‘More People In Wyoming Voted For Trump Than For You’ Brett Baier Slams Cheney in Intense Back and Forth

Office of Congresswoman Liz Cheney / Public domain

In her first interview since being voted out as House Republican Conference Chair, Liz Cheney spoke with Fox News host Brett Baier about the vote, Trump, and the 2020 election. Throughout the interview, Cheney was combative and stood firm that she will continue to go after former President Trump.

At one point, Baier pointed out that more voters in Wyoming supported Trump than voted for Cheney and asked why constituents should side with her over the former president. Cheney repeated claims that those against her were misinformed or wrong.

Watch it here:

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  1. Liz like her father is an idiot who got rich during his term as vice president with the Halliburton deals he made. He should have been sent to jail for his crimes. She is just like him anything for herself and nothing for the people she is suppose to representing. She represents herself and no one else just like her idiot DADDY did.

    1. I wouldn’t make that comparison between Liz and Dick. He was much more the better person than she is. Many people didn’t like him because he was a realist; she, on the other hand, is just totally off the mark.

      1. I see from your post that Dick Cheney fooled you – and a lot of people. He spoke softly and he very carefully avoided any subject that conflicted the official Bush agenda or beliefs of a majority of Americans. He thus gained the trust of people.

        Remember the “most trusted man in America”? Walter Cronkite? Same exact thing. At “Uncle” Walt’s retirement tribute, I was appalled to hear him admit that he “would no longer still (my) voice” and outline why and how he advocated NWO. He did his famous “sorta laugh” and announced that placed him into the same camp as a GOP prez – Bush 41 plus Dubya.


        1. Rinos are exactly like dim wits but have to be a bit better than dim wits in their deceptions. Liz is just too obvious about her intent as are Romney and Murky of Alaska. Her state is Trump supporters in reality and she has like the other two as all are rinos exposed their establishment base. Like their daddies they want things to continue as they were. But her state and most GOP with some exceptions, know they have to change. And Trump is definitely a factor for change in politics and the way the US government and military do things.
          It is so obvious old Joe is for the old ways too with now the socialism and open borders for the KKK plantation floor to be renewed for more graft and corruption.
          I laugh when morons of the left affirm the dual of Joe and Kamala really got 81 million legal votes as these morons are saying today. More dim wit voters than are registered by a long shot. Geez, I detest stupid from those who seem to assume they are superior intellects and we are too dumb to figure out the fraud of the dim wits during many elections in AZ. Sin and Mark are both in via the dim wit voter fraud and so was McCain on his last nasty run!.

    2. I’ve always felt Cheney should have been president. He was a hard ass, but that’s what our country needs. Trump was an undignified jackass and Biden is too eager to be loved. That job needs a backbone of steel, top intelligence and a heart.

      1. Why comment when you know a negative response will come back at you? The reality is you miss Trump, and the direction he took us.
        Now you are pissed because biden has totally abandoned his campaign promises.

      2. What America needs is a smart businessman who knows how to close the deal. OUR Pres. Trump is exactly what we need. Beijing Biden is a loser and has been for all of his half century in OUR congress. Cheney and his daughter are warmongers who make money off of defense contracts. You are wrong about Pres. Trump and about Cheney.

      3. Well Judy, you and I agree to disagree! You are right, Trump is a jackass and would not get a seat at my table however, under his leadership the economy was booming, the southern border was under control, the Middle East was quiet, his roll out of the vaccine and how quickly it was brought to fruition was epic! The USA was storming forward and now what do we have? A puppet in the WH with a VP whom is the epitome of a vulture in waiting… everything is an absolute failure… convince me otherwise!😈

        1. Ok I’ll bite…..
          So President Trump would not be welcome to break bread at your table, you seem to have enjoyed his policies, stating the obvious, doesn’t seem like you’re sold on senile joe, at all policies. Soooooo, do you want President Trump back, and would you vote for him?
          Honest curiosity?

      4. Sure, Trump is undignified, but he loves America and put America first. he did a lot for U.S. unemployment was at it’s lowest, gas prices were low, He kept The mad man (little rocket man) in check, made peace treaties in the middle east. Opened up drilling. and so much more. So, yes we over look his lack of candor and Communication skills. The best thing is, he put America first. He was not a Globalist, like the present Pres. and all others going back to H W Bush. Plus he wasn’t trying to please everyone. He saw what needed to be done and he wasn’t afraid to ruffle any feathers.

        1. He wasn’t dignified ????you people just never experienced dealing with a NY business man before … you were so accustomed to a holes like Bushes clintons etc and they robbed us blind . Just like the Biden Hoods .. bring back Trump now , this country is going down the shitter

        1. @ Lynne & Antnee, one of the best things about President Trump was that he spoke clearly and directly to the American people. He was for the American people, hardly like what we have now, who says, get vexed and you may celebrate 4th of July. Haha
          Have both of you watched any part of the confirmation hearings? Would you rather have those kind of non answers, jibber/jabber from a leader who’s selling us all out everyday? I’ll take President Trump any day over this garbage.

      5. Then you didn’t want Cheney, you are describing President Trump. True, he say exactly what he thinks, and his “PC Filter” is inoperative, but he did what was best for the USofA.

    3. You left out one really important fact about her father. He, as Dubya’s VP and friend, was totally committed to the Bush agenda of New World Order (NWO) – also known as One World Government (OWG). No doubt VP Cheney discussed NWO-OWG at home within, at least, hearing of his children, incl Liz. With that in mind, it is easy to understand that Liz is also a NWO advocate. When considering that “fact” Liz’s incomprehensible rhetoric can be understood. AND rejected.

      1. The NWO is EXACTLY what Liz is about! The reason she is siding with people who hated her Dad. Ideology “trumps” loyalty! Trump did MORE good for this Country than even Reagan in eight! BIDEN was an IDIOT before senility! The Commies are in charge and that fine with Liz.

    4. The notion that VP Chaeney continued to get compensated from Halliburton after he became VP is wrong. That was a Leftist talking point back then and I see some of you drank the koolaide. As soon as he became VP he gave up all monetary compensation. Also, we went to Iraq after the UN passed resolution 1445, which stated that Sadam could be removed by force if he failed to allow the UN inspectors to review his nuclear facilities, which he did.
      Also, after the resolution was passed one of the countries that was still doing business with Hussein advised him, so days before the invasion there was a convoy in the middle of the night that was going into Syria
      Even Mr Powell was aware of this. Where do you think Assad got his chemical weapons from.

      1. December 16, 1998 Bill Clinton order Iraq to be bombed. Hussein lied about the size of his arsenal. Tank shells loaded with Mustard Gas, Sarin, and other lethal agents. The Dept. of Energy and the Pentagon removed 1.77 metric tons of low-enriched uranium from Iraq “that potentially could be used in a radiological dispersal device or diverted to a nuclear weapons program” according to a DoE press release.

  2. Like her Husband she is part of the problem and an “Establishment” RINO. Neither had
    Americas best interest at heart but only their own demented greed and lust for political
    power over others. She should have been removed a long time ago an never allowed
    to gain power over others. Even her own state had basically disowned her because
    of her action against President Trump. But I think she was on the way out even before
    President Trump ran for office and her own actions cemented the voter against her.

  3. When supposed Republicans behave as she has they are embarrassing and must be dealt with by colleagues.

  4. Instead of continually going after Trump, she should be going after all of the good things Trump did and that Biden is over turning. This country today is in a scary mess, and that’s where all of the attention should be placed.

  5. Liz, I guess you’ll find out in November of 2022 if the great people of Wyoming stand with you or President Trump? If I lived in WY, I would be going door to door from now till election day making sure people find out who Liz is.
    Funny how the Constitution is all of a sudden important to her? Nan, Chucky boy and other leftists always say the same thing when the you know what hits the fan.

    1. Nine Island Girl is 100% right. You, so called, moderators are out of control. You are censor happy. What does it do, give you a feeling of power? You are clearly a bunch of losers.


  7. Lizzy is too focused on trying to punish Trump when she continually says HE lies. Look at what is happening in Arizona. Other states will also do audits which will prove the stolen election! Who is paying her to carry on this charade – maybe Soros? She should be booted out of Congress come the 2022 election – BECAUSE Wyoming does believe in the law – and by her statements – she does not.

  8. Lizard Cheney is a phony and a liar. She tries to position things to make it appear like she is a saint trying to defend the Constitution. This is an out and out miss characterization of her intent. She HATES Donald Trump and what she always tries to do is paint Trump in a bad light. Sorry Lizard but Donald J. Trump was the best President the country has had in my lifetime – AND I’M OLD. The Lizard needs to crawl back down in her lizard hole.

  9. God hates proud people like her but He will forgive her if she humbles herself. James 4:6b NLT says: “As the Scriptures say, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.””

  10. Thankfully, we don’t have a problem with our border, inflation, energy, voter fraud, China, Russia….this gives the congress time to focus on lining their pockets and Liz can bar hop with the dems

  11. Liz Chaney is a Globalist. President Trump is not. She forgot she represents the people not her ideals. She could see the great things President Trump done for America and yet worked against him. Just think of what else President Trump could have accomplished if the Rhino Republicans would have met him half way.

  12. Cheney talks about perpetuating the big lie. I truly believe that the BIG LIE is perpetuated by the left, be they democrats or RINOS (of which Cheney is one). This is a typically communist MOA — method of operation. Tell a lie often enough and people will believe it and their lie is being shouted from the roof tops by every loud mouth democrat, their MSM propaganda machine and of course the social media platforms such as twitter and facebook. Where was our government when, after many months of investigation, Joe Arpaio, a duly elected sheriff, came to the conclusion that there was probable cause that obama’s birth certificate as well as his SSN and selective service numbers were all fraudulent? The MSM, although present at the presser, didn’t make a peep about the probable obama corruption. Neither did we here anything from Congress —– including the GOP side I might add! Our court system is blatantly corrupt as well, refusing to allow any allegations come to light in a court of law. Their reasoning —— lack of standing! EVERY AMERICAN HAS STANDING! WE WERE ALL INJURED BY A FRAUDULENT ADMINISTRATION! And where has the court system been when it comes to an honest look at our 2020 election when we literally had thousands of affidavits from first hand observers of voting corruption? They do every thing they can to obstruct and honest hearing —– something they should be happy to do to satisfy 50% of our population who believe the election frauds massive and we now have criminals/usurpers in our White House.

    1. I will never believe that Biden was honestly elected. The election was tainted by the haters of President Trump. Biden is a certified idiot. And we all know who is pulling his strings.

  13. Anyone who believes that Joe Biden won the election is no less as menatlly challenged as Biden is. Cheney is as much a deep stater and globalist as her father and the former Bush administrations were. The sooner she is voted out of office the better.

  14. Oh Man, you didn’t ask the most important question!!! you asked if she voted for Biden and she said no, she wouldn’t vote for any democrat, to which you should have followed up, “DID YOU VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP??!!!” I would bet any amount she did not, and she would either have to admit it or lie. Come on dude!!!


  16. Cheney, as was her father, is an old school RINO. She, like her father, does not want to give up their “go along to get along” with the democrats, featherweight financially comfortable political seats in national politics. But she’s fighting a losing battle and will not be reelected again in 2022.

  17. Poor Lizzie has shown that she is indoctrinated with the principles, the unholy sacraments of the new Secular Religion, the last and most vehement of which is ‘Orange Man Bad.’ On the contrary: no president in history has been more faithful in fulfilling his promises to the American People. Forget trivialities, Liz, and focus on the larger view!

  18. She must have sucked up the gas from the East Coast & is now blowing it of her mouth…She’s just a bitter old “Gas Bag” !! Toot Toot Liz or should I say Lon?

  19. Liz Chaney has to be Nancy’s twin sister All she cares about is going after President Trump The True President AND TO HELL WITH ANYTHING ELSE. Liz needs to go, I know that the people of Wyo. are very smart and she will never get voted back in for anything She is just like Milt from Utah he couldn’t win the dog catcher job in Utah and I’m sure the Good people feel the sane way about Liz Nancy’s twin sister for sure !!!!!!!

  20. It’s most unfortunate that Liz Cheney chose to attempt to remove Pres. Trump! I believe that she’s made a serious error in attempting to oust him! He was an excellent Pres. for the US and he will be so once again when he’s re-elected!

  21. Loser Cheney, just like Romney and Murky! All rino babies raised in the days when rinos lied, cheated and stole with the dim wits and suffered no consequences for not representing their constituents and following their promises to those who voted for them. Those days are OVER. The rinos need to be put to pasture or join the dim wits where their loyalties really are.

  22. If Liz Cheney is so sure the 2020 election wasn’t
    stolen; why doesn’t she present some facts and figures to prove it was legitimate? We have eyes
    to see the the proof that the election was
    stolen and we shall never believe, otherwise.
    I cannot understand “why” she is so intent
    on destroying President Trump? Does she
    really think she has a chance to be elected
    as a candidate for President of the USA?
    Dream on Liz !

  23. TRUMP is welcome at my dinner table anytime….he is a great president and he loves his country and the American people….He is not perfect but neither are any of us so I accept him as he is …I would vote for him again and again..Trump won the 2020 election…the evil Dems found the only way they could get Biden in the White House …they stole the election with corruption and fake mail in ballots…who knows what else they are willing to do to keep themselves in power…We are in big trouble…GOD HELP US !!!!


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