When the Maricopa Recount Will Conclude

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The hand recount of more than 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona should be finished by the end of this week. The entire probe into the authenticity of the ballots and the recount is expected to conclude by the end of June.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“The counting will be done by the end of this week, and then the resources will shift to the paper evaluation,” Senate audit liaison Ken Bennett told reporters at the venue on Tuesday. “That may still take most of the rest of this month.”

Bennett, a former Republican secretary of state for Arizona, has been involved with the audit since it began on April 23. His comments on Tuesday signal the end to the visible hand recount that has required dozens of volunteers on the coliseum floor to count ballots for nearly six weeks.

Contractors still have to complete a “paper evaluation,” which was described by Bennett as a process of reviewing ballot paper for irregular folds. Teams will also look for whether voting machines filled out ballots correctly and examine for differences between ballots sent by mail and those filled out in-person at a voting center.

“All kinds of characteristics about the ballot that confirm or question their authenticity,” Bennett said, though members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have vehemently denied there were any irregularities during the election, citing two previous audits led by county officials that found no anomalies in the 2020 presidential race.

Former President Trump has praised the efforts in Arizona and also called on other states to conduct similar audits.

“Great patriots led by State Senator Doug Mastriano, Senator Cris Dush, and State Representative Rob Kauffman went to Maricopa County, Arizona, to learn the best practices for conducting a full Forensic Audit of the 2020 General Election.  Now the Pennsylvania Senate needs to act,” Trump wrote. “Senate President Jake Corman needs to fulfill his promise to his constituents to conduct a full Forensic Audit.  Senator Dave Argall, Chairman of the State Government Committee, has to authorize the subpoenas, if necessary. The people of Pennsylvania and America deserve to know the truth.  If the Pennsylvania Senate leadership doesn’t act, there is no way they will ever get re-elected!”

    1. Doesn’t matter what the results are, Pres. Trump cannot be reinstated. That’s the law as mandated by the Constitution. He needs to become head of the GOP and run the darn thing instead of the milquetoasts they’ve had.

        1. I hate to say it but He is right. Trump will not be reinstated,
          The only hope we have is to make the House and senate Republican run to stop the stupidity by this administration.
          Come 2025, Trump will start the clean up again but this time VP Desantis will follow up with 8 more years.

          1. Don’t bet on it. We had the senate the house and the presidency. They couldn’t even get rid of obozocare

          2. We also had anti-Trumpers like Paul Ryan as House Speaker. He stopped a lot of things. Don’t understand how these haters can even call themselves Americans.

          3. That was because Paul Ryan…(Rhino )was speaker of the house and would do nothing but shoot down everything the President put forth.

          4. We didn’t have the House and Nancy Pelosi made sure it was very well known that she held the straps on the budgeting purse! It didn’t get opened unless she said so! Trump told her he wanted Coronavirus relief for all US Citizens on a recurring monthly basis and PIGLOSI said no and screwed everybody just to show she was in charge of the purse strings!!!!!

          5. During Trump’s administration, the GOP controlled both houses of Congress – BUT – super RINOs were allowed to remain in positions and may – like Paul Ryan – were promoted to superior sensitive offices.

          6. Republicans only held both House and Senate for the first two years. The effect of the Mueller investigation, Schiff’s weekly media blasts of “I’ve seen the evidence” and too many Republican representatives without the courage to call out the partisan bias in that investigation, resulted in many Republican voters being so disheartened they stayed away from the polls which allowed Democrats to take the House. Control of the Senate by Republicans was only by six votes which included several rinos who opposed Trump.

          7. The Demo RATS are doing their best to make sure they can keep stealing all elections from this point forward and try to make the Demo RAT party the only party allowed to run in the USA! They will not stop until they seal the deal because they know if the states start blocking them from using their cheats they will never win anything ever again! They are trying to force Communism down our throats, you know communism the thing that does not allow Social Security you either work or starve and the government doesn’t care which one you do!

          8. I have said many times that the biggest mistake Trump made was NOT identifying and getting rid of “swamp critters”. He allowed too many RINO traitors to remain in key positions – and even proted several to even more prestigious offices. He remained quiet when his GOP enemies ran for office – even endorsing some of them – and failed to endorse or support true conservative candidates. In other words, he failed in his promise to “Drain the Swamp” and it came back to severely bite his butt. Maybe – at least it dseems – he has learned his lesson.

          9. Actually, if 3 states withdraw their election certification, from what I am told it would then go to a house vote. And it is only one vote per state. And since Trump won more states. it would like a 30 something to less for Biden and Trump would be declared the winner and Biden would then be out of office. I am to understand it is Constitutional in this case. We will see. So much out there I am not sure of any thing except it could happen. Maybe possibly hopefully. But they sure seem to be dragging their feet.

          1. Bret – where does that supposition come from. The Founding Fathers (FF) created the SCOTUS basically to examine if laws written by Congress were in accord to the Constitution.

      1. The Soros, Obama, Luminate, European Union, Globalist, False Pope, and Biden movement totally upended the constitution. They must want this country to go to war so we are destroyed.

      2. Sorry sweetsuzee you are incorrect what will happen at the point is this the US Military will step in and try both Biden and Harris for Treason under the UCMJ laws (Universal Code of Military Justice)! Upon being found guilty they can only have 1 of 2 punishments for their crime 1 Death by hanging 2 Death by Firing Squad!! That is all nothing more Trump will then be put back into office since he actually won the election!

        1. Bret, you sure come up with some weird ideas., The UCMJ applies ONLY to those IN UNIFORM. The UCMJ doesNOT apply to the prez or any politician – UNLESS he or she is a Reservist or National Guard and his-her action violates – while in uniform – a condition of the UCMJ. For example: any person on active duty CAN be tried-convicted-sentenced under UCMJ for adultery. A “civilian-serviceperson” cannot be UNLESS the affair entailed wearing the uniform. If the affair has NOTHING to do with a uniform, UCMJ does not apply.

      3. This would be treason. A coup. What does the Constitution say about treason? Yes, Trump could be reinstated if the right people talk. First the fraud has to be proven, then those responsible have to be arrested. Somebody will talk.

      4. There is nothing in the constitution to cover this which would, you’d think would have to take this problem up. I would say that if biden and his administration is not removed and trump reinstated there would “WILL” be a war, this country was won before and will again!!!!

    2. As painful as it is for me to say this, don’t hold your breath on that being the outcome. I have absolutely no doubt that President Trump won both the electoral and popular vote across this country. If Arizona comes through with the “honest count” the state Senate has the Right and authority to reverse the outcome. If they do, the election board, along with the “crooked State AG”, can file another lawsuit blocking the action. Then getting a favorable judge to rule will not only be a fight, as most are Democrats, but the process will be lengthy! Once that barrier is passed, on to PA, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, etc. Once those are counted, verified, and registered, the court battle starts all over again. By the time President Trump is declared the actual winner, it will be 2024, and Biden/Commie Harris will have complete irreparable damage to this country that will take decades to correct.

      1. It pains me to agree with you, but you’re absolutely right. We need to turn our attention on the 2022 and 2024 elections.
        Both are extremely important, especially next November’s, since that’s when we can take back the house and the Senate. Then, if we’re successful, maybe joe and the camel toe can be stopped.


      2. Biden and Harris won’t get anything done if we take back the House and Senate in 2022. Then Biden can be impeached for stupidity, Harris impeached for inciting riots (remember her BLM will keep rioting, etc.?) , and good old Pelosi? She will be 83 years old if she lives that long.

      3. And on to California as well where voter fraud is more rampant than anywhere else in the U.S.




      5. Not 100% Factual just about 75%! There is a way but it would involve the military and trying Biden and Harris under UCMJ (Universal Code of Military Justice) Law for Treason! When found guilty of treason there are only 2 possible outcomes Death by Hanging or Death by Firing Squad! The UCMJ states that any and all Government Officials or Government Employees can be tried under UCMJ Law for Treason!

      6. The SCOTUS, in the situation you describe, can rule that every law or rule made under Biden administration CAN rule is illegal and therefore void. Of course, each “case” would have to be submitted to SCOTUS and be accepted to be “heard”. The easiest way would be for POTUS and conservative congress to write new laws reversing what Biden has done.

    3. Joe, that would be great, however, I don’t think it will happen that way. But, if this audit shows clearly that there was fraud, that would be a true miracle from God! I pray it does so the leftists can be clearly exposed for the frauds that they are. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    4. Unfortunately that will not happen regardless of the results. There is nothing in the Constitution to change election results once it has been certified by our crooked congress! Biden will still be our usurper President till he dies or his term ends. His dying will not help since Harris is even worse and both of them are Obamma Puppets. The only thing that can save the country is Civil War immediately to take down the Crooked Communist Democrats, RHINOS, and billionare tech giants. By the end of Bidens term it will be to late to save America. It may be to late by midterms to save America. However, the Americans are like the frogs put in the frying pan with cold water and slowly brought to a boil, they just sit there and get cooked. America is cooked, done, over. Why, because most Americans really are STUPID, HOW ELSE COULD BIDEN USURP THE PRESIDENCY AND GET SWORN IN BY A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE! GOD HELP AMERICA THE NEWEST THIRD WORLD COUNTRY! IT WILL BE POOR, BROKE, CORRUPT, AND VIOLENT JUST LIKE SOUTH AMERICA. IT WILL BE EVERYTHING PEOPLE CAME HERE ILLEGALLY TO ESCAPE!

    5. Is fraud is found in a state’s election, it is void, but goes to that state’s legislature and
      the proper electoral numbers are counted and the correct candidate is installed! Of course there are politics keeping things crocked.

      1. The Democrats won’t let any of their fraud be found. They have big tech, big money, big business, Soros, Bozo Obama, Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer and all the other corrupt politicians, yes, some of them are Republicans behind this scam of an electiion.

    6. We allowed evil to become too ingrained in our system. They should have been removed before they had the power of the coup to overthrow the government.

  1. any foot-dragging by the people doing the acessment should be widely publicized ,this is the definition of corruption by the democrats.

    1. Hope you guys are motivated to help take back the house and the Senate. I think you have a senator retiring?

    1. If Trump. isn’t reinstated, we are going to get an absolute radical change to a socialist-marxist run country with alot of lawlessness. People had better realize that.

      1. I just hope at this point Sleepy Joe has an accident on his way to or from talking with Putin! He won’t kiss Joe’s a$$ like the media here in the states will!

  2. Time to bar code every mail in ballot to match registered voters name. Time to submit a number to every in person voter. These recounts have cost way too much money and time. Each state has the count of every registered voter. Time to clean up the fraud we see every election.

    1. Just how in the heck is allowing the dead to vote not cheating?????? You know that casper didn’t just grab a pen and fill out a ballot! But try to stop that practice and Demo RATS call it VOTER SUPPRESSION!!!!!!!

  3. Still a problem the auditors found after receiving the ballot containers, many with missing/broken seals and count tags that do not match the number of ballots in the box. Depending on the percent of ballots missing they said they might not be able to have an accurate total count. Despite that problem we need to see what they found, especially the forensic audit of the voting machines.
    Democrats sent who sent a formal letter to Dominion; Maxine Waters, Amy Klobuchar, Ron Wyden and Mark Pocan warned in 2019 that they had reports of machines “switching votes” “undisclosed vulnerabilities” and “improbable” results that “threaten the integrity of our elections.” Easy to see why the after 2020 election they don’t want any of that investigated.
    There is no provision in our Constitution that covers the possibility that the election was marred by massive fraud. It is highly unlikely that Biden and company would be removed or that Trump would be returned, no matter how many would like that. Other states are now admitting that there were problems with the election, some are conducting new partial audits and some are contemplating comprehensive audits like Arizona is doing. Americans NEED to know, one way or the other exactly what occurred so that it can NEVER be duplicated.

    1. Let this be proof that Obiden & fiends Harris, Obama, Soros and the ilk are a criminal enterprise. This can lead to a more honest election in 2020 to unseat the hag, Pilosi, Then a new GOP Speaker can replace Obiden and fiends.

    2. Haven’t you seen mike lindells (the pillow guy) shows on OAN? He has spent millions of his own money hiring cyber experts to prove china flipped the votes. Its 100 percent evidence that votes were flipped. They have undisputable evidence that cannot be changed. There is no way in hell the supreme court can deny these facts.

      1. Yes I’ve seen it, watched most of his 9-0 that links electronic machines to China too. Now the DOJ states it will ‘investigate’ all who recommend or conduct an audit. Lindell and anyone else who dares to contradict the election results is up against an unbelievably large and powerful group of people who will resort to ANY deceitful tactic to stop them.

  4. One thing for certain. The Democrats of Pennsylvania will do anything and everything possible to prevent a truthful recount. I am convinced that they will even pay criminal thugs to intimidate and assault the people trying to do such a recount. Republicans, if you can’t see this coming you should resign and let somebody with intelligence do your jobs.

  5. At work a smart security advisor once told me: ‘This company has long valued convenience over security.’ This overly trusting nature led to a catastrophe of data integrity. In our elections as in the corporate world we have long done the same. All it took was the stealth cover of a virus pandemic to serve as the Klingon cloaking device to facilitate running away with a national election. ‘Orange Man Bad’ was the mantra for a horde of deluded vigilantes bamboozled into defeating a man they had been conditioned to believe was the new Hitler. And now they have delivered to us the new Lenin or the new Mussolini, as remains to be seen.

  6. President Trump is our true President. The cheating, lying and fraudster in the Oval Office and his low class, low IQ VP are an embarrassment to our beloved land. 2022 will be here soon and we can take back the House, increase our Senate and lay the grounds for Trump and DeSantos or Noem in 2024.

    1. If Trump wants to TRULY drain the swamp quickly he needs me to be his VP! I would have it completely drained in less than 6 months time! I would totally screw the Demo RATS using the UCMJ Laws! They wouldn’t be asked to resign they would either be hung or shot according to UCMJ Law!!!!!

    2. All who served know DEATH can either be your friend or your enemy! There are only 2 positives in life you are positive you were born and you are positive at some point you will die the time in between is up to you!!!

  7. to all the doubters who have no faith you cannot keep the sun from shining nor can you hold back the truth from emerging. these deep state scumbags know they are in the fight for their very existence and will stop at nothing to continue their reign of terror.In the words of Adam Clayton powell “keep the faith baby” Patience is a virtue

  8. Unfortunately no matter what the results of the audit, the state did not hold up the certification of the vote count. They should have forced the audit to be concluded before allowing certification. Thats why the President wanted the state governments to take action! The Supreme Court didn’t hear the cases filed by Trump, not because his evidence was lacking. He was denied because the state had standing to file the caee.

  9. Bottom line, every state had an obligation as the only party with standing to present a case to the Supreme Court with the evidence to prove fraud, violation of the constitution by changing state voting procedures ( e.g. the supervisor of elections has no authority to make voter process changes. The process changes have to be written and passed by the legislature! Changes are not legal when made less than 60 days before an election. That’s a federal election law. The cutoff is longer!

  10. Arizona’s is the only comprehensive audit but there are several others going on. Watched Lindell’s 9-0 and sincerely hope he is able to use that against Dominion during the lawsuit trial and later before SCOTUS. If (I do not want to be overly optimistic) these audits reveal enough fraud that the media can no longer ignore it, that the majority of the public sees it, and people are charged and taken to court over it, those things would validate the faith Trump supporters had in him as well as do damage to the Democrat party long term.
    Whether Trump could be returned to office as a result would be the subject of lengthy court cases that likely would take years. The more important outcome would be the uproar over the illegitimacy of the Biden administration and the policies it has imposed, and the massive takeover by Republicans in 2022 and 2024.


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