WAX: The Rise of ‘Bull Moose’ Populism is What’s Giving Life to the GOP

Trump Rally

Former President Teddy Roosevelt felt “strong as a bull moose” after losing the Republican presidential nomination in 1912. Now, thanks to President Donald Trump’s legacy, that “bull moose” energy is on the winning side of the GOP’s 2022 primary season.

There are many labels for the movement I describe as “Bull Moose” populism. It’s mainly known as America First, National Conservatism, National Populism, the ‘New’ Right, or Trumpism. Whatever its name, the candidates who can articulate the vision best will see the most passionate grassroots support in 2022 and beyond.

To that end, the “Bull Moose” moniker is useful, because it harkens back over a century to a time when in certain ways American politics was just objectively better. There was fortitude and will, even forcefulness, that commanded respect. President Trump embodied that approach not unlike our 26th president, the Rough Rider himself, and so it should be no surprise that their visions were so alike.

Take in this passage from Roosevelt’s “Bull Moose” Progressive Party’s platform: “Behind the ostensible Government sits enthroned an invisible Government, owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible Government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics, is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.”

The invisible government then is the deep state today. The unholy alliance between corrupt business and politics is clear as ever in this era of Woke Capital, Critical Race Theory, and the blacklisting and censorship that flows from social media titans and other powerful institutions whose power is rooted in this invisible government structure.

“The country belongs to the people,” the party platform continued.

This fundamental idea of self-determination is deemed controversial or hate speech by America’s ruling class today. This may still be a free country, at least in some places, but it’s never been more clear how dire the threats are, from mass immigration to “free” trade, which the elites cherish.

Before Trump, when was the last time Americans had a real choice in a president who would actually listen to their demands for a foreign policy, border policy, or trade policy that served the general interest?

Now that conservatives, libertarians, independents, and other patriots have had that taste of populist victory, they’re not going to go back to the establishment’s way of doing things.

In a recent poll, jobs were the top priority for Americans when it came to foreign policy. That’s right, foreign policy. Not just domestic. Nearly six in 10 Republicans said protecting American jobs was the most important foreign policy goal, finding agreement from about half of independents and even four in 10 Democrats.

Economic nationalism is mainstream, and that’s what will define not only the 2022 midterms but perhaps most of all the Republican primaries. Now’s the time to be keeping an eye on the solidly economic nationalist candidates and support them throughout the entire campaign trail. 

One great example of such a candidate is Joe Kent, running in Washington state’s 3rd congressional district against the incumbent Republican, Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler. Kent’s calling for an immigration moratorium and bringing “federally controlled lands back to the state and private industry so that we can create good, well-paying jobs for hard-working Americans,” as he recently told Steve Bannon on the “War Room.”

Kent’s foreign policy is in line with Trump’s realist approach too. Kent is a combat veteran who lost his wife, Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Shannon Kent, to an ISIS suicide bomber in Syria in 2019. He joined the military before 9/11, so he’s well aware of the immeasurable costs to our country, in dollars and lives.

Another similarly excellent candidate for Congress is Cory Mills, running in Florida’s 7th district against incumbent Democrat Stephanie Murphy. Mills is also a combat veteran. He served seven and a half years in Iraq as well as over two and a half years in Afghanistan. 

“We need to look at how fighting endless wars in a conventional fashion with large-scale buildup is not about America First,” Mills said in a recent interview.

Mills, a businessman in the national security industry, gets the connection between foreign and domestic policy. 

Long before he decided to run for Congress, Mills was raising the alarm of the mass influx of illegal immigrants swarming the border, especially in response to Joe Biden’s siren songs. The insanity that typifies so much of the left today is leading to destructive consequences in the culture, political discourse, and even daily life in America.

“They want to erase the American DNA,” Mills said at a Stop the Steal rally, speaking of those in the media, academia, woke corporations, and the government who attempted to shame tens of millions of Americans into silence.

“Bull Moose” populism is America First, economic nationalism. It’s the energizing factor that’s rooted in a love for this country, its borders and heritage defined by the people who work to keep it as free as possible for the next generation. Kent and Mills are far from the only ones carrying this banner, so be on the lookout in your area. This energy will be unstoppable wherever there are Americans ready to take back their country.

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Gavin Wax is the 75th President of the New York Young Republican Club, Chairman of the New York Republican Liberty Caucus, an Ambassador for Turning Point USA, and an Associate Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research. You can follow him on Twitter at @GavinWax.

  1. Well, if you listen to MSM, this whole article is a pack of lies. If you read even a little bit, outside their MSM’s realm, you’ll find out this article is mostly the truth.

    1. The favored tactic to discourage Republican voters is to try to convince them that the Republican party is dead because of Trump. They are seriously misjudging the intelligence and tenacity of those who recognized the benefits of Trump’s agenda and continue to support it.

  2. The Democrat Political Party and its propaganda wing, a.k.a. mainstream media, are evil as hell and they depend on “stupid people” because anyone with even a modicum of sense would not support these reprobates.

  3. Anyone, anyone that doesn’t see where, and what this corrupt administration is doing to our country must be living under a rock!
    Gas prices, grocery prices and so much more coming. Are you feeling the pain yet????
    Not my President, no vax no nothing!
    Wake the hell up people!

  4. This headline would have made sense in May, 2017. Unhappily, the GOP was so busy aggressively attacking President Trump at the time, for all sorts of ridiculous fictions that the entrenched Republican Establishment like by John McCain (and Lindsey Graham) failed to notice and appreciate the Great Force of Populism supporting America’s workers. f the GOP had cherished the BEST President of our lifetime, instead of indulging Democrat delusions about Russia, Russia, Russia (how dare Trump fire Comey), the GOP would have held the House in 2018 and Trump would be in the White House today.
    So let us be emphatically clear. We do NOT accept “Bull Moose populism.”
    There’s nothing “new” about it. It’s 4 Years of President Donald Trump.
    Oh yeah— TRUMP WON.

    1. P.S. Teddy Roosevelt was an AWESOME Republican leader who created the Conservation movement and the National Park Service, preserving our greatest national lands monuments for generations to come. Teddy Roosevelt and President Trump shared a spirit of America First populism that we the people DEMAND must prevail as the dominant force of Republican politics for all elections going forward.
      Now…. if we can just get our REAL President back.
      Trump won!

      1. Why look, Democrats— Republicans fought slavery & gave black Americans the right to vote and live free. Republicans created the National Parks Service defining the first environmental movement of our nation. If Americans want leaders committed to a REAL force of inclusion, Opportunity & Freedom for ALL Americans of ALL ethnicities, then they should be voting GOP.

  5. It does not matter what name they use, it is support of the AGENDA that President Trump enacted that matters. Whomever the candidates are running for office, whether local or national, they MUST be willing and able to take the ATTACKS by democrats and their media that will surely come. They will be called racists and white supremacists, past and present comments will be edited by the media to re-enforce those claims, while their Democrat opposition will be exalted and protected by that media, just as Biden was during his campaign and as he still is. Republican candidates also better be ready to raise millions for the fight, because Democrats have the majority of the U.S.’s wealthy elites in their pockets (or vise versa) and they will spend big.


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