Senate Passes Bill Forcing Biden to Declassify Covid Origin Docs

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

The Senate just passed a Republican-led bill forcing President Biden to declassify documents regarding the origins of Coronavirus. The Senate unanimously passed a bill by Senators Josh Hawley and Mike Braun that focuses on making any known connections between the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Coronavirus available to the American people.

The Daily Wire reports:

A new report published this week by The Wall Street Journal stated that three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) — China’s only Biosafety level-4 laboratory — were hospitalized in November 2019 with symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

“I think it’s time that the American people got to decide for themselves,” Hawley said in a Wednesday floor speech. “It’s time that they actually got to see the evidence that the United States government has collected on this issue.”

“Though many scientists, including former CDC Director Robert Redfield, have been outspoken about the possibility that the COVID-19 pandemic began with a lab leak, the media and others have denied that possibility from the beginning,” Braun said. “Now that it is clear that the lab leak theory is completely viable, Americans need real answers. We will not get those answers from another botched investigation from the World Health Organization, or more cover-ups by China’s Communist regime.”

“Americans have been through so much from this virus. Many of us have lost friends and loved ones, many have lost businesses they’ve spent their lives building,” Braun added. “President Biden must declassify all U.S. intelligence related to any link between the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the COVID-19 pandemic, so that independent researchers and the American people can get answers. This bill will make sure that Americans and independent researchers have all the information available to them on this issue that matters so much both for those who have been affected by this pandemic, and for preventing the next one.”

The Senate also recently unanimously approved an amendment from Senator Rand Paul which bans any funding for gain-of-function research by the Wuhan Institute.

  1. Like China said all along… Covid was the work of the US Government. And now we know Fauci used taxpayer money to fund it!

      1. Willing partners!!! Must be held accountable!! Too many deaths, loss of income, destruction of families, suicides, too many small businesses gone!!! Forget the 6 Trillion bailout!! Open our country and get to work, and that means every member of congress and senators, the other dead-beats!!! This is your doing!!!

          1. We need the true President, President Trump, to make deals with countries such as India, Indonesia, etc to pick up what has been made in China.

        1. And…thousands of students have lost over a year of instruction. Many will never catch up because of the Wuhan flu debacle. The students schools and government always say need extra help because families can’t provide computers, etc., never got that help. Now, instead of help for them, this Administration wants trillions of dollars, most of which seems to be payouts to their supporters.

  2. Well joe & the Democrats have allowed china to Destroy all of the evidence thanks Dr Fauci Fakey

  3. Media helped cover it up by calling President Trump racist for saying there was a real possibility Covid came from China.

    1. Media is the ENEMY of the people.
      We need to take them to task, just like all the parents challenging their school districts about race theory.

  4. Call me crazy all day and twice on Sunday, but it firmly believe that this virus was absolutely brought here on purpose. To take our country and President Trump down. It’s absolutely possible the dumbocraps had something to do with it because of their hate for America, it’s citizenry and especially the President. Last but certainly not least, Dr Fukki is up to his eyeballs in it. Yet, people praise this corrupt individual.
    2022 and 2024 are not far off. Let’s stay focused and get out and vote at every single election.

    1. I knew right off that it was done on purpose and that it was/is a weapon…President Trump had it right

    2. This virus was not the cause of our president Trump losing the last election.It was rigged buy big tech and the voting machines,IMO. We all voted, just like in Ga. but the deal was already in place and no one checked these machines. And state legislators allowed it

  5. The Media is the voice of the democrat. The democrats tell them what to say. There is NO truth in anything they say!

  6. This is off the subject bur it is the best thing I read all day! The renaming of the Squad…”Hamas Caucus”!!! Fits don’t it??

      1. Yours is better then the one I read the otherday. It boggles my mind how Americians can hate America and hate Israel with such vile hatred

  7. Fraud Fauci should be charged for murder! China also got millions under bidenobama administraation, so they planned this bioweapon well in advance before election, they knew TRUMP would win, and that was the only way to derail Americas attention and plan their lies, cheating and shenaniganswith voter fraud. }}Satans all of them. Look what they have done t the WORLD! not just the US! WORLD TARISFFS against China to bring them to their knees PLEASE! WORLD: UNITE against China if youve got any b@@ls.!!!!

  8. Hallelujah! It’s about time! ?How”? long does “it” take to connect the dots? As long as Washington, D.C. “won’t” LET the “dots” be connected! Fauci is a LIAR & put “all of us” thru HELL & the AMERICAN PUBLIC should SUE “HIM” in a class action lawsuit. “WE” should sue “him” as a civil person. “WE” takeaway his $$$! His credentialsa are “Nothing but a fraud” & ALL OF AMERICA has sufferred BECAUSE of this “nitwit” , Who’s been in Gov’t”forever” & knows ZILCH! “WHERE” can America get a lawyer? MAYBE JUDICIAL WATCH??

  9. Trump said it” was the Whuhan virus. NOW? , Biden’s investigating it? I don’t “think” that America is gonna buy this B.S.! “WHAT” has China got “on” Biden & his “wonderful son”, HUNTER? I want the “stuff” off of the computer. I want the”stuff” that Guallani has AND that the FBI will NOT give us!!I “PRAY” that Giuliani has back up data & can “let us know” what’s happening with “no computer” info. THIS ROTS!!!

  10. The Left sold America out. Their new master is the CCP, and we all know that the plot was to create the virus (which the US taxpayer funded,). undermine the economy, President Trump, and destroy America’s prosperity.

  11. Yeah, well how come Dr. Falsie and perhaps others were prophesying 2-3 YEARS ago that America would be hit by a NASTY PANDEMIC? It makes one think. Some catastrophes are programmed. I firmly believe this COVID catastrophe, whether programmed or not, was seized upon as a convenient political weapon against the American people and their heroic outsider upstart who had the audacity to run for political office and win.

  12. Amazing! Republican Senators got all Democrats to make a unanimous Vote to declassify where the CCP virus got its start….which none want voters to think they would support a lie from Chinese government. All because someone noted that the ‘bat’ theory had no support!


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