Arizona AG Calls On Biden to Fire Harris As His Border Czar

Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia commons

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is demanding that president Biden strip his Vice President of her title as “border czar. It’s been weeks since President Biden announced Kamala Harris would take point on the response to the border crisis yet she hasn’t even bothered to make a trip to see the border firsthand. Brnovich wrote a letter to the President urging him to appoint another administration official to lead the effort after weeks of Harris’s “absolutely abysmal” response.

The Daily Wire reports:

“The crisis at our southern border has been escalating since January and is now clearly a catastrophe and tragedy in the making. Like many Americans, I was encouraged by your March 24 appointment of Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the efforts to stem the tidal wave of illegal migration into our country,” Brnovich began “However, to date, her response to the border crisis has been absolutely abysmal, so I am requesting that she be replaced as your ‘border czar.’”

“We are not nearly 50 days into her appointment, and Vice President Harris has shown little interest in observing what is happening along the border and has failed to articulate any plan to deal with the devastating effects of this crisis,” he continued. “Instead, she has traveled to other states for unrelated and less-pressing matters. Mr. President, this is a slap in the face to Arizonans who helped elect you to the highest office in the land.”

“The truth is that out border officials are overwhelmed, our law enforcement is understaffed, and local ranchers live in daily fear of threats from Cartel operatives. It is shameful that they are not receiving more federal support,” Brnovich said. “The latest apprehension numbers from April show that things are getting worse, and we do not yet know the full extent of dangerous people and drugs crossing into our communities.”

“Mr. President, we cannot afford another day, week, or month of apathy and inaction by any official in your administration charged with upholding our federal immigration laws and ensuring public safety. What is occurring now at the border and in our communities is reckless and dangerous – to Arizonans, to migrants, and to the security of our great nation,” he continued.

Officials have already said America is set to see the highest rates of migrant crossings in over 20 years yet the Biden administration has completely disregarded the crisis. The administration has attempted to downplay the migrant surge and place blame on the Trump administration.

  1. Biden and Harris should be in prison for what they are doing to this country. Neither are qualified to hold any office, nothing but scum.

  2. V.P Harris is the Second Most Responsible Person regarding the Illegal Immigration Crisis , where O’Biden is the Most Responsible !!! O’Biden,along with the Deep Dark State are using this as part of their Evil Agenda Against Our Economy, Our National and Personal Security, Our Rule Of Law, Our Constitution, and Our True American Values !!! This Entire ILLEGITIMATE Regime Must GO !!!! This is the Most Illegal and UN-AMERICAN Regime To Ever Occupy Our White House and Our Oval Office, as They Are Criminals and Terrorists !!!
    Wake UP America, We Are In Very, Very Serious and Dire Danger “FROM WITHIN” !!!!

  3. The American people are going to hate the Democrats and their conspiracy of massive and pervasive voter fraud, conducted all across the USA, that prevented an unusually capable President to be cheated out of re-election, while the Democrats’ voter fraud installed a senile and demented old man, that can’t even put in 6 hours of work a day, when the Presidency requires at least 12 hours of work a day, and President Trump would put in at least 18 hours of work every day.

    What a difference! But now the Democrats are surprised in how bad the country is being run, which they were warned about Biden over and over again, and those who couldn’t see the problem Biden are idiots, and shouldn’t ever be working in our federal government, while those who could see the problem, yet cheated the American voters to put Biden in office, are criminals and traitors to the USA and the American people.

    All this voter fraud is coming out and being exposed every day, undeniable voter fraud, and a traitorous Dominion voting machine company, which placed illegal tabulators in place all over the USA, so even our foreign enemies could access them on the internet, and change the vote tallies at will, as well as having Dominion personnel illegally accessing the Dominion tabulation machines at voting polls all across the nation during the voting and tabulation that was going on. Now we’re all going to see if we have a real justice system, or just a group of judges that sells the American people and our justice down the road to the highest bidder, or for Democrat Party appointments.

  4. This is just what the democ rats have wanted to a long time, so don’t look for them to take any action to stop it.

  5. Beijing Briben probably doesn’t even remember that he gave the camel the job of fixing the border crisis that he created.

  6. Deja vu. Obama takes office and everything is Bush’s fault. Biden takes office and everything is Trump’s fault.
    Harry “The buck stops here” Truman is spinning in his grave.

  7. Besides Harris being all show and no go calling someone a Czar sounds communist. And apparently all is going according to the Biden plan.

    1. Czar is the term used for Russian monarchs. George Bush began this bad habit, but it needs to stop. We don’t have a czar and do not need a czar. What we DO need is a REAL President, President Trump. Those in office now are criminals and need to be brought up on crimes against America.


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