Sources say Trump Will Only Maintain ‘Good Relationship’ with Pence for so Long

Photo of Trump and Pence in the Oval Office. Public Domain

According to multiple Republican strategists, Trump and his former VP Mike Pence are actually on good terms following the Jan. 6th Capitol riot but that could all come crashing down if the two both launch presidential campaigns in 2024. Despite Trump’s “disappointment” in Pence’s refusal to try and black the certification of some state’s electoral vote for Joe Biden and the angry messaging that followed Trump still considered Pence a friend and good man.

Following a speech at the North Carolina GOP convention Trump told Fox News reporters, “Well I don’t know, it’s really too soon to tell. But certainly we had a very good relationship I was disappointed with Mike on one thing as he understands and some other people understand, but overall, I had a very good relationship with Mike and he’s a very fine person and a fine man,”

While the two former running mates may be on friendly terms three Republican strategists say that would likely meet a quick end should the two have to face off on the campaign trail. Pence has hinted at running for president in 2024 and unlike some other possible contenders he has not indicated he will bow out should Trump also mount a campaign.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“He’s not going to burn any bridges at this point. It’s way too early,” one stated.

Two Republican strategists gave slightly more cynical explanations — namely that, based on the polls, Pence isn’t really a threat to a third Trump run.

“If Trump doesn’t run and Pence ends up being the guy for 2024, he’ll want to throw his full weight behind him, no strings attached,” the second strategist added, noting Trump’s post-White House emergence as the GOP’s campaign kingmaker.

“If Pence starts surging, you might see Trump change his tune,” he continued. “But that’s only if he decides to run again.”

The strategists also added that if Trump doesn’t mount a third campaign, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will likely launch a presidential campaign.

  1. I think Trump needs to stay away from Pence and Pence stay away from Trump. Let them both work on and promote what their agendas are and go from there.

  2. President Trump may forgive Pence, but Pence also betrayed the American people and, while we may forgive him for being a weak man, we will not forget. Judas Pence does not represent the will of the people and we will not elect him! If he hasn’t figured that out, he may be a “good” man but he’s not a wise one.

    1. Pence sent me the letter to ask for money to FIGHT BACK THE RADICAL LEFT, I sent him back with the note “you had the opportunity to fight them on 1-6-2021 & YOU DID NOT DO IT, none money for you MISTER”

    2. Nowhere in the Constitution can you find the VP given the power to block EV from the States. Mike Pence was a loyal and able Vice President and would make an excellent

      1. Maybe he would make an excellent president, but if he ran against Trump, wouldn’t, in essence, say that he is against Trump policies. Doesn’t really matter Pence cannot win, he is seen too much as a zealot.

  3. VP Pense would be a SERIOUS contender as he holds all the same positions as POTUS … with a “bit more” sophistication

    1. Never in a million years will people trust Pence, so the Rino establishment and the communist party can forget about using him to fool us again!

  4. Pence would have no chance, and he wouldn’t be Trumps running mate again, he is a nobody,with few friends. Trump would win in overwhelming numbers, like what’s going to happen in 2024, if he isn’t reinstated before then.

  5. VP Pence is a good man. However, for me he was always a little to milk and cookies. I would have to see who the contenders are in 2024. He’s not my first choice. I truly would love to see Governor Desantis run. He’s young, energetic and full of great ideas. Not to mention he can wipe the floor with the media.
    I loved President Trump’s 4 years, but, given what the media would do to him again, I’m just not sure if he would win. Scares me to think that people didn’t vote for him in 2020 because he triggered them in every way.

    1. Voter “Audits” of the 2020 election are a big thing now. Strange things like Republicans winning most of the elections for state government positions but Trump loses the votes in that state. Hardly. Mail in ballots that look like there were xeroxed that had no folds on them. . ON CAMERA After the vote counters were sent home cases of votes were pulled from under tables and counted. Arizona started the audits, Now states are asking permission to check out the deal. Wisconsin, Wyoming, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Hampshire are checking it out.

  6. Does ANYONE think that if Pence did challenge AND BLOCK the certifications of the electoral votes of those contested states, the so called riots on January 6, would have still happened? Honestly? Those infiltrators of antifa, leadership of Proud Boys, mixed in with Sunrise and others, could NOT have influenced and riled the Trump supporters into a rampage because there wouldn’t been a reason to be angry, they would have cheering for the stoppage. PENCE knew there would be Trump supporters, he even campaigned in Georgia about counting the LEGAL VOTES AND ILLEGAL VOTES TO BE THROWN OUT and then he did that on January 6?!! PENCE IS A TRAITOR, WENT AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. He works for the swamp, Pelosi, etc. GO AWAY PENCE AND NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER , BE AROUND POLITICS AGAIN ANYWHERE IN THIS NATION.

    1. Pence should have followed the Constitution and allowed Arizona to represent their case. He totally shut down evidence and truth on the fraudulent election, and WHY? Because the whole Capitol Event with the Shaman and BLM was staged ahead of time to create the narrative of Trump supporters attacking the Capitol. Theres always an evil plot behind everything the woke radical left does.

  7. Mr. Vice President, I know of two conflicting schools of thought:
    1) That you genuinely perceived a Constitutional barrier to decertifying the 2020 election.
    2) That you declined to decertify the 2020 election because you fostered ulterior motives, to wit: to promote your own political ambitions.
    So WHICH is it, Mr. Vice President? American Republican loyalists are DYING to know.

  8. President Trump should never trust Mike Pence again. Pence’s non- actions gave the election to Biden who actually did not win the Presidency.

  9. I was at one time a big Pence supporter, but after his betrayal of Trump druing the ratifications of election, I will never, ever, support Pence at anything he does.

  10. Sorry Pence, you’re just not enough of a fighter. ANY candidate for the Republican nomination for President had better be serious about fighting and better have a thick skin, that person will need both to counter the attacks by Democrats.

  11. Too soon to tell about anything. “We” don’t even know “if” Trumps gonna even run! “IF” Trump decides, Pence will NOT be his “wing man”.A lot happens in a short time & the “media”will start the NONSENSE all over again.Pence “screwed himself” by NOT sticking up for Trump during the “insurrection”. “Those” of “us” who support Trump, “KNOW” that he would NEVER espouse violence. Live, love & be happy & hate & violence is NOT his creed!

  12. Don’t let the socialist left and rino Republicans push another false candidate on you that will say things to win your vote, and then betray you and this country.


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