Fox News Digital Leads All News Networks, Beats CNN Second Month in A Row

mroach from Malmö, Sweden, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Fox News is still number one. In April, Fox News Digital beat out all other competing multiplatform news outlets in total multiplatform minutes. According to Comscore, Fox News Digital pulled in more than 3.5 billion multiplatform minutes,

Fox News reports:

The month also saw over 89 million total multiplatform unique visitors and nearly 1.7 billion total multiplatform views for Fox News Digital, surpassing the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today,, and

Fox News Digital saw a month-over-month traffic increase across total multiplatform minutes and also tallied 7.4 million unique visitors in April for the FOX News Mobile App.

It also marks the 80th straight month that Fox News Digital has been the most engaged news brand on social media. Fox News was the top performer in Facebook and Instagram interactions among news competitors, with over 33 million Facebook interactions and 19 million Instagram interactions, according to Socialbakers.

FOX News also reigned as the top news outlet in YouTube video views, with over 240 million views, up 54 percent versus the prior month and nearly 5 percent compared to last year.

This is the second month in a row that Fox has beat out liberal news competitor CNN. Since Trump left the White House CNN has been bleeding viewers, it’s no surprise considering how obsessed the network was with constantly attacking the former president. However, now with Trump out of the public eye, the network has had to scramble to villainize other conservatives yet haven’t fallen short of finding one that brings in the same viewers as years past.

    1. No, CNN doesn’t report what we need to know….they have the habit or reporting half-truths. And who in their right mind wants to hear that crap??

  1. Go Fox keep crushing the mainstream media mob!
    Stay Fair & Balanced. There is enough bogus information the demorats and high-tech spread!

    1. Including Fox. Guess you could call them the best of worst. Or less worse than the other FAKE NEWS. Remember the election, the fox owner’s wife cheering because Trump lost? The brothers learned a little bit but I figure it is convenient to be better today, what about tomorrow when they curry the favor of the left and they do unpredictably.

  2. CNN supports the socialist ideology of the current Democratic party. Politics over people, power over people. Supporting antifa & the destructive are of BLM. Hypticates in every way.

  3. People are going to tune in to where they get the truth, and all the issues that Americans care about are being discussed in depth on America’s voice, Fox, and Newsmax. America’s Voice went even farther investigating the stollen election, the Covid assault, and the collapse of our borders. The Democrats and the Biden Administration never looked so bad, or so destructive as they do now.

  4. CNN has played a big part in destroying any trust people had in the media. CNN is nothing more than a “Propaganda Machine” for the Democrat Political Party – and everybody knows it.

  5. Fox is only reliable about half the time! Juan Williams, Geraldo, Marie Harf, etc. Why are these idiots still on while Lou Dobbs, Joe di Genova, Victoria Toensing are gone?

  6. Has the conservatives forgotten FOX and their dirty deeds during the 2020 elections. I think they are better than most FAKE NEWS but their actions are too varied for me. I do not trust them anymore.

  7. Those who watch CNN exclusively are living in a fool’s paradise and one day their castle in the clouds will come crashing down about their eyes and ears.


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