New Study Shows Trump Was Right About Hydroxychloroquine All Along, Then YouTube Suspends GOP Senator for Supporting Scientific Study

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Last year former President Trump touted hydroxychloroquine as a possible miracle drug for preventing and treating Covid-19, of course, experts and the media lined up to slam the claims as fake news. However, it seems Trump was right all along after Saint Barnabas Medical Center released a study showing the drug can increase the survival rate of Covid up 200%.

The Daily Mail reports:

Scientists found that, when ventilated patients with a severe version of COVID were given high doses of hydroxychloroquine with zinc, their survival rates could increase dramatically.

Trump said in March 2020 he was taking it to prevent him catching the virus, rather than treat it. He did not become infected until October, and was not treated with the drug.

Yet Trump’s allies on Wednesday were highlighting the study, conducted by Saint Barnabas Medical Center in New Jersey on 255 patients.

It was published on May 31 on the medical site medRxiv.

Despite the scientific study pointing to the fact Trump’s original claims were correct, it seems social media’s censorship regarding Coronavirus is far from over.

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    1. If people could have taken Hydroxychloroquine, we would ‘t have needed the vaccine which made millions for the pharmaceutical companies, which Joe Biden is now peddling to other countries.

  1. When stark, naked hate colors your every thought, even saving innocent lives is not important to the MSM and the loathsome Democrat Party. This all started with Barack Obama, the disgusting Muslim, and he is now being allowed to ruin the federal government once more through the actions of subordinates to a brain-dead Joe Biden. Just when is the American public going to wake up and see this horror for what it is – anti American hatred by an immoral Democrat Party!

    1. Yes I also am mad at the Democratic voter that is so out of touch with what is really happening to our country. Stop listening to the lies of the main stream media and the evil Democrats in office.

  2. Many honest doctors are also confirming that Hydroxychoroquin works. It has been a very good drug for 60 years or more to treat various maladies. Of course, the woke left didn’t want you to get your hands on anything that worked and is very affordable, they never make anything simple, their mission is to make your life as troublesome as possible.

  3. Follow the $$$$$. IF Dr. Falsie and the Leftist Medical Establishment had admitted hydroxychloroquine OR ivermectin OR zinc to the protocol of therapeutic agents for COVID, THEN they would not have been enriched by the pharma and biotech megabucks resulting from universal vaccine sales. I hate to bash the pharma industry, but this time they richly deserve it.

    1. They all got rich while everyone else suffered at the demturds hands. They are all accountable and need to be dealt with accordingly. American citizens and the whole world are sick of them playing God. May you all get what’s coming for your actions.

  4. I’m no Dr, but I think the ventilators killed alot of people. I always believed that this drug pack was a much better option with results. We have friends who’s 80 year old mother took it, and within a few days was at 100%.
    Remember, the media is the ENEMY of the people!

    1. I am 80. I had Covid last year. I took hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Vit D along with an inhaler. I recovered in about 10 days as did my husband. Never saw my doctor, not that it would have helped as the prevailing treatment was “take tylenol”.

  5. The crime is that so many could have been saved! Hatred, jealousy and just plain evil is running this country. Pray to uyr Lord!

  6. Seems every week there is yet another revelation that PRESIDENT Trump was right about another thing that the so called “ main stream media “ persecuted him about. These leftist partisans masquerading as “ journalists “ lost the few shreds of credibility they had left during the Trump era and will probably never recover the respect or trust of the citizens of this country!

  7. It was made in a lab in China to win the fraud vote lessen population make them rich and to control you. The left are satans army and Barry is the king and a 3rd term president


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