‘It Looks Like a Cover Up’ Rand Paul Slams Media For Going Easy on Fauci

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Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci have shared a contentious relationship with the two doctors frequently engaging in intense back and forths on Capitol Hill regarding the Coronavirus. Fauci’s constant flip-flopping on the virus has caused many, especially Dr. Paul to speculate Fauci’s ties to the Wuhan Institute in China.

Recently, the two doctors argued after Dr. Paul asked why the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) was funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology. However, media members have mostly just ignored the connection and refused to press Fauci on the issue, Dr. Paul says this makes it look like a classic “cover-up.”

The Daily Wire reports:

“You know, Gayle, I just don’t want to get into that tit-for-tat,” Fauci chuckled to “CBS This Morning” host Gayle King when she brought up Paul’s interrogation. “I just don’t understand what the problem is with him. I’m just going to do my job and he can do what he wants to do and we’ll see what happens.”

Asked for response, Paul replied, “If [Fauci] was being interviewed by a journalist, they would have asked, ‘Did the NIH, did your specific division of the NIH, give money to the Wuhan lab? That’s incontrovertibly true. What he’s arguing is he’s parsing his words. He knows his group gave money, but he’s saying, ‘Oh, it wasn’t for juicing up these superviruses. We gave it for other research.’”

Paul said that Dr. Shi Zhengli, a Wuhan-based virologist who researched coronaviruses in animals, wrote a paper that MIT scientists claimed was referencing gain-of-function research, which is a form of study that attempts to render pathogens more infectious and lethal.

“We have this in black and white from a peer-review journal, she said the funding came from Dr. Fauci’s NIAID, this is Dr. Fauci’s baby for 40 years, she lists him in the credits, he can’t escape this,” Paul said. “He did the funding.”

Watch Dr. Paul attack Fauci over his connections to the Wuhan lab HERE.

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    1. He won’t go because he’s a complete hack for the current corrupt administration. However, personally I have minus zero respect for this corrupt guy and the same applies to the CDC.

      1. The CDC has a lot of explaining to do. Last year in January they stated that the coronavirus from China was not communicable between persons. They claimed there was no reason to stop flights from China. They LIED.

    2. Dr. Fauci needs to be in the deepest pit of a jail that there is. FOREVER.
      If I, or anybody I knew was making bioweapons in our basement, we would be put in prison so fast it would make our heads spin. The fact that he did this, but transferred the “basement” over to our greatest enemies, China, makes him not only a traitor, but very potentially guilty of treason.

  1. FAUCI IS A FRAUD. Taking America’s tax money and sending to China. He is a big scumbag, Just like Pelosi and Biden.

  2. Dr fauci is guilty as sin we all know that and he needs to be tried for treason and hung in a tree on the White House lawn. But with biden and the democrats in office he’ll get away with it.

  3. Sen./Dr. Paul is great. He knows how to make these crooks squirm. Dr. Fraudci is a rat-faced lying SOS.

  4. Fauci is a useless idiot & he certainly “looks like a rat”. He sold us down the river with his funding of the WuHan virus. It’s time for Fauci to go the same way as Lois Lerner, Comey, Brenner, the Clintons, Epsteine, Weinstein, Gates,& the rest of “the crew”.Too bad that the “rest” of the Deep State can’t LEAVE ALL OF US ALONE! All “we” want is our “old lives” back.Ignore these ignoramuses & don’t give them a platform. Turn off ANYTHING that even SMELLS of them!

  5. Dr. Fauci is a liar and manipulator on Red China’s payroll too. He has been playing both sides of the Spectrum. I wouldn’t trust him at all. Dr. Ryan has Fauci pinned to the wall. Now everyone just needs to “pin the tail on the jack ass” before he runs to China.

    Fauci hurt millions of Americans during this pandemic and is probably raking in $$ as long as he can keep this farce pandemic alive. He’s a poisonous snake and someone needs to chop that snake’s head off!

  6. Wow … What a conspiracy theory … knock off all (most?) of the “old folk” (most susceptible) so that real history is forgotten with them… that way the indoctrinated of the last two generations can continue to teach “equalization” … and the other crap … even now, this is not the America of the 50s & 60s … Trump is(was) right! …

  7. The heat is on. This is when they mess up and inadvertently let the “cat out of the bag” because they’re trying to cover their tracks. Just watch and see what happens over the summer. It will be real hot come August and September. There will be more than Senator Paul putting them between a rock and a hard place.

  8. The rotten Democrats are employing the rotten Fauci to support their lying virus claims. It does verify that the modern Democrat Party has no relationship to the pro American Democrat Party of the 1940s and 1950s. They have been taken over by the radical socialists/Communists, and are now strongly anti American. NO true American should be a Democrat in today’s world.

  9. Fauci is full of it? Why would anyone trust Biden or the current Democrat’s opinion about a vaccine that’s not even a vaccine? They won’t even tell us what’s in it. I’m not letting anyone jab me with something if they won’t say what it is and won’t give a guarantee I’d be protected from the virus. Do I have stupid across my forehead? I’m more inclined to trust someone like Sherri Tenpenny. Her opinion is based on science…not on Fauci’s word. What if those being vaccinated fall over dead in 5 to 10 years from now? What if those being vaccinated become super spreaders and need to be put in quarantine. Do you trust the FDA or the herd immunity mentality? All I know is that if the Democrats say it I don’t believe it…and never will. They committed fraud in the election and I do not ecognize Biden as the US President. He is the CEO/President of the defunct Corporation of the United States of America. He’s nothing.

  10. I firmly believe that Dr. Falsie is a corrupt Deep State apparatchik, that he has a serious stake in the virus and in its ‘therapeutic mRNA vaccine,’ which breaks all the rules of previous vaccines. Let us all hope that the ‘vaccine’ CURE does not unleash an immune dysfunction worse than the original DISEASE, which disease CDC itself has declared >99% SURVIVABLE. Falsie speaks with forked tongue…

    1. In all this political pandemic fever, no one is using math. Less than 1% of the population has it, and less than .5% have died. The Spanish flu ( influenza) killed 5% of Americans of that time! Yes we have a germ breakout but the response was so insane! This was used to remove Trump. The paradox, there were more deaths in blue states than the rest of the states combined. 62 and covid free. One reason. In the 60’s I was vaccinated for evey disease known to man, I lived in Europe and Asia as a kid. Never had the flu or any vermin causing diseases and germs and viruses! Back then you had to be vaccinated to enter a foreign country, Carter a D stopped it in the 70’s!

  11. All the time I thought this yard gnome was relishing his 15 min’s of fame. When in fact he funded the place, where it was leaked! For future reference never trust the WHO out of the UN. They hid this for several months at china’s request that did the investigation when it started. Starting this Global insanity!

  12. To all of the idiots out there dumb enough to let the US Government pump unknown liquids into their arms! Just look at history and you will learn a very valuable lesson and see why you should never allow anything in your bloodstream that you do not know what the liquid is made of and you have no clue what that liquid will do in the long term! The Government absolutely loves to lie! Do your own research on Desert Storm Syndrome! The Government has paid the Media to state that Desert Storm Syndrome is caused by soldiers during Desert Storm breathing in toxic nerve agents, which is an absolute and blatant lie! It was caused by the military doing their own lab experiment at the behest of the US Government on 3 things that the CDC stated would unlock things never before seen in the human body those three things if given within 6 months of each other that killed over 100,000 soldiers was Anti-Anthrax, Anti-AIDS and Anti- Ebola!

  13. Ebola was made by the USA during desert Storm, Anthrax and AIDS were also was made by the USA as well! All 3 made for the US Department of Defense!

  14. Anyone with half of a brain would question how that the medicines for the flu shot could possibly be in synch with the current strain of Flu virus every year unless it was being mandated by the US Government to be added into our food supply! As a member of the US ARMY Special Forces Super Soldier Training Program in 1991 I got to see all of the darkest and sickest things that the US Government and US Military are doing to both Military and civilians as well but keeping those things silent! The US Government is truly sicker than 90% of the third world nations all added together!

  15. Did you know that only 2 countries on Planet Earth have ever mandated Fluoride in their drinking water? Adolph Hitler gave the idea to the US Government because he stated it helped dumb down the German Population and more likely to bend to his will! The USA took that knowledge and ran with it mandating Fluoride in water and toothpaste, did you also know that fluoride is also a sinister part of Hitlers easy wins in European Fronts? when it is refined slightly further than the amounts found in our water supply and toothpaste it becomes a very deadly gas called fluorine which Hitler used to kill over 1 million of his enemy! After Hitlers Reign in Germany was over Fluoridation of water and toothpaste was outlawed in Germany but here in America we are still being slowly poisoned by it!

  16. Fluorine poisoning has a distinct weird effect on the human body not only does it kill anyone who breathes it within 5 minutes but it turns the corpses bodies dark blue in under 30 minutes!

  17. That’s why all of Europe refuses to buy any meat from the USA because all meat is being washed by poisoned water!

  18. I have no trust in Fauci and don’t think that he should be given space in articles coming to me! Please remove his name from my computer!

  19. Dr. Falsely and Joe “fire the prosecutor” Biden have been wrong with just about every decision they have made.

  20. Thank you Senator Paul for calling out this lying weasel Fauci. This clown never misses an opportunity to be on television. The only thing he is interested in is his own notoriety.


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