Keeping Out the ‘Riff Raff’ BLM Co-founder Patrisse Cullors Installs Fencing, Electric Gate Around Posh LA Home

Craig Talbert, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors has installed an electric gate and fencing around her luxury $1.4 million Los Angeles home. Cullors bought the home in March before announcing she will be stepping away from the organization after her luxury home shopping spree caught national attention.

Fox News reports:

Critics have pointed out that Cullors bought the high-end homes despite referring to herself as a “trained Marxist” in the past.

At the time, Cullors said allegations that she enriched herself through donations meant for Black Lives Matter were ‘categorically untrue.” She denied that she received a salary from the foundation, asserting that her income came from other sources, such as proceeds from book sales and a YouTube deal, and was unrelated to the $90 million in donations BLM received in 2020.

A neighbor told Daily Mail that a subcontractor told him the wooden fence they were erecting around the property and other exterior improvements in the “$35,000 range.”

“It will have an electronic gate at the driveway portion, a walk up door, and call box, and other safety measures, cameras – you know, to keep the riff raff out,” the neighbor added.

  1. Now she has the high dollar house. How is she going to maintain it? The property tax is a chuck I bet. All the upkeep on that will guess will be about $60,000.00 a year or more. It can bankrupt her fairly quick if she don’t have a good cash flow.. Just the lawn/ garden work , pool maintainer can eat a lot of budget. Plus a million other things. Oh! I forgot she is a trained “Marxist” and I guess she just steals it from somebody because that is what they do. May BLM and Antifa fall off the nearest cliff and take her with them.

    1. Prop tax is 1,458 a month, tack another 250 for insurance that’s 1700 a month without counting mortgage. figure another 5 to 6000 mortgage and you have the lifestyles of rich and shameless

  2. The are so corrupt and all these idiots who follow should look at the house and property she owns. The reason for her fence and electric gate is someone she thinks is going to do her harm. She would more than this to stop someone.

    1. I believe her biggest supporters were George (Hitler lover) Soros, Obama and the leaders of Twitter, Facebook and Goggle. Too bad the people who supported BLM through to beatings and fires and robberies weren’t able to receive any of the monies she received. Crooked and corrosive and filled with hate is all these people are. Did it ever make them think maybe it’s their failure. Everyone, no matter who they are black, white or brown can succeed in life. Color is an excuse the radical right uses when all the radical right does is use the blacks as an excuse and play the ethnic game when in fact the far lefts, socialist, Marxist, communists use the blacks to cause hate and divide between everyone and they’ve done it since they brought in people of color to do their dirty work. The only difference between whites and blacks is the color of our skin. Stand up peacefully against the right evil doers and be kind to everyone. We are all Gods people and should all live by Gods word. Don’t let the left turn you into slaves again for their history proves who they are.

      1. Don’t forget all the liberals, including their vacuous Democrat congress people. Some of Black Lives (don’t really) Matter (to them) rioters and looters biggest supporters come from among them — mostly to help them win elections! 🙁

  3. Communism is just the highest form of the old organized crime protection racket. The leadership uses good squads to enforce their will over the people. They force the people to work in government {Mob} controlled industry and pay them starvation wages, while the top tier rack in all the wealth. Communism is just a high level grifter scam where the few profit from the labors of everybody else. This B.L.M. criminal is living proof.

    1. The Black Community revers the memory and deeds of MLK, yet by supporting the CRT premise, they are going against MLK’s most valuable and basic goal: to have a person’s value be based on the content of their character and NOT the color of their skin. Obama turned that goal on its ear and set back racial relations by several generations.

  4. She be worried about black on black crime when the brutha’s and sis-tuhs find out they got the shaft, and dey cum to get reparations !! Maybe there be a localized house burning …

    1. Let’s identify the “riff-raff” she mentions. First, who would want to visit her? Reporters? Maybe! Friends who want to suck of the rich person’s tit? Possibly. The thousands who claim membership in antifa and/blm? absolutely! BUT – – those antifa/blm idiots are NOT worthy to enter her new homs because they are criminals and riff-raff.

  5. She did the same thing that people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton has done for years taking money from poor black people barely getting by and used it to enrich themselves when is the last time anybody sean either one of them doing anything except stirring up trouble when there is already enough trouble already and then asking for money to help them to keep going

  6. This is hilarious. What Patrisse Cullors is actually saying (without verbally saying it) is that blacks are so stupid I can do anything I want with their donations and they are too dumb to realize it.

    Personally, I think she is wrong ……..but we will have to wait and see.

    1. That surely sounds like a form of slavery!!!!! Black do the “labor – you know! rioting, assaults, destroy stuff of white people – all why their MASTER reaps the benefits of their efforts. O, well, that is just the NATURE of their existence.

  7. I weep for the demise of MLK, because he was a voice of intelligence and reason… sorely absent these days…

  8. I don’t think the so called woke will ever wake up to the fact they are being hustled for profit. This is a typical example or what the communist leader do. Live high on the hog off the ignorant people they fooled.

  9. Oh yeah, I forgot…she and her demented conspirators wanted to defund the police. Who you gonna call when the mob comes for YOU???

  10. So many stupid white wokesters out there who will wax her cars and clean one of her luxury homes and pay HER for the “privilege” of doing it.
    Too many SWP’s out there….


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