes AMERICA Look BAD. RINOS Need to GO. THEY are SINKING the REPUBLICAN SHIP. The BAD APPLES in the U.S. GOVT Need to Be TOSSED OUT..the SOONER…the BETTER. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  17. How absolutely shocking! Not. There’s Putz trying to jimmy the next round of confrontations by continuing her spread of lies and spite. Time to go you old bag. You’ve done absolutely nothing for the country or the people, short of being a bag woman for your marxist party.

  18. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are perfect examples of what is wrong with the Republican Political Party. These two are losers, liars and disloyal hacks that can not be trusted. Hopefully the people of Illinois 16th Congressional District and the people of Wyoming will vote these two “SELF-SERVING” hacks, out of office.


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