Trump Officially Endorses Virginia’s GOP Gubernatorial Challenger

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Former President Trump has officially endorsed Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia gubernatorial campaign. On Monday, Youngkin officially won the Republican nomination for governor.

Trump released a statement praising Youngkin’s “pro-America” campaign saying he has high hopes he will be able to defeat former President Clinton’s “longtime enabler” Terry McAuliffe.

“Congratulations to Glenn Youngkin for winning the Republican nomination for Governor of Virginia. Glenn is pro-Business, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Veterans, pro-America, he knows how to make Virginia’s economy rip-roaring, and he has my Complete and Total Endorsement! Glenn is running against Bill Clinton’s longtime enabler, Terry McAuliffe,” Trump wrote. “Terry McAuliffe was the Clintons’ bagman in more ways than one, from the cover-ups to the get-rich-quick schemes, and his deals with Communist China look suspicious. He was responsible for many of the problems Virginia currently has. Virginia doesn’t need the Clintons or the Communist Chinese running the state, so say no to Terry McAuliffe, and yes to Patriot Glenn Youngkin!”

Youngkin, a former CEO, won in a crowded field of Republican challengers. Pete Snyder offered his congratulations to Youngkin Monday night.

  1. Actually, it’s about time that Virginia returned to the fold of the pro American politicians. Clinton, the liar, was instrumental in the corruption of Virginia’s political system, and the infiltration of far-leftists from the DC area sealed the downfall. Virginia, it is time to regain your honor and return to Americanism.

  2. There’s a large military presence in Virginia, but they don’t necessarily claim Virginia as their home of record. When I was assigned there, I voted in Florida. They could probably get a lot more votes if the military voted in Virginia.

    1. I wouldn’t calim my home of record as Virginia either. Why would anyone want to associate themselves with this s@#t hole state?

  3. Thank you President Trump. I know you will only endorse true Americans who want to actually help the American people and not just enrich themselves.

  4. Has any one made a connection to the hacking of the oil pipeline and the Dominion on line computer system that calculated the 2020 election results … seems to me if someone can hack into the oil pipeline, they can do the other … what is next … the power grid??? The nuclear power generating units??? … our military ships at sea???

    1. I’ve been saying that since Friday. Criminal, demented China Joe Biteme’s friends and his bagman son Hunter’s business partners, the CCP are in this up to their necks along with Dominion. Need proof? Just watch the Mike Lindell documentary series that exposes their complicity in cyber stealing the last election. This “DarkSide” and Russia narrative that the MSM have been peddling is just cover for the Biden Organized Crime Family.

  5. Oh … Good going Youngkin … Virginia needs to be GOP … (lets hope the election calculation is not hacked like in the 2020 election)…

  6. Democrats are sneaky conniving, liars to take power! They aren’t for you but for themselves! Do you know how to spot a Democrat? When their lips are moving!

  7. It’s Virginia, so I won’t hold my breath.
    Aren’t these the same voters who didn’t get out and vote on a gun issue, then turned around and cried over spilled milk when it didn’t go their way? Always a good idea to get out and vote especially now more than ever.

  8. A big family until it gets to the DC suburbs then the DC bureaucrats, all afraid for their jobs, vote for crazicrats.

    1. Anytime you let the DC bureaucrats infiltrate your state, you end up with a catastrophe. It’s just like letting rats, cochroaches and termites invade your house.

      If the people of Virginia don’t get off their duffs and vote, they deserve what they get.

      At this point in time, I lump Virginians into the same bag as the morons from New York, California, Washington, Oregon, Illinois and several other states populated by liberals who continue vote for the people who control them.and tax them to death. Elections have consequences morons or haven’t you noticed?

      PS: Please don’t come to my state. We don’t want you.

  9. NEWS FLASH: The Secretary of Homeland Defense stated unequivically that our Southern border is CLOSED !!!!

    If you caught any of the FOX News coverage showing hundreds of illegals walking accross the Rio Grande without any problem at all, you will surely realize that this idiot is a patent liar. Just like the rest of the Biden regime.

    Or, how about the rancher who rescued 5 migrant children, ages 11 Months to 7 years, who had been abandoned on his property. They were thirsty, hungary and scared to death. The baby could not even walk.

    Ask Biden and his lying crew what they are going to do about this madness. I’m sure they will “circle back” to you with a new batch of lies.

    If you voted for Biden and the Democrats, you should be horse whipped and thrown out of America.


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