Trump Slams ‘Hopeless’ McConnell, Weak GOP Leadership In New Interview

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During an interview with One America News, former President Trump blasted what he characterized as weak Republican leadership in Congress, especially Mitch McConnell. Trump noted how Democrats have managed to steamroll over Republicans since gaining the majority, especially in regard to legislation that would create a commission to investigate Jan. 6th.

According to Mediaite:

“I’m watching the negotiation — which is a one-way negotiation in Congress,” Trump said. “They get whatever they want approved. McConnell is hopeless, and he can’t stop anything.”

Then he expanded to argue that if the roles were reversed, Schumer would have indulged Trump’s false claims of a stolen election by not accepting the results.

“I’ll tell you this, if Chuck Schumer were there on the day of the vote counting, he would have said there’s no way we’re going to approve this,” Trump said. “He actually would say that four years ago, right? Four years ago, they stood up and nobody complained about it. When our people stand up, they get scolded, and they immediately fold — Mitch McConnell as an example.

“But Chuck Schumer never would have accepted the result of that election. Never would have accepted. They would have been out in the streets. They would have been marching. And Mitch McConnell says, ‘Well, we have to get down to business now. And you know what the business was. [President JoeBiden signed 17 executive orders. in virtually his first day, and every one of them was a disaster for our country. So we need much sharper, much tougher leadership.”

Recently, Trump released a statement criticizing the 35 House Republicans that voted in favor of current legislation to establish a commission to investigate the events leading up to Jan. 6th.

“See, 35 wayward Republicans—they just can’t help themselves. We have much better policy and are much better for the Country, but the Democrats stick together, the Republicans don’t,” said Trump. “They don’t have the Romney’s, Little Ben Sasse’s, and Cheney’s of the world. Unfortunately, we do. Sometimes there are consequences to being ineffective and weak. The voters understand!”

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  1. God it is good that Trump is still our president and still fighting for us Love this true patriot!

    1. I am not sure if you are being sarcastic. If you had written “God, I wish” you comment would have made sense.

      1. god is too busy blessing; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi criminal organisation

        1. god certainly not blessing those who want to harm his people, the Christians and the state of Israel. He allows things to happen because of “free will” but there is a JUDGMENT coming.

  2. Democrats are viciously determined and united in destroying Trump and America. But Republicans are disjointed on everything. Even when having the majority, republicans will still oppose themselves like a cursed family. Pathetic!

    1. That’s because there are still some Republicans that get their news from mainstream media that has become the propaganda machine for the Dems and they believe what they’re told.

      1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ have appointed many globalist puppet, rino criminal party .

  3. Trump is 100% correct in calling out all the Republicans that lack spines and testosterone. Mitch McConnel leads that pack as he has routinely been beaten into submission by a deranged and 3 bubbles of plum, Nancy Pelosi. The real question is, when is the
    Republican Party members going to start growing a pair and fighting for the American people?

    1. Even when they had a majority, Mitch and the rinos still held things up. You don’t seeing the dim wits doing that. Right now dim wits are ramming through their crap and old dough boy Mitch is our only bump in their way. And this last one even if Mitch caves is going to be challenged for the feds/dim wits trying to control the votes and that is a states right.

      But if dim wits want this last election BS to stand they have to try to set up their shell game permanently across the nation. Mail out ballots to every address and any individuals who reside at that place forever. No request necessary, no verification at all. Permanent voter fraud forever guaranteed.

      Even in the house most of the rinos like the ones Trump is talking about go along and get along. 2022 I am betting those rinos will get challenged in their primary. Sad there are so many. And rino senators had better be prepared to leave. Murky of Alaska is up that year and already talking about retiring. She knows what is coming. Trump is targeting her.

  4. The turtle (Mitch McConnell is as useless as you know what on a Bull! He always seems to be two steps behind the Democrats on every issue. Maybe that is why they call him the turtle.

    1. I cannot for the life of me understand how McConnell got where he is. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear he’s a Democrat!

      1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ always appoint globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party .

      2. Another long time senator. The state keeps sending him to the senate. He just won reelection. Six years before he can have a target on him to kick him out.
        Seniority and political maneuvering is what got him that job. He and the permanent politicians like Old Nanc and Schmucky are the best argument for term limits. And the perks the congress has voted for that only benefits them? Corruption is the best word to describe congress. Insider trading is okay for them but jail and ruin for everyone else who does it. Double standards are in place for those elected to congress and all the bribes and favors you care to claim with no consequences unless you tick off the establishment or congress elites. Hum?
        Wiping the slate, electing new folks? They just get sucked into the miasma that is the DC cesspool and become just another floater that needs flushing. A few resist but they are treated horribly. Look at Greene and read about the nastiness of the cesspool and that is not even considering the darker things she has been dealing with just the social BS.
        It appears to be high school all over again with the clicks, etc. but the fact it is adults and really true corruption is terribly bad, criminally bad. And they are untouchables unless you are not in the right click! Even those criminals caught still win nearly ever time! Remember Mendez, he is still there I am certain? I lose track of those charged criminally and all the mistrials, etc. if their jury can be bought.
        And we won’t even discuss Soros and his purchased state lawyers like the attorney in NY using her position to again do a witch hunt to target Trump! Sickening, she needs to be jailed for her actions. Using her position to look for a crime, any crime she can find! Have a crime to begin this whole assault is what I use to believe was necessary but like congress for their impeachment she has to dig and try to find something even if it is a lie or even a mistake an accountant has made, etc.. That is a microscope few could survive and Trump has done it repeatedly.

    2. As much as I hate to say it “We DO get the government we deserve”.Why in HELL do these bum’s keep getting elected?Some reason’s are voters are just too damn lazy to pay attention,or too stupid,or think things will get better.It’s true dem-o-rat’s “stick together” it’s because they have “leadership”, Republican’s don’t or can’t,their all over the map.They don’t follow through either.I speak as a “former” Republican,now conservative Libertarian independent.I didn’t leave the party it left me.That doesn’t mean I won’t vote for for an “R”,but it also mean’s I won’t vote “R” total party line.Republican’s better get their ACT TOGETHER or they will go like the Whigs.One last thing -We DID get SCREWED out of President Trump being reelected-NO THANKS to dem-o-rats,big tech,media-I WON”T FORGET! Bring back lynch mob’s.

      1. Well said, Republicans should not be weaker than the dems. but that has seemed to always be true. They don’t stick together like the Dems, why is that?

        1. The Dems put the fear of God into anyone who questions their program. They assure they will lose their position next voting season. They make their life miserable if they don’t conform. Republicans don’t know how to fight dirty.

          1. They do but too many are already compromised with dirt on their hands and the dim wits know it. Same with Sessions and Barr as Trumps DOJs. Dirty and establishment means PLAYERS in the cesspool and just another floater to be flushed.
            We have had a hard time over the past four years identifying the playground of the establishment, rinos, and dim wits alike. So has Trump and right now he wants to clean out the rinos in that cesspool or scare them into solidarity with their own party. I hope he manages to remove enough to provide a solid platform for conservatives to work from.
            Right now the conservatives are stabbed from behind by their own party members too often. I still do not trust McCain’s old buddy, Lindsay Graham, who today appears to be loyal. For how long is the question?

      2. globalist puppet $oro$ voter fraud appoints/reappoints globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet, rino criminal party .

      3. Well said Ima. And the AZ fraud investigation is hitting all the road blocks the party of liars, cheats, thieves can throw at them, (dim wits though rinos are as bad). I am completely certain based on the actions of the dim wits and the county admins actions that there must be a mountain of fraud to gather. And the auditors are doing it.

        Roulette voting machines, routers and all that are resisting still under court orders to submit. It is incredibly damning to wipe those machines after a court order to preserve and submit those items. Like Hillary when she demolished her phones and servers. How do these people get away with this? Anyone besides them would already be in jail for ignoring that court order.

    3. You have it right, except that he started being called the turtle because of his turtle-like facial features. It is not ALWAYS used as a perjurative.

      1. What is perjurative? Did you mean the adjective for perforate, perforative? Or maybe an adjective of perjure that I did not find? Could not find it in dictionaries at all?

  5. I truly believe that Trump’s biggest error as POTUS was NOT firing thsoe swamp critters subject to his “pleasure” and allowing too many RINOs and NeverTrumpers to remain in positions of authority plus promoting many of them into even more sensitive positions. Additionally, it made me wince each time he endorsed a RINO instead of TeaParty candidate. NOW – – – he realizes that everyone who acts friendly is NOT a friend. I am so glad he now knows the difference.

    1. True but some RINOs were really in the closet and didn’t come out as such until Biden was inaugurated,

    1. A majority of the RNC believe in the system’s design for the minority-parties’ loyal opposition and refuses to recognize the democorruptocrap’s attempt to corrupt our democratic system (see filibuster and SCOTUS). The lame-stream media and Big Tech (see ‘Awaiting for approval’ on public forum) bias has allowed the democorrutocraps to attack these democratic principles daily makes republicans appear weak and ineffectual.

  6. They should call it the NIMBY commission. The nation burned most of last year, but they said nothing. Domestic communists burned St John’s cathedral down the street. They said nothing. Let the violence strike close to their building they quake in their boots and expect us to treat them differently than citizens across the US. I think not.

  7. Unfortunately, what we see going on is the “old guard” just following in lock step with the deep state (swamp). It has been ruling our Country for so long that the “old timers” just follow along. After all, it is the safe way for them to go — party support and MONEY. The ONLY reason Trump got in was because ‘they’ thought he didn’t have a chance and ignored him. They didn’t make the same mistake twice. They got the skids all set up for 2020 and by HOOK AND CROOK, they ‘found’ the votes. Trump “undoubtedly” won the popular vote BUT the system was planned to ‘overcome’ such a small “inconvenience”. No more 2020 for the “big” guys. And, the American people, — “They’ll do WHAT we tell them — WHEN we tell them”.

  8. Again, Trump has hit the nail on the head! The modern Republican Party is gutless – and the MAIN reason they are, is the leadership. There’s nobody to crack the whip – to communicate with the rest of the party representatives (senators) that they will be required to stick together to get their policies enacted, for two reasons: 1) they will be outvoted if they don’t, and 2) the leadership will sideline them if they don’t. A little fear goes a long way.

    1. That is what the Senate and House should have done, Trump had his hands full and despite the rinos did a lot. In the end, the establishment set up Trump and fixed the election. The establishment through the NY Soros AG and this 1-6-21 commission witch hunts again are still trying to drag Trump permanently down. And the GOP still sits on their hands and watches the NY and 1/6 witch hunts. But they are willing to use Trump for their donation process. Support more rinos as well as the existing ones, no thanks.
      The whole awakening of the conservatives is not without consequences and even the dim wits fear 75 million ticked off voters. We just have to keep our votes as they are and hope the dim wits do not succeed in shoving the bill to interfere with states voting rights through the entire congress since our only bump in the road is dough boy McConnell. But if the dim wits do that. the states have to take it to court. Feds do have control, any control over voting laws. Blanket mailing, etc. is decided by the states and old Nanc knows this. Brazenly the dim wits always try to push for more than they are allowed and set precedence for the laws. States have to soundly stop them so they cannot ever usurp the lawful rights defined in the constitution.

  9. Trump is right—it is the leadership. Oh and for your information, , Ben Sasse is now working with Chris Coons the democrat lobbyist to China —isn’t that special Nebraska—he needs some leadership to ride his back

  10. Let’s start eliminating rhinos,all rhinos,primary everyone of the chicken littles of the repuke party,never seen such spineless, people in my life, very hard to vote for people lioke that. But with the other liberal,socialist,marxist,dummycrap commie party we have no choice.

  11. Absolutely right…these gutless & feckless RINO-elitists actually despise the demon(c)rats & the conservatives…but, at the same time, want to differentiate themselves ‘politically’ from their ‘lib-turd’ brethren…so they hang-around and ‘monetize’ politics & undermine & adulterate, the GOP message. They mostly inherited ‘their politics’ & money from their parents…

  12. Given what I recently read about the behavior of some of the Republicans in Congress, one would think that those who are not supporting their people would be asked to leave! Mitch McConnell is a case in mind, as he refused to support Pres. Trump. If they aren’t in support with the policies stated or any other such matters, lit would be best to replace them with others who will support their cohort!

    1. Don’t fall into the Democorruptocrap trap. Trump, being businessman that has private-sector accomplishments gave the US citizen the best economy ever recorded. Trump was not a professional ‘ruling-elite’ globalist politician bereft of any accomplishments benefiting the US citizens (see deep-state low-grade lawyers tired of chasing ambulances), warned the US citizens that cleaning out the DC ghetto swamp might take longer and require more effort now that ‘establishment republicans’ resemble the democorruptocrap’s deep-state. The founding Fathers also warned the US citizen about the deep-state politicians when they completed construction of this representative republic saying, We have given the US citizens a Democracy form of government, now it’s up to the US citizens to hang on to it. Now Big-Tech has been corrupted (see Article 230) like the lame-stream media and it is US citizen to hold the line on the Federal government and short of a bloody civil war, the Convention of States need to come together and educate the democorruptocrap constituency about the limits of federal government’s constitutional power (apparently the 12 years of free education in the corrupted public education system failed) and strip the power-hungry monstrosity of federal government in DC.

  13. While the Democrat usually exhibits chutzpah in bulldozing his way through like a rhinoceros, the Republican quite frequently goes squishy like an invertebrate jellyfish. Would that the jellyfish would develop a sting like a Portuguese man of war!

  14. These politicians need to get a backbone to Demoncrat arrogant elitists. They do not have any problems voicing their opinions.

  15. God bless Trump! “THIS” man understands AMERICA & what “we” stand for! Right to life, LAW & ORDER,, BORDERS, & Religion! “We” don’t care “if” you are ” any color”, so what?? Who cares? All any of “us” want is to “live & let live”, get along with each other & “make a life” for our families.


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