Landlords Turn to Supreme Court to Strike Down Eviction Ban

A coalition of Alabama landlords is hoping the Supreme Court will strike done the current moratorium on evictions as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to dwindle. The Alabama Association of Realtors asked Justice John Roberts, who handles inquires from the U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. to grant an emergency order which would allow evictions to resume.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“Landlords have been losing over $13 billion every month under the moratorium, and the total effect of the CDC’s overreach may reach up to $200 billion if it remains in effect for a year,” attorneys wrote in the brief.

The CDC’s moratorium is set to expire in June. Its expiration date has already been extended several times. The order was originally instituted to prevent the spread of the pandemic in overcrowded buildings.

The group argued in its brief that as more and more people are vaccinated, the public health rationale for continuing the moratorium is diminishing rapidly.

“The CDC’s continued insistence that public-health concerns necessitate that landlords continue to provide free housing for tenants who have received vaccines (or passed up the chance to get them) is sheer doublespeak,” attorneys wrote.

The request comes after the D.C. Appeals court upheld the revocation moratorium earlier this week.


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