These Senators Will Decide the Fate For A Commission to Investigate Jan. 6

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

The House recently voted 252-175 in favor of legislation that would establish a bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan 6th Capitol riot. Ultimately 35 House Republicans joined Democrats in favor of the bill in its current form. Now the bill will head to the Senate where it faces an uncertain future. A number of Republican lawmakers have already voiced their opposition to the bill over the fact it does not investigate any of the political violence that plagued American cities last summer. Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer says the bill is a priority and will likely be voted on in the coming weeks but it’s not clear if Democrats will convince enough Republicans to join them.

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  1. If ANY Republican senators join the Democrat Party witch-hunt they should be sidelined by McConnell to servicing the latrines. The same should have been done in the house.

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  2. Politicians are a total waste of time. These clowns are nothing short of pathetic. We had an entire corrupt election in 2020 and these morons are wasting our money and time on this kind of NONSENSE. Send them ALL packing.

    1. I agree! Everything we’ve got going on in our country, thanks to the Biden administration, and they still want to come after President Trump!! Bunch of dumb ass morons! Any Republican that can’t stand with the party should be dismissed of their position .

  3. There is a video posted on 5/19/2021 by Conservative Hot News, that shows an agreement between capitol police and the so called insurgents that stated their assembly was legal as long as they followed the guidelines. I have not been able to post it on FB We all know the deceptions the democrats have used to try to keep Trump out of office. It is disgraceful what has happened to our country and the people that have usurped it in the disguise of congress.

  4. Don’t count on any of these senators to do the right thing. I could have named them all before I took the time to scroll through.
    Please start calling and sending E-mails.
    All of them are unreliable.

  5. The only evidence they will find is that globalist puppet $oro$, hired libby snow flake sheep and transported them on buses to washington dc and dressed them up in MAGA hats and MAGA shirts and ordered them to invade the capitol at the same time 1,000,000 Americans were enjoying a peaceful Trump speech more than one mile away .

    1. vladimir, You are 100% correct! The attack on the Capitol was instigated and funded by George Soros. He ordered them to wear MAGA hats and carry Trump banners…and look at all the stupidos who followed like sheep. The MSM should try to be independent, instead of following the left-wingers!!!

  6. The far-left and Democrat Party have been trying to destroy our American Republic for at least the last 73-years or so. They are not trying to hide this fact. Look what they have done in the last 5-6 years.
    ·        They literally stole the last Presidential election.
    ·        They had help from China and numerous other European and Far-Eastern countries too include England.
    ·        Congress charged President Trump with abuse of power, obstruction of Congress and allegations that Trump unlawfully solicited Ukrainian authorities to influence the 2020 U.S. presidential election.
    o  He was acquitted by the U.S. Senate and remained in the office of President of the United States his full term.
    ·        Congress wasn’t satisfied and instigated an attack on the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 and have adamantly blamed and continued to pursue Trump after he left office for this. Even a few Republicans voted with Democrats on the Capitol Building invasion.
    This is just for starters, they intend to destroy America as we know it and create a one-world nation controlled by the United Nations one of the most corrupt organizations in the World.

    1. Trump offered Pelosi troops for that day and she refused. The Capitol police brought people from busses into the Capitol. I saw this. There were two buses and at least one SUV.

  7. If they don’t like Trump that’s o.k. but don’t vote for the investigation and spend all the money and put the country thru another anguishing period grief for no reason

  8. I see this investigation on the part of the Senators as a way to discredit those it prefers to remove or in some other way harm! There is no other reason for such an investigation!

  9. Interesting that in this “horrid” insurrection not one gun was found among the “rioters”, just on policemen. The only death was caused by an as yet unnamed capitol policeman who shot an killed an unarmed woman.
    If Schumer is for something you can be sure it’s wrong for America.

  10. This “Commission” is a big joke. Why are they not also investigating BLM and Antifa rioters who are the true insurrectionists?


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