Joy Reid Says Sen. Cruz is Betraying His Own Race By Opposing Dems Partisan Election Bill

By Phil Roeder from Des Moines, IA, USA (Caucus Tourism: Joy Reid) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

MSNBC host Joy Reid is partially known for her unapologetically outlandish and racist attacks on Republican lawmakers and conservatives. In the past, Reid has called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “Uncle Clarence” then claimed Sen. Tim Scott was only at a GOP press conference to display a “patina of diversity.” However, now she’s claiming that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is betraying his own race by opposing Democrats partisan election reform bill S.R. 1, more popularly known as the “For the People Act.”

Reid was joined by California Sen. Alex Padilla and the NAACP’s Janai Nelson who each joined in attacking the Texas Senator.

Fox News reports:

“Ted Cruz says a lot of stupid things. He does a lot of stupid things. But I personally, as a person of color, as a Black person, am beyond offended that he would dare use the word ‘Jim Crow’ when his party is literally a ‘Jim Crow’ party at this point trying to suppress the votes of people, including in his home state,” Reid began, referring to Cruz calling the For the People Act as “Jim Crow 2.0.”

Padilla and Nelson agreed with Reid, who continued to rail against Cruz, claiming he “could give a damn about Jim Crow,” and that he’s “never raised once concern ever in his entire life … about Jim Crow or racism or discrimination.” Reid didn’t provide any evidence for her claim.

Reid later suggested if the bill didn’t pass, then people “may never get another free and fair election again,” and that because Republicans control a majority of state legislatures, Black, brown, young and working-class voters could be written “out of existence.”

Then Reid took things a step further and began referring to Sen. Cruz as the character Stephen from Quentin Tarrantino’s 2012 film “Django Unchained.” The character Stephen was a slave in pre-Civil War Mississippi who joined his master in terrorizing slaves.

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Senator Cruz fired back at Reid’s racist comments and simultaneously slammed MSNBC for allowing the far-left host to repeatedly make disparaging remarks about conservatives.

  1. Why can’t this RACIST big mouth be sued for libel & decimation of character?Cruz is also a lawyer, so why doesn’t he hire one & sue Reid & NBC.?

    1. She needs to join her friends in her Yubangi part of the world. Not a journalist. If she says that she is, it was affirmative action!

    2. The reason is that Congress made it VERY difficult for people in Congress, Presidents, and people in the limelight to sue. They must prove INTENTIONAL malice aforethought. Thus, mentally unbalanced propagandists like Reid can get away with so much libel and slander.

      By the way, Pres. Trump wanted Congress to fix that law. But again the socialist Democrats feared true justice and honesty.

  2. Hey Joy Reid, you’re the biggest and loudest racist there is in this world. So why don’t you just keep your mouth shut and quit making outrageous accusations against people you don’t even know let alone understand.

  3. Joy Reid and MSNBC were made for each other. Neither one of them have any integrity and rarely tell the truth about anything.

      1. ”fortunately not many gullible Americans watch msnbc”.

        An OXIMORON, if there ever was one. But regardless, hopefully that

        woman should be put in the same spot as the three Congress woman!

  4. I want her to undergo an I.Q. test.
    Put her in a classroom of 16 year old Chinese students so we can all see what a dummy she is!!!!!!!!

  5. Joy Reid is one of many ignorant people out there. She needs to read a history of the demonRat’s background. Jim Crow laws were written by them. They founded the KKK, they did everything they could think of to make Blacks think they owed them their votes and they are still doing it. Unbelievable she would accuse Ted Cruz of racism….She is so ignorant.

  6. Joy REID is the stupid one, not Cruz! She is hateful of smart white people! She is kidding no one! She is ignorant and hateful and if ishe opened a book and read there might be hope for her! Black people shoot off their mouth to often! Shame on her to accuse Ted Cruz, who is an educated person!

  7. When Joy Reid, California Sen. Alex Padilla and the NAACP’s Janai Nelson all attack Senator Ted Cruz, he must be doing the right things!

  8. So, Reid, does that mean Cruz’s fellow Texan Henry Cuellar is racist and a disgrace to his race for opposing Biden’s border policies? Oh, wait, he’s a democrat, he gets a pass.

  9. If they ran a TV show on a pile of dog shit people accidentally step into on the sidewalk, as disgusting as that might be, thousands more viewers would watch some of it and hold respect for the pile of dog shit than that (Black racist) Reid. What she and others did to a Republican Party hero, Senator Scott upset me beyond anger.

  10. Still can’t figure out why cleansing the voting records by removing dead people is racist. Democrats think felons should vote. They think 16 year olds should vote. Some believe non citizens should vote. But how are you depriving someone of voting when they’re dead? Dead people are deprived of eating out at restaurants, going to movies and driving. So why should they be on the rolls? My only guess is that some democrats have been voting several times by voting for their dead friends, relatives and total strangers.

  11. So Sen. Cruz is betraying the Caucasian race? Not only is he not doing that, he’s not oppressing any other racial, ethnic, sexual (the 71+), or religious,

  12. Joy is so full of herself. I can get my news without having to be insulted by this motor mouth. Who watches MSNBC ?

  13. Reid is such a black racist. Disgusting that these women of color use their race and gender is such a shameful way. Look where this woman is in life yet she still screams race as a card to use in such a confrontational demeaning manner to herself. Truly disgusting!

    I am not just one race but a melting pot of many, in the USA that is not unusual but by this ignorant woman’s standard I am the enemy as I have a different skin color than her.

    I am proud of Cruz, this country is not racist and I am sick of hearing people like this woman, Bozo and Biden use it to shame anyone. It just shows the desperation and personal discontent of dim wits like this stupid woman.

    Not happy with her own position still as she obviously is doing quite well but lowering herself to the racist level she so claims others use.

    Whine some more Joy, we are so sorry you are so unhappy with this country. Maybe you should try and find a better place to live? I am sure we can drum up funds for your one way ticket to somewhere else.

  14. Joy Reid you say a lot of stupid things. YOU, Joy Reid, is one of the loudest mouth racists I have ever seen or heard. I pray your karma is 10 fold. May you rest in h…

  15. Racist are the only people who call other racist. And DemRats are on the lead, that is one thing they know how to thow left and right. This woman is prime example racist. Each time she opens her pliers garbage comes out. But that is normal for MSDNC and Crap No News.

  16. Cruz is right to attack Democrat’s bill. They call it a ‘voting rights’ bill, in truth it is a bill to REMOVE the rights of American citizens to have their vote COUNT. Other countries like England are recognizing the dangers of illegals voting and are beginning to require picture ID’s to vote.
    Media mouthpieces like Reid will say whatever their corporate masters train them to. It is now hard to determine if Democrats control those corporation leaders, or if those corporate leaders control the Democrats.
    Whichever the case may be at the present time we have only one choice. Call, write and email your representatives-irregardless of party-and make sure that they know that you DO NOT APPROVE of this federal takeover of the Constitutionally guaranteed right of states to run their elections. Be civil but emphatic!!!


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