After Biden Accuses Trump of Misusing Govt. Resources His DOJ Chooses to Defend Trump in Defamation Suit

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Months after President Biden accused former President Trump of taking advantage of government resources for his own personal benefit, Biden’s Justice Department has submitted a brief to defend former President Trump in a defamation suit.

The case revolves around comments then-President Trump made about writer E. Jean Carroll who accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in the 1990s. Then-President Trump vehemently denied her claims saying she “is not his type.” Carroll then filed a defamation suit over Trump’s “crude and disrespectful” comments.

According to The Daily Wire:

The New York Times reports that the Biden DOJ submitted a brief acknowledging “that Mr. Trump’s remarks about Ms. Carroll were ‘crude and disrespectful,’” but defending the former president from a claim of defamation, taking up Trump’s claim that he is not subject to a suit on the issue because the remarks were made in the context of his official duties as president.

“Rather, the lawyers wrote, because they believe Trump was an employee of the government and that he acted ‘within the scope of employment,’” CNN added, “the department, rather than Trump personally, should serve as defendant in the case.”

“Elected public officials can — and often must — address allegations regarding personal wrongdoing that inspire doubt about their suitability for office,” the brief continued. “Officials do not step outside the bounds of their office simply because they are addressing questions regarding allegations about their personal lives.”

“At one of their debates, Mr. Biden accused Mr. Trump of treating the Justice Department like his “own law firm” in the suit, filed against him by the writer E. Jean Carroll. ‘What’s that all about?’ he sarcastically asked,” according to The New York Times.

House Judiciary Committee Democrats are furious over the Justice Department’s decision to defend Trump. The Committee wrote a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland to reconsider the “misguided” decision.

Fox News reports:

The House Democrats, led by Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler of New York, said the Justice Department should not be spending taxpayer dollars to defend Trump. The Democrats raised concerns about the Justice Department setting a new policy standard on immunity for personal conduct.

“President Trump’s disgusting comments about Ms. Carroll had nothing to do with his official responsibilities as President, and the whole world knows it,” the Democrats wrote. “Survivors of sexual assault, among other victims, deserve better.”

The White House distanced itself from the Justice Department’s decision, in keeping with Biden’s stance to not influence the Attorney General’s moves.

“This is in active litigation, and so we refer you to the Department of Justice concerning its court filings,” White House spokesperson Andrew Bates told Fox News this week. “The White House was not consulted by DOJ on the decision to file this brief or its contents. And while we are not going to comment on this ongoing litigation, the American people know well that President Biden and his team have utterly different standards from their predecessors for what qualify as acceptable statements.”

About eight months ago Biden made comments that Trump was using the Justice Department as his personal law firm but it seems even the Justice Department is on Trump’s side.

  1. Anything coming from Naddler should be immediately dismissed. This guy runs around all day with a diaper full of shit!

  2. So she is not his type? She made the statement about abuse and he states she his not his type. That is pretty tempered down to what she is going to get in court. Hoe running around famous people people with a mattress on her back?

  3. Encouraging to see the DOJ actually doing its duty for a change, instead of illegally bowing to the whims of the demonrats.

    1. He’s NOT my president and NEVER WILL BE!
      Illegitimately placed in the people’s house!

  4. Instead of stupid liberal bull maybe you liberals democrats morons should be more concerned with the debacle at the nation borders. Wasting your time and money on Trump is why democrats are voting morons. That keeps theses incompetent Marxist morons in office. Just take a good look at the clowns in the White House and the unconscious president.

  5. But President Stolen can sniff hair and fondle children and go unscathed.
    And Tara Reid is not believed!
    No communion for you Joe.✝️🇺🇸

  6. Telling some woman ‘You’re not my type’ sounds factual and understated to me, by no means crude and disrespectful.

    1. I agree. “You’re not my type” is pretty mild response to some lady lying and defaming you’re reputation!

  7. J. Nad the Hut (Jerry Nadler is one disgusting individual. Democrats are hilarious as long as you don’t take them seriously.

    As for E. Jean Carroll (she lists her occupation as an advice columnist) she is another pathetic joke and is completely UNQUALIFIED to give out any advice on ANYTHING. It is very clear that her accusations levied against President Trump are a pathetic attempt to gain some publicity for herself. Donald Trump has standards and this so-called advice columnist is WAY below his standards.

  8. Hmmmm! One wonders why claimant Carroll’s ego is so easily bruised that she considers someone saying “She’s not my type” defamation of her character. Could it be that with sexual assault charges flying as thick as flies on a pile of feces during Trump’s, Biden’s campaigns & Brett Kavanaugh’s 3 ring circus conformation hearings and not a single woman being challenged with a defamation of character lawsuit has emboldened more women to make false charges, since only one woman (Tara Reade) in either of those claims has given a credible account of her sexual assault event., Ask any actual sexual assault victim/survivor what happened & she or he is going to give you a much better story than “I can’t remember how I got to the house where the party was or how I got home form the party – but she recalls being groped during the party. No sane juror is going to convict someone on such flawed evidence by an alleged victim because she was either drunk or drugged to the point of stupor or blackout before she left her home & still in the same state before leaving the party for home,. What gives with this thin skinned Carroll female? Is she just greedy & sees a chance to try to extort some hush money from a multimillionaire that she has been led to believe paid hush money to 2 other women?

  9. Perhaps Biden should get the same department to defend him against his many crimes against America instead.

  10. These are same politicians who wasted millions defaming Trump with known false accusations. They should pay reparations. They got to slander Trump without repercussion.

  11. What about the women who claim Biden groped them,?oh sorry that’s OK he’s a commie


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