DeSantis Says People Moving to Florida ‘Overwhelmingly’ Registering with GOP, Dems Switching Parties

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Over the past year, Florida has seen a massive population increase as people from states like liberal New York and California flee climbing taxes in exchange for sandy beaches and freedom. Governor Ron DeSantis’s bold approach to COVID-19 and decision to open the Florida economy has made him a rockstar to conservatives and public enemy number one to the left.

During a Townhall event with Sean Hannity, DeSantis reflected on the massive surge of new Floridians and said he believes that most are registering as Republicans and many former Democrats are switching parties after seeing how liberal states responded to Covid-19.

According to The Daily Wire:

“The media at the beginning of this said Florida’s bad and I think it’s because they want to damage Trump in Florida, they want to damage me. So, they just kept saying it was bad,” DeSantis said. “And even though the facts didn’t say it, like literally last April, they’re saying Florida is doing worse than New York. New York was like 10 times worse.”

“And so, I think what it did is the people that buy those phony narratives for these media, they probably aren’t coming to Florida. But most people see through it. But the people that see through it, they think like us. And so, I think a lot of these people are coming. I think they are registering as Republicans overwhelming,” he continued. “And I also have come across a lot of people who, quite frankly, were Democrats. The lockdowns turned them into Republicans.”

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  1. about 2000. are coming to Florida on an daily basis, mostly fro Michigan and NY. Think the Caliens are mostly moving to Texas. DemonRat states are Commie States, all about taxing you to death!!

        1. Yes that means stand against them through that mask away and do not obey anything they say. It is unconstitutional in what they are doing . they go against our constitution and our rights it’s time to go against them .

  2. That’s great, just make sure they don’t bring the liberal mindset with them. I currently live in a blue state and I applaud Florida’s leadership during this plandemic. Actually looking into a possible 2nd home down there in case I visit….

  3. I live in North Carolina and consider it a RED state even though we have a blue state Governor. I think after the pandemic that people here are fed up with The democrat Governor and are having buyers remorse. The rest of our government is definitely republican. If you move to North Carolina help us to turn this state back to solid RED!

  4. I just pray that these residents coming from blue states DON’T bring their commie politics with them. Not to FL, not to TX and others.
    Governor Desantis is an absolute rock star.
    Honestly, I hope he runs for President in 2024.
    I love President Trump, but the media will crucify him. It will be brutal and I don’t believe the nation is up for it. Don’t give me wrong, I love President Trump.

    1. They will go after De santis like you have never seen. They are afraid of people finding out what they are all about

    2. They will try and crucify him. they are already trying. President Trump is tough and has endured so many of these attacks and lawsuits and court hearings. I think this country is up for the fight and I think De Santis and Trump would make an awesome team. They are both tough and don’t put up with any crap coming from the Democrats. They are a disgrace to the American People and what this country stands for FREEDOM!

    3. They will crucify President Trump if he runs again. That’s what all the hubbub is about in regard to his financials in NY. They aren’t leaving a rock unturned. By hook or by crook they will find something, or at least they hope. If President Trump doesn’t or can’t run again, then I hope DeSantis and Candice Owens run together. She would be a great running mate for him and they would compliment each other so well. And then after 8 years she could run for President and bring on Madison Cawthorn as her Veep. He’d have enough experience by then to take on the rigors of a national campaign. There’s some great, young conservatives coming up that President Trump has trained well and shown them how to take on the Progressives and beat the snot out of them. Thank you President Trump.

  5. DeSantis and Florida are examples of what can happen when conservatives take a strong stand for freedom and conservative principles. It’s the RINOs in the Republican Party that have been holding it back for the last couple or more decades. Democrat-lights don’t inspire anyone to get on board. RINOs like Romney, Sasse, Collins, Murkowski and Portman must GO!! George W. Bush and the Republicans could have solved our immigration reform needs if RINO McCain, Rubio and others hadn’t colluded with the Democrats to craft a leftist-leaning bill that had no chance for approval.

  6. I don’t trust Democrats registering as GOP…they just want to get the more liberal GOP candidate elected in the primaries. Wish the Democrats would stay put in their own messes.

    1. Some of us are sincere…Hussein taught me how bad the Dims are…but I never voted for one after JFK, so I think my mindset changed waaay before I actually changed parties…now I identify as independent…can’t stand the waffeling of the Reps either…So I guess i am a Trump Rep.

  7. Just look at the positive things that Governor DeSantis has done for Florida including the elderly, for businesses, and schools, and compare them with the woke, liberal, governors who allowed their cities to be attacked by BLM, anarchists, and set on fire, shutting down businesses and schools because of the Obsession of Covid, and trying to destroy the lives of so many people in their states. DeSantis is batting 100 and the left 0

  8. One aspect: it’s perfectly clear that the maskies and the vaccines (experimental, unapproved and risky) are NOT about human health, they are about totalitarian CONTROL. Gov. De Santis saw through this programmed deception and took a strong, principled stand. May the new residents of FL immigrate AND leave their foolish BLUE voting habits behind them, lest they they turn FL into a cesspool like the ones they fled in righteous horror.

  9. The downside of liberal immigrants is that they bring their thinking with them never realizing that they are trying to escape the results of that very mindset. Escapees from leftist Maryland did just that to Virginia.

  10. The truth of the matter is that the government that has went crazy and is obsessed with power, and control, not the American people. The American people want NORMAL lives and families, and they aren’t racist or lawless. Every kind of evil and deception has been used to thwart a lawful, prosperous, secure society. The Biden Administration is lining up with the world and the policies that make nations fail, and become troublesome.


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