Trump to Restart MAGA Rallies This Summer

Michael Vadon via Wikimedia Commons

With America finally stepping out of a long overdrawn lockdown could this be the summer of Trump? Sources say the former president is going to restart his infamous Make America Great Again rallies this summer.

According to The Daily Wire:

“Dates and locations have not yet been announced, but a source said the president’s team is in the process of selecting venues for a pair of events in June,” The New York Post reported. “A third rally is expected to take place around the July 4 holiday.”

One of Trump’s advisers told The Daily Mail: “The president is anxious to get back out on the trail and we are getting a lot of offers and invitations from both candidates and political causes in different areas.”

Earlier this month, Jason Miller, an adviser for the former president, said that Trump would restart rallies “as soon as late spring or early summer.”

What do you think? Will you be attending one of Trump’s upcoming rallies? Tell us in the comments below!

  1. YES! If he holds 1 of his Rallies in a city that is pretty close to my home town. If he would hold some Rallies at Charlotte Speedway in Concord, North Carolina, then I would be able to attend some of his Rallies.

    I can’t wait for his Rallies to start back up, because, he draws some of the BIGGEST CROWDS there is for his BIG BEAUTIFUL RALLIES PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m also hoping and praying that President Donald J Trump will run again in 2024. We sure do need him back into the White House to Govern our country like he did during his first 4 year’s in office.

    PLEASE, text me once he decides on where he is holding his BIG BEAUTIFUL RALLIES close, I hope and pray for.

  2. ABSOLUTELY and the ones we cannot attend we will watch them on Right Side Broadcasting!!

    We also need to find the alphabet reporters there, get in front of a camera if possible and tell them they better start reporting the truth about the state of our country under the leadership of a bunch of know nothing corrupt people.

  4. Absolutely! I hope he has one in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Texas Motor Speedway or AT&T Stadium would be great venues. I would definitely try to go if he comes here.

  5. Why do these articles on Trump says that he says things when he doesn’t. Trump is schedule to speak at the S.C. Republican gathering in June 2021. If he was to announce anything it would be at that convention. So please stop lying on Trump.

    1. Certainly would attend, we all know the fake news will be there, since their ratings are in the toilet now, what this media and disgusting democrats did to President Trump is treasonous. How stupid does this media and democrats think we are? Sure, Biden got 80 million votes, the damage this guy is going to do will be mind boggling. Pray

  6. HALLELUJAH!!! Also President Trump needs to JOIN GAB. We need to hear his voice as Opposition leader to the appalling mediocrity of Joe Biden.

    1. would be good but it doesn’t sound like that will happen. The page owner explained it. I seldom get to these other pages as yet but look when it comes up in email. Rumble seems active.

  7. NO FREAKING WAY! I have been the epitome of a loyal “Trumpster”, but no more.
    Due to his ”warp-speeding” and continuous support and promotion of the “vaccine” that = a deadly toxin, (thereby making him an accomplice in genocide and co-conspirator with the satanic globalist architects of the NWO , aka, the DEEP STATE ), I have lost all respect and admiration for the man. Trump is a fraud to the umpteenth degree, and I wouldn’t follow him now to the nearest crosswalk. RAND PAUL 2024!

    1. Don’t take it. Pretty simple to me. Some the nutso things you say are just that-from a NUTSO. My guess is if Rand Paul saw this post about genocide and the satanic, he wouldn’t want you working on his campaign. IK like Paul and just don’t believe he would ever want your support.

  8. Can’t wait for the rallies to start. I’ve been to 4 and will happily go to as many more as I can get to.

  9. I have been to his rally’s and I voted him. But no has been hung for cheating in 2020. So you know the dems. will do it again.

  10. Its time if he wants to take back the country from the Marxists. Governor DeSantis should be at some of the rallies, as well as Mo Brooks, Josh Hawley and other true Conservatives. We all want to hear the truth and why America needs honest government instead of all the corruption that is happening under the Obama-Biden administration.

  11. I would absolutely go to a rally if it was close enough for me to get there. I went to one in Bullhead City last summer and it was wonderful!

  12. Would LOVE to see a “Trump Rally” in the Los Angeles area. There’s a
    LOT of “disgruntled” Democrats here that are ready to “switch” from a team of LOSERS to a winning; they knew the FIX was in for the 2020

  13. Dear Trump supporters: I hate to sound like the naysaying grandfather of Peter and the Wolf (‘But what if a wolf should come out of the forest, what THEN?’), but as you attend a rally, be alert and prepared to be tracked via cellphones and monitored by surreptitious drones of the Swamp Lizards. Just sayin’…


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