Lobbying Firm Connected to Burisma ‘Pitched’ Ukrainian Prosecutor ‘Access’ to 2016 Clinton Team

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking with supporters at a town hall meeting at Hillside Middle School in Manchester, New Hampshire. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

Emails between former Obama State Department officials show that a former Ukrainian prosecutor was “pitched” by a lobbying firm linked to Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings to give him access to “high levels” of the Clinton campaign in the weeks leading to the 2016 election. Former Ukrainian prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko relayed the information to former Obama State Department official George Kent about the Blue Star Strategies 2016 meeting.

Fox News reports:

In the email, dated Sept. 4, 2016, Kent writes that he met with Lutsenko “one on one after I’d SMSed him regarding stories that he was using a third party lobbyist to pull together a planned trip to DC turned into a chat over Thai food at the DCR.”

Kent, a key witness in the first impeachment proceedings against former President Trump in 2019, said the two discussed options of a trip Lutsenko had been planning to the U.S., and “confirmed he has been pitched by Blue Star, not sought them out.”

“He said he honestly didn’t know how Blue Star was to get paid — he didn’t have funds — and that some BPP MP that we probably didn’t know ‘and that’s good’ (Truhubenko??) had introduced them to him,” Kent wrote. It is unclear who “Truhubenko” is.

“Blue Star CEO [Karen] Tramantano’s pitch was that she could gain him access to high levels of the Clinton campaign (GPK note: she was Podesta’s deputy as deputy COS the last year of Bill Clinton’s tenure), and that was appealing—to meet the possible next Presidential Chief of Staff,” Kent wrote.

Blue Star Strategies is currently facing a criminal investigation from the Justice Department.

  1. So what is going to happen to the Clintons and Bidens? Probably the usual – Nothing. They are all untouchable and above the law and that’s that.

        1. Rather see them spend the rest of their days on a deserted island w/1 airdrop of food per week-they’d kill each other w/in a couple of weeks!!! Save us time and money and no one else would be “GUILTY” !

    1. that is 1000% correct NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL, they will skip out and remain rich on stolen money. CORRUPTION at the TOP.

    2. All remarks made were so true. But since the law won’t take care of them, we need to make sure Trump is re-elected that will have them depressed for four years! That may be the only thing we can do to them.

  2. Why of course she is ,deeply involved with Russia and Putin, and her bubba billy boy, she and he are one of the most corrupt politicians , and I’d love to see them both in prison and never leave , except in a body bag,

    1. I have plenty of faith in God’s will, Elizabeth. But must confess I’m a bit short on patience right now, after all the subterfuge and insidious evil acts these people have committed and gotten away with for the past several years!! 🙁

        1. Good one, Steve! 🙂 Amen is ok by me, although I’m surprised the “woke” crowd hasn’t latched onto that one like they have everything else they’re attempting to neuter! 🙂

          1. You and I are smart enough to know that, D. But I have my doubts about the “rational thinking” abilities of the “woke” liberals.

        2. Forget the “Awoman”!! That term (AMEN) belongs only to GOD, and as a “woman” I have NO problem w/ letting HIM keep it!!! (Just means-“I agree”)

        1. I agree, Mike. And that is very likely why we find ourselves where we are today. Republicans grew lax while the Democrats got more and more off the rails liberal! It’s going to be hard to recover at this point, although not impossible. But we’re going to have to come back strong and let them know we mean business if we’re going to save our country and freedom.

    2. The 7 massive volcanic eruptions in 7 days are a clear sign for everyone to get rid of all of the Demo RATS the gates of hell are about to open and devour everything and everyone! Once the gates are torn open there will be no closing them, and Biden is nothing compared to what Earth will become!

      1. Where have I been?? Hadn’t heard about the SEVEN! Have been telling my g.kids that it’s coming SOON-Satan has been LOOSED! When that chain splits the continent in 1/2 Pacific to Atlantic, when it hits the “mighty Mississipp” it will split North and south as well and the “mystery Babylon ” will be destroyed! And THAT is US folks!

  3. So, sadly, a fake headline. I get that the left does it. I expect it but am thoroughly disheartened that the right gives fake news too.

    1. Maybe, just maybe Pelosi has went to far. Just read that she offered 4X the amount sent by her constituency for her election. So far she hasn’t paid ONE CENT. That is illegal. Also she ran out and bought Microsoft stock after a deal they made with the government. She i on the committee that okayed it.

    1. Cheer up. The Clinton Foundation is being investigated again. Apparently whistleblowers had the proof that, among other things, Billy Boy thought the Foundation was his private piggy bank. One can always hope.

    1. Yes, where’s Durham? How much is his “stipend” for his “investigations” that has accomplished nothing so far. Disappointing pick from that disappointing AG Barr. I don;t think there is an honest person left in the DC Government.

  4. Just can’t keep those Clintons down – now can you! It seems that the Clinton crime family had (has?) their dirty fingers into just about everything. And of course they immediately pointed at their competition for doing the very illegal things THEY were doing, all along. There’s no one dirtier than a Clinton – except, maybe, a Biden!

  5. IF she ever did anything honest, no one would believe her!! She doesn’t know how!!!!!! Her “lying eyes” wouldn’t know what to do/how to look!


  7. It is not the republicans who need to stand up and stop all of this. It is the American People who need to STOP it. Our Founding Fathers started with WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not we the people in congress. We need to take the power and show them how it is done. There are plenty of Citizens who will stand shoulder to shoulder to teach these so called representatives how it is done.

  8. Hey guys. America is up against a global monopoly bankrolled by the likes of Soros, Bloomberg, Rockefeller, Zuckerberg, & 75% of Washington, D.C. politicians & everybody embedded in ALL our departments of government. “WE” are “pawns” being used by the “people” in control to FORCE “US” into compliance, “which” is “their” way of “thinking OR “NO OTHER WAY OF THINKING . “WELL”! GUESS WHAT! “WE” “think” for ourselves! Our problem NOW is that “we” have no control of anything! It’s BIG BUCKS who ‘s CONTROLLING ALL OF “US”! Biden is a “moron” & Kamala is a pawn being “used: by these people”AND their” plan is a ?One World Government, probably controlled by China? For ALL of”US” , who BELIEVE in GOD, “WE” need to stand UP for our FAITH, ALL of which is “NON-VIOLENT. For “true” believers, there IS no division among ANY RACE., SKIN COLOR, “speech accent”, OR religion.

  9. NOTHING is going to “happen” to Clinton, PERIOD! She’s “got” the World Cartel” of BIG MONEY “behind her”! The SWAMP” is NOT just “D.C.”, “IT”s GLOBAL! I’m Catholic AND I’d “say” BIG TIME” that “The Vatican” is involved in this “mess”. No matter “WHAT”, The Church” WILL prevail.! Hillary “WON’T’ go away. She’s “backed” by big money & lawyers who will “take care of her”. America doesn’t like her.”What’s the connection”? between her &Perkins Coir Law firm. ? 100 + “lawyers” going to Arizona to”count” VOTES & “make SURE “that” “it’s ? legit”? She can “shove” her “glass ceiling”. She LOST “BIG TIME” BECAUSE “the PEOPLE” DESPISE HER!.She’s an arrogant “Dem” who “Thinks” that SHE “is above the peons”.BIG mouth & NOTHING to “back up” ANTHING that’s she’s done.What’s “with” the “CLINTON FOUNDATIION? “WHERE’s Bill on this?Too boot “WHERE IS THE FEDERAL GOV’T ON ANY OF THIS?

  10. Mass amounts of information coming out thanks to Hunter’s laptop and the emails found on it. What do you hear on mainstream media–crickets. It’s all covered up, from the highest levels of government and the bought and paid for media mob. Pay close attention to how hard Democrats and the Rinos are fighting against the election audits. These people are the OLD GOP and the Democrats who are the base of the deep state, the ones who take their marching orders from the corporate leaders who control the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Think the hacks on the pipeline and the meat packing plant were bad, they’re nothing compared to how our election machines can be hacked.
    Democrats are going to try to force S.1 through the Senate. It is a massive takeover and destruction of all security methods used for our elections. It would ELIMINATE the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of states to operate their elections, and give Democrats power that would insure they HOLD control of our country indefinitely. If you love this country, irregardless of which party you support and irregardless of which party your representatives belong to, CALL, WRITE and EMAIL them–tell them you DO NOT support S. 1 and encourage them to vote against it.

  11. How deep is the DEEP STAE? Straight down to the depths of hell.”We” have 2 systems of “justice”. Those with money & those without. A “little” power & influence in high places also helps.For “the rest of us peons”, we’re screwed.


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