AZ Senate and Trump Question Maricopa County Over Deleted Election Files

White House [Public Domain]

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann has requested a meeting next week with Maricopa County officials to determine if someone deleted a main database from the Election Management System last month. In a letter to the chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Jack Sellers Fann requests the groups meet on May 18 to discuss the missing files as well as other election audit-related issues.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“We have recently discovered that the entire ‘Database’ directory from the D drive of the machine ‘EMSPrimary’ has been deleted,” Fann wrote, claiming the missing directory is covered by the Senate’s subpoena, which allows the group to seize elections materials for the audit.

“This suggests that the main database for all election related data for the November 2020 General Election has been removed,” she added. “Can you please advise as to why these folders were deleted, and whether there are any backups that may contain the deleted folders?”

Fann requested Elections Department officials, and others privy to the matter, meet at the Arizona State Capitol on May 18 to address the EMS files along with other stated issues “without recourse to additional subpoenas or other compulsory process.”

Former President Trump released a statement promoting Fann’s recent letter to Maricopa County officials.

“A devastating letter written by Arizona Senate President Karen Fann on voting irregularities, and probably fraud, in Maricopa County during the 2020 Presidential Election. Even the database was illegally deleted after the subpoena to produce the information.

Senate President Fann has invited Maricopa County officials to a public hearing on May 18 to allow them the opportunity to try to explain what happened to the missing databases, ballots, and other significant issues.

The Fake News and Lamestream Media is doing everything they can not to cover this major story. They just refuse to talk or report about it. They don’t want the United States or World to see what is going on with our corrupt, third world election,” wrote Trump.

  1. The same can probably be found in all the swing states which vote counting was suspended when Trump was leading by a large margin. Corrupt Democrats.

    1. that’s why they need 5000 national guards and a solid fence to protect the capital hill, because they knew this election was a fraud!!!
      In GA senators’ election night the GOP was 3% ahead when the ballots 96% came in, but later on democrat won the run-off election.

      1. The 2020 Election needs to be rerun without the corrupt voting machines—GOOD OLD PAPER BALLOTS—and we can take back the country—become energy independent and have secure borders—FOR STARTERS.

    2. This was online “California ordered lockdown. Union here, Local11, sent union members to Georgia to canvass for Democratic Senate candidates PRIOR to January runoff election IN DEFIANCE OF STATES ORDERS.” How many of those union members registered to vote in Georgia?

      1. Leftist operatives are not subject to the same Covid restrictions that we must follow, because of course, leftist riots/scandalous activities can’t spread Covid!

    1. There are rules and laws requiring national voting records be retained for two years. The regulations have obviously been violated. Violations cannot be allowed excusable. The violations have been a party to irreparable harm imposed to this Nation.

      1. There should be repercussion and consequences for these violations. Who cares if the election was certified. We know it was false and corrupt. The cheaters should immediately faced penalties and a new election should be done. All these violations speak for themselves as does the obstruction for recounts.

          1. NO!! It is TREASONOUS to interfere with an ELECTION!! They need to be HANGED PUBLICLY!!!

          2. I would send them to Gitmo for their prison time and would not allow AC. Relatives would have to request permission to visit them. That gets published, the rest of the Democrats would think twice before they tried to cheat in a federal election.

          1. I should have read your reply before I answered him!! GREAT MINDS think alike!!!

        1. wonder if stacey a.and warnick are involved in the fraud we all see she sure has been pretending to be agaisnt the left..

          1. Big joke. Stacey was the cause of the mess. The baseball team. Delta, Coca Cola, etc. Georgia lost $100 million. She denies having anything to do with it. Stacey and Warrick are BOTH part of a Voting group that are being investigated about ballots being sent to people who no longer live in Georgia. Her sister is a judge and refused to recuse herself from something Stacey is involved with. Not sure if it is the ballot deal.

          2. Of COURSE SHE IS!! She bragged about having over a MILLION ballots HARVESTED “IN HER POSSESSION” Before the ELECTION!! If that is not FRAUD, I don’t know what IS!!!

        2. Not enough prisons for all of them!! They need to be HUNG!! What they did is TREASONOUS!!! Punishable by DEATH!!!

      2. Investigation into whomever had custody of the destroyed or stolen voter materials and those involved ARRESTED, BOOKED and put on trial for their acts of TREASON. 15 Years to life with the possibility of public hanging.

      3. This is a federal offense requires investigation, and not by the FBI, DOJ, nor CIA.
        The Mafia would probably be more honest!

  2. Those People in charge should be held responsible for stealing the election AGAIN.

    1. Nobody is held accountable anymore – at least not in politics. This last election was so full of fraud and corruption and not one person will be held to account.

  3. So we all know they are cheating, lying, bast*rds, but when is something going to happen to them? Report all you want, but I need to see some accountability and jail time for them – when does It ever get to that?

    1. We, the public need to get vocal, or start flooding congress, state, or local with complaints and not be quite until they give out heavy fines, and punishment, maybe a nice stay at the federal or state penitentiary!!!! Ruin their holidays for years!!

  4. Every Republican representative should be working on fixing our election system. If they do not, we will only have Democrats winning elections with a token Republican maybe. These Republican Senators/Governors will be voted out and they’ll be looking for new careers.

    1. We need more than fixing election laws. The Dems are violating the Constitution, our voting laws and all laws. They have weaponized all our government departments, including the Justice Department and the Supreme Court. They need ousted. They are ruining our Country, causing damage to our foreign security, creating lawlessness, damaging our economy, creating havoc and hatred.

    1. They are no scared. they joust keep on wiping away the evidence, violating our laws and our Constitution. None of them ever get charged, because they have weaponized our government and have all the control.

  5. I’m not at all surprised by this turn of events.
    Of course they were going to make sure that the truth would not come out.

  6. FRAUD why else would they be deleted, they know they have been caught red handed, and are scared to death they have been found out. In swing states the same thing, more audits will turn up more fraud through out the US. There worst nightmare is about to land all over them.

    1. I wish, but they have all the control. No one has paid the price for their crimes, inclusive of Hillary Clinton, all of the obstruction during and on former President Trump, the fake Mueller investigation and 2 impeachments. Until we get a whole new government and wipe away all the Democrats and Establishment Republicans hiding their corruption, nothing will be done.

  7. Just like Killary’s e mails and phones. Deleted and no one accountable. Thieving, lying, steeling, spying and doesn’t even make the news.

  8. and so it begins, the deleting of files looks like a Hillary Clinton yoga email excuse is just around the corner. We will hear every excuse in the world and then the media will say this has all been debunked, without anything at all being debunked. eft too many times now.

  9. Like I said before never trust a Democrat! The lie cheat and have no honor! The main goal is to get away with it and then brag! I’m 76 yrs old and over and over I’ve seen Presidents who are Democrats cheat on wifeS like JFK, OR JOHNSON, but you don’t see that with Republicans who have religion!!!

  10. A shrewd move, to be sure. Always choosing the lesser of 2 evils. The perpetrators know that the fallout from leaving the evidence of fraud on the computer would be far greater, even to the point of possibly triggering a multi-state audit, than any consequences of illegally deleting the files. Everything they’ve done so far has been illegal. So, why stop now?

    I’m sure they already have a ‘Innocent Accident’ (oops!) excuse for the missing files. Strange that they didn’t have the pass code to get into the computers, when asked by the auditors. But somehow were able to come up with it to delete the files. Amazing how all the accidents and ‘Unintended’ errors favor one side of the issue.

  11. The real President of the United States Donald J Trump was definitely correct in the voter fraud that stole the election.
    They wouldn’t hesitate to prosecute me, so why should they be allowed to commit crimes involving the election of 2020, and then not be liable of the crime.
    A miscarriage of justice is a understatement.

      1. Yes and save our country from this old worn out bag of empty wind! That isn’t worth a damn ever!

  12. IF wide spread fraud is discovered and there better be backups(HILLARY CLINTON TACTICS DEMOSHITS)…There is no reason why this should have been deleted,,,bring CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST DOMINION..

    1. This is bigger than Dominion alone. The leaders of the Democratic Party are responsible, as is the liberal media, big tech, the Lincoln Project, and all who participated in this hoax of an election. That includes our Justice Department, our Supreme Court and oh yes, Mike Pence who refused to do the right thing with the electorate.

    1. Yes, flood their mail, emails, offices, etc. with complaints about this illegal action! They need to do something for a change beside collect big pay and benefits per the U.S. and state tax payer!

  13. Number one, get the real winner Trump in office. Number two, prosecute all that were involved to the fullest extent of the law. Number three, take actions ‘NOW’ to fix and ensure that the next elections are run fairly without any Dem cheating & fraud. We insist on this being completed in able for us to trust any more elections.

  14. ‘Someone’ in the secretary of states office needs to go to prison for this election fraud, where does the ‘buck stop’ in this office ???

  15. Being from Chicago and Illinois alone was caught twice, that I know of, rigging voting machines I doubt that we ever had a fair election. Citizens of Chicago would brag openly about registering names off of tombstones. I remember once we had a punch system voting card. Democrats figured out how to make the machine punch the democrat candidate rather than the republican.

    1. It’s no wonder the country is in such a mess with no accountability or ethics to speak of. What is wrong with people!!! No conscience, morals, etc.

  16. Of course they are not going to give you the evidence. They will not incriminate themselves. But public records are legal documents. They do not have the authority to delete them. This i know as a fact. So another words they better produce the evidence. Our votes counts regardless of which party. So heads better roll people start talking.

  17. Any COMPETENT Data Recovery specialist should be able to recover the deleted data , because “deleted data” on a hard drive is NOT really Deleted , but TAGGED as Deleted..

    Unless of course the person that “deleted” the data used a program to systematically write 1′ and 0’s on the “deleted” data to cover their tracks, then that would really delete the data AND that person would have committed a CRIMINAL act and should be Arrested for that as well as deleting the Election data which is a Felony in itself.

  18. You should all check out the one hour show on OAN with Mike Lyndell.
    Their county by county graphs floored me.

  19. Fraud will null and void the election and Trump automatically becomes president by default.

  20. Nothing will ever happen. Does anyone besides me remember when Pelosi said they would have to work fast, after the election, to get their programs through? She said the republicans were going to be relentless, trying to find the fraud, and democrats would have to be the same in their efforts.

  21. Wanna bet that the Dems won’t show up for the public meeting?They remain silent, refuse to answer for anything and “I KNOW NOTHING” is the usual response. Can’t we get a “legit” judge to put these people in jail for contempt?

  22. Republican Party leadership has to be changed!!! 2020 election was stolen, fraud was in plain site!!
    Republicans politicians are afraid??
    Why FBI director Wray & all agents, CIA director and all her agents, John Roberts Supreme Court Chief Justice & other 8 and all the so called constitutional judges appointed by Trump are the deep state!! They are totally corrupted!!
    These are the people our worthless politicians are afraid of. They are all working for US Chamber of Commerce, Big Tech, Bush family Globalist , communist China money.
    Trump and 75 million people won 2020 election and these are the traders who let election be stolen.
    Plus Mitch McConnell, Linsey Graham and GOP leadership in senate.
    All New LEADERSHIP In GOP !!!

  23. Something must be done regarding they know the corruption that took place to give Obiden this election,that POS did not win ,America voted for Trump and we want our president,the constitution doesn’t mean a damn thing if you let them get away with this!

  24. I am going to share something that happened on election night 2020..of course like millions of other people I was watching the race. It was after midnight my time when I saw in the Georgia race the Republicans were winning by a landslide as was Donald Trump so I went to bed knowing that the USA was in good hands!! But when I woke the next morning all hell had broken loose and somehow the Democrates had won it all. Can someone tell me what the hell happened?? Nothing has made since everything is upside down and now Biden is giving money to terrorist who murder Jews and Christians…Only The Grace of God can help us now <><

  25. Shades of the Hildabeast and deleted email. These crooks will skate same as she did. If Trump gets back in in 2024 I hope he launches a full blown assault on all of these a-holes and the China Joe Biteme regime as well.

  26. Again, when we moved to Arizona several years ago, I discovered that the demonrats in Maricopa Cty were a different breed of evil — very strong, domineering, arrogant, and were, I’m sure, 100% Corruptable. I had met some of these individuals and sensed they would do anything to feel powerful. I’m sorry to learn, those people proved they were criminals.

    I pray that every last one of those snakes that decided to steal OUR ELECTION iS CAUGHT, TRIED, AND, IF I COULD, WHIPPED WITH A CAT OF NINE TAILS UNTIL THEY CANNOT WALK A STEP! Those swine deserve nothing less for gut punching Americans by stealing our election!! They are the epitome of E V I L !!

  27. I’ll wager that the deleted files can somehow be recovered using today’s technology. Let’s hope I am right. But who runs from the police? The MALEFACTOR, that’s who. And deleting databases is tantamount to shredding paper records. And he who shreds, he who deletes, like the infamous Hildebeast, has something to HIDE.

  28. We all knew the election was fixed the day after the election. The kick in the butt was when the Supreme Court refused to hear the evidence. That says the supreme court aided and abetted the criminal activity. This body essentially broke the law. So tell me how are we supposed to deal with a corrupt supreme court? This country is in trouble big time and. John Roberts should be recalled or impeached or what ever must be done to rid the court of a corrupt, horrible judge!

  29. Hey … Why not connect the “dots” … The hacking of the pipeline … hacking the Washington DC police dept … why not hacking the election of 2020?????????

  30. People who do not follow the rule of law MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!


    America is in danger of becoming a lawless uncivilized wasteland!

    God save America!

      1. Bring back LYNCH MOB’S, that will get their attention,and give us some SATISFACTION !

  31. Arrests with execution for the thieves should be coming soon, or “We the People” will have to take action.

  32. AND if you can’t get your ass to vote with all the early voting time allotted-the election needs to end/stop counting votes after 7pm on election night.

  33. Kinda makes one not want to join the military to protect what went on with the liars and cheaters that controlled the election. Why should we volenteer to defend this activity. Takes the wind right out of my sails. This I am expected to lay down my life for.


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