Obama says Fox News Viewers have Different Perception of Reality than Other Americans

Center for American Progress Action Fund from Washington, DC, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Former President Barack Obama slammed watchers of Fox News and right-wing media outlets during a speech. Obama said that Americans who choose to watch Fox News have a different perception of reality than other Americans and that the outlet has worked to increase the political divide in the country.

The Hill reports:

“I think a lot of that has to do with changes in how people get information,” Obama said during an interview with The 19th published on Monday. “I’ve spoken about this before, but if you watch Fox News, you perceive a different reality than if you read The New York Times. And those differences have been amplified by social media, which allows people to live in bubbles with other people who think like them.”

Obama said it has become clear to him that the country today is “more divided than when I first ran for president in 2008.”

“But if anyone can help bridge our divides, it’s Joe Biden,” he said. “He’s spent his life bringing people together. And as president, he’s been focused on beating back the pandemic and rebuilding our economy — ideas that Americans from both parties can support.”

Since leaving the White House, Obama has attacked Fox News on multiple occasions, using the network as a foil for pushing so-called birther conspiracy theories and drumming up what he often dismissed as needless and partisan opposition to his policy agenda during his eight years in office.

It seems that Obama thinks that unless Americans blindly believe what CNN tells them, a network that has repeatedly praised the former president then they must not understand anything in the world today.

  1. Hmmm , I think the reality of it is that old BarCrap Obama is the one with a different reality . He hates America while the rest of us love this great nation .

    1. No REAL American Citizen gies a Rat’s Patoot What the Affirmative Action P.O.T.U.S. Thinks or says!

    2. That’s right Wyatt. BO was the chief divider. We never had this crap go on before he took office.
      He’s a piece of shit. Btw the blacks are waking up
      to the bullshit the dems have been selling them
      for years!

      1. With all due respect, I don’t think that the Black population IS waking up to the Bullshit they have been fed for years and years. The Biden Socialist are Puppets on a string by Hussein Obama, so this is really Obama’s 3rd. Term. He and his clan have gone so Radical we are loosing our country on an hourly basis .

        1. It was “Black” America, along with self-loathing White American Socialists that put that Manchurian Candidate in Office in the first. And don’t kid yourselves, those who voted for Biden knew full well the he was a “place holder” and a puppet fir Obama.

  2. Nizzerbama in action! NEVER has there been such a sorry piece of trash in American politics. He should be lynched to the nearest tree by any group of true Americans in the vicinity.

    1. Actually I would argue that Biden is already proving to be even worse, and I didn’t think that was possible.

      1. Oh it’s possible alright because he’s probably having meetings with BO in between his nap times.

  3. Who gives a crap what oduma** has to say. WOne of the worst Presidents this country had. Racist bigot!,,

      1. George Soros …… he backed Obama’s “open border” mess. Remember how Obama bragged about deporting all those illegals? He used an action NEVER EVER used by any other president. Obama counted illegals caught at the border before entering America and refused entry as being deported.

      2. Obama bragged that 95% of the people in this so-called administration are his people, so I guess he’s the one pulling the strings. It certainly does seem like it!!!

        1. yes it is he (the none american former president. he did not finish destroying. the USA, NOW HE IS TRAING THE OLD SENILE TO FINISH HIS DIRTY JOB!!!

  4. Former President Obama has every right to comment on Fox News. Fortunately we don’t have to listen or agree.

  5. On this side of the coin all of us REAL Americans can’t wait to piss down obamas throat. F’n radial puss.

  6. Hey, Obama — the only thing “clear” to you is the color of your skin. YOU are the reason for this great racial divide our country is going through at this moment! YOU and your Mrs, who only ever wanted to live in the White House for the fame and the wealth it would bringl and begin the racial divide! And mr Obama — did you know black is not a color? So why are you and others included in the cover of “people of color?” Can you riddle me that? 🙁

    1. He is a negro just like I’m a Caucasian, not white. it’s a color too. Haven’t seen anyone painted black or white lately. I have seen a lot of Caucasians and Negros.

      1. Good response, bonavajo! In an art class I took years ago, we learned that neither white nor black are technically considered to be colors. White is not defined as a color because it is the sum of all possible colors. Black is not defined as a color because it is the absence of light, which is required to create color, as you probably know. So it occurred to me a while back that “people of color” is a misnomer in the case of Black people, even though the term was originated for them. Not that it matters to anyone, of course, just a little bit of trivia from me. 🙂

      2. Negro is black. And calling someone white or black is not literal they are descriptive. So what is normally accepted? Look on any government form.

    OBAMA SHOULD ALSO REMEMBER THAT HE’S THE RACIST THAT STARTED EVERYTHING. He and all his Democrats are the cause for what’s wrong with America!!

  8. Will somebody tell this idiot that Fox news has more watchers than the lib networks combined and the gap is getting larger under Biden.
    Americans don’t give a rats ass what ODUMBO has to say.

  9. I’m sorry, this America hating phony is again trying to spread his hate and division. He has done nothing by try to divide this country into little hate groups by race, gender and ethnicity since the day he came on the scene. Now he needs to just go away.

  10. ADwoke joker who has monetized himself by being the Divider in Chief, anyone can skew perceptions just as he did, like your plan, keep your doctor?? That wasn’t the case for me and I VOTED for him, not once but TWICE! And America is racist?? Who’s the one with skewed perceptions and “BELIEVED” in Change? 🤦🏻‍♀️


  12. This man speaks of reality!! We have never been sure what his name really is or if he is actually an American. The most unAmerican anti-American to ever occupy our White House! What a disgrace. Running. Shadow government with brainless puppet Biden!

  13. it’s called being an American, loving our country, standing up and fighting if necessary for our values….

  14. meaning that we are NOT proponents of Communism?! As we are lectured by a self-absorbed, self-enriching, sorry excuse of a man and a disaster of a president!

  15. You’re the one who divided this country Obama!! So you say bumbling Biden will unite us??? You are a laughing joke as he’s dividing us even worse today than yesterday. Trump was the person who was working hard to unite this country. You sir could learn A LOT from FOX, OANN and Newsmax but you’re a full blown brain dead liberal to even understand the true meaning of America. Go hide under a rock!!

  16. Daily we are learning that what Democrats and their media claimed were ‘Trump’ lies were in fact the truth. Mainstream media has been desperately trying to NOT report these facts. The China virus VERY likely DID come from the Wuhan lab, hydroxychloroquine DOES WORK and likely could have SAVED THOUSANDS of lives if Fauci and the press had not LIED about it, President Trump had NOTHING to do with clearing Lafayette Square and two they are still ignoring, the declassified documents from the Mueller report proved the WHOLE investigations was planned and based around information the FBI and the DOJ KNEW was fake from the beginning, and Hunter’s laptop admissions that Joe was part of his power/ money grab.
    Obama believes that the majority of Americans are ignorant enough to believe him, to believe that mainstream media doesn’t lie for him and the leftists who control our government—WRONG!

  17. What a revelation!! Obama says we “are more divided that when he ran for President in 2008”.
    Well, he’s absolutely correct.
    His administration started and achieved the widest political, social and race divide in US history.

  18. This man proves that democrats don’t know what they are talking about. Millions of people watch Fox news and I my self read all kinds of news on the internet which includes the publications he talks about. Fox tells me what I want to know and the other publications show me BS in a lot of their articles. Obama helped divide this country and so will Joe Biden so Obama go back to Martha’s vineyard and leave us alone.

  19. Obamma? Does he believe he’s still relevant? By the way, I wonder how his library is coming along. Oh wait…now I remember. He won’t have a library. I wonder if they’ll invent a term to properly identify what it its.

  20. Obama was a chosen plant—sorta like Bumbling Biden. However, Obama was much brighter and very well spoken. I will always wonder if they also cheated him in.

    1. of course they did! Biden is even said so! Imagine that. Do you remember him saying he and Barrack had developed the biggest and best voter fraud organization ever. Said, it was used to get “…Barrack in the last time.” Saw it and heard it come out of Biden’s mouth!

  21. What a lying brick. What he means is that people who watch Fox and conservative news perceive reality, instead of the alternate, false reality portrayed by the propaganda press in MSM. Hmm, wonder if that is why my channel 2 (FOX) completely blacked out yesterday, two rescans could not retrieve it. Had to call FCC. Those commies and dems really hate FOX.


  23. The biggest difference from me to Obama is I know where I am going when I pass away. Obama is gonna be surprised and he will not like HELL. He and his good buddy Soros will be in the same place. I must admit that I have a very hard time praying for them but we are commissioned to do just that. I keep trying but do not do well at it.

  24. I remember Flag Day when your were President your alleged wife said all this for a flag?
    You said America was never great. I also remember a school girl beating you throwing hoops on the White House lawn
    You are just a little commie FLAKE that needs to GO AWAY!
    I hope someone will move you personally!

  25. Obama is the pits! “WHO” started this “race” thing. HIM! “Who’ attempted to give “us” socialized mediicine BECAUSE “Teddy Kennedy” died. =”HIM”! Who said that you can keep your Dr.? =”HIM” Who sent Iran “big bucks” on a plane in the middle of the night, AND “we” weren’t suppose to know about it.= Him! Who refused to go to Gettysburg for the 150th Ann. of “Lincoln’s Address”.?= HIM. Who divided “people” as to race, gender, political party, Faith & income= “HIM.”Well, guess what? “HIM” lives in a Washington mansion, has a home in Martha’s Vineyard & another in Hawaii. How’s “THAT” for being an ACORN ACTIVIST? “HIM” blames WHITES for all of this! BOY, do I wish that I was of “color”. I want EVERY THINgt that he’s got, INCLUDING” Secret Service Protection”, since I can only have that “if” I owned a gun! Is this guy a 2 bit phony or what?

      1. I get flagged quite often, George, and the “awaiting for approval.” That “awaiting for approval” verbiage makes it pretty clear that their censors are from another country because in America we don’t say it that way. We say either, “waiting for approval,” or a “awaiting approval.” Regardless, the censoring is surprising given that this website caters to conservative Trump supporters who believe in the First Amendment! 🙁

    1. If you were the President during Obama’s Reign and your goal was to destroy the United States, what would you have done differently?
      Careful, if queried of a liberal, may require some thought………..

  26. Obama’s claim that Biden is a builder of bridges is impractical and dangerous. Biden is neither physically nor mentally fit to be President. He is so senile tnat he can’t even tell left from right anymore.

  27. Be careful what you choose to believe! Ex President Obama was and continues to be a community activist. He is against a free democratic United States and continues to fight for radical change. Most information on FOX news is factual. None is a lie. Listen/watch and make up your own mind as God taught you.

  28. Now, we shouldn’t be too quick to judge this poor creature. He’s been a fraud all his life, just to get by. Had he a working brain cell or two, he would realize that EVERY person has a “different perception of reality”. I suppose a lot of these things must come as quite a surprise to someone of his genetic background.

  29. It might as well be said that people that get their news from MSNBC, CNN, etc have” a different perception of reality” than those that receive their news more reliable sources.

  30. Biden=worse President in history and yet he is BHO’ s idea of the one to clean up the “mess” that BO birthed and Biden has continued to manifest, namely the destruction of America’s Constitution! WHAT? 😳💥🤯
    The three worst President’s in history:
    Joe Biden (D)
    Barak Hussein Obama (D)
    Jimmy Carter (D)
    Democrats all three!
    BO makes no more sense when he speaks today than his years in the Whitehouse. He has a “need” to over compensate and tries to sound like a intellectual which makes him completely transparent, too bad he did not govern with transparency! What he did best was set back race relations to the 1950’s &1960’s and birth BLM, antifa, NFAC, etc. which are still decimating cities all around the country, oh and I almost forgot the “cancel culture” and the “woke” generation. My, my, he was a busy boy…..too bad it was all bad for America!

  31. No, in my perception of reality both Obama’s follow in the footsteps of the Carter’s and spend their time building homes for the needy. They keep their opinions to themselves.

    1. WRONG! Jimmy Carter, Barak Hussein Obama and Joe Biden have loudly spoken their opinions (don’t ask Biden if he did-as he zips “up” his fly he can’t remember why he came to the bathroom, much less if he urinated yet!) All three of these hypocrite, double standard practicing, pseudo elite Dems have publicly made out of line hurtful statements and lies to boot about Republicans! Comments made by BO and JB are all over the internet, you may have to research JC online! You should remember when you state inaccurate words there are always people who know better whether or not they call you out!
      DJT is so “vocal” I don’t usually jump in on Dem politicians unless it is to respond to something so blatently untrue!

  32. Excuse me CNN has a different view thanj me and pretty much everybody I know. Obama go take another pic of your pathetic chest in the water!! Ewww!

  33. Obama’s reality is distorted. He is the one that promoted lopsided racism among other
    things. Stop giving him air time.

    1. Unfortunately, the MSM has a never ending love affair with BHO, they have to change their undies after they hear his “racist against whites” voice! They will give him all the face time he will give them! Gag a maggot! 🤢🤢🤮
      BHO “the community organizer” in the oval office started, upheld and supported all these extremism groups with their riots, looting and burning, a disrespect for law enforcement and just about every bad direction policy America is involved in. He should take his “wife” and drop out of our sight forever….we don’t need to be reminded of what he is or what his intent for America is!

  34. I can’t say what I really think about Obama, here, on or any other site. He is an evil, execrable POS. His phony concern about a divided America is typical of the pathological liar. he has done nothing but try to divide, and destroy this country.

  35. Obama the great divider, the racist, the trader, the worst President t since Jimmy Carter. However, Carter was a good honest man unlike the lying piece of human dung Obama. “You can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor.. ” liar liar pants on fire Obama. If Obama’s lips are moving, then he is lying. I prayed every day someone would take Obama and Biden when they were in office. I still pray for it! It is good to have dreams. We can all be dreamers, not just illegal criminals violating our border.

  36. reality is your side of the aisle stole the 2020 election,lied about Covid, burned down
    cities across America, lied about impeachment, lied about January 6th, lied about
    everything Trump said and did, Fox News is the only reality for 78 million people
    so brace yourself and your lying cronies and commies for what’s coming
    Reckoning 2022,2024!!!

  37. He like the other elitists of his ilk to include Biden are hypocrites & arrogant. But I think people are waking up, and especially minorities who have are the real victims, not by whites, but by their own party & race. How many more Black Children have to die, living under the government of Democrats, the creators of Jim Crow and the KKK. Biden is a racist of the worst kind.

    They have been used and now are oppressed and living in the Plantation cities, of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, Chicago, New York.


  39. Mr. “O” you are wrong……those who believe in God, the constitution and live to make America Great who ACT and not talk, who keep the laws and not riot, who treat their fellow American as equals have lived for centuries for this country……It just didn’t happen one day because of TV station. Unlike other stations FOX has thee most LOVE for America AND it’s people which one cannot say for some others! I’m sure you will agree!

  40. Without realizing it, obama is entirely right! We do have a different perception of reality. We believe in personal accountability, capitalism, personal responsibility, self-reliance, freedom, liberty, smaller government, less taxes, the security of our borders and neighborhoods, respect from our enemies, holding our enemies accountable, holding our allies accountable, a strong military, a strong and respected and appreciated police force, gun rights, school choice, states rights, pro-life, non-indoctrination of our kids, freedom of religion, equal opportunity, thinking for ourselves, fair elections, and the Constitution as it is written. His perception of reality differs greatly. Even his perception that he is in the majority is not correct.

  41. What a load of absolute BS! Ironic is it not, that the most racially divisive, anti-Freedom, Constitution and personal choice President EVER to defile the office he held for 8 long years should accuse the TRUE Americans of what he is abolutely guilty of and his record Proves the Contention. Our debt was $8 trillion in 2008 nearly 21 Trillion when he left and nearly $30 Trillion NOW, with a lot of help from China, and his flunkies in BIDEN-HARRIS AND THE ENTIRE LEFTIST LUNATIC PARTY of so- called Progressives and the Squad which actually runs the Administration.Those two obscenities, seek to implement U.N. Agenda 21 HERE, end American rights choices and sovereignty, end all private proerty and make YOUR children wards and property of a medieval 12th century state dictatorship run by the in Effect World Emperor, with the title Secretary-General of the U.N. who likely would be the man Soros and world Bilderberger and Illuminati corporate concerns are grooming to be none other than Barack Obama. Think not? Look it up and read the TRUTH, then be very afraid. This plan began 17 June of 1963 and, the U.N. since 1946 has claimed it is the sole arbiter of EVERY NATION ON EARTH AND ITS SOVEREGNTY SINCE IT IS SO STATED IN ITS 1946 CHARTER! WAKE UP OR SLEEP FOREVER; FOOLS! Our forever be damned Government is chock a block full these career parasites and incompetents whose pitiful performance records speak FOR THEMSELVES!.We do NOT have to be as rampantly STUPID irresponsible and un- accountable as THEY ARE! Demand they do as elected to d and serve We, The People and not themselves, EXCLUSIVELY and ALWAYS at our Expense and to our Detriment!

  42. One can argue that the leftists like Obama have a different perception since they watch CNN, MSNBC, or major network news. Sadly that perception is very anti-American.

  43. I’m glad I know the truth which is from God, he’s the one who gives people to see the ability through the Holy Spirit.

    (False Teachers and their destruction:) But there were also false prophets among the people , just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Sovereign Lord who Bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves. Many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping. 2 Peter 2:1.

    Proverbs 2:12. Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men, from men whose words are perverse, who have left the straight paths to walk in dark ways, who delight in doing wrong and rejoice in the perverseness if evoke. whose paths are crooked and who are devious in their ways.

  44. I really dislike his message, other MSM lie through their teeth. Proven time and time again. Here he is in his glory callling out the right to what he and his cronies do, Eg; Podesta, and HRC, holding hugh parties for these lame stream media conglomerates. Making sure they are on their side. Obama is an enemy to our Country. He calls Susan Rice at the WH and she uses Joe the puppet to do Barry’s bidding… Time for his tribunal.

  45. Most Americans would be more accurate, see reality through freedom, capitalism and the Constitution, unlike the libtards!

  46. Obama is spouting off the same old crap he is the one that started the divide and the democrats keep it going thru the mass media and blm while Trump was in office and Biden isis lost and does not know where he’s at most of the time

  47. Obama is right. We do have a different perception-one in which it doesn’t end well for President Obama, which means it ends well for our nation.

  48. Sadsack Osama is one to talk: the pot calling the kettle WHITE! Osama has a disgustingly different view of what constitutes male and female, or right and wrong. This crypto-Kenyan imposter should pack up and go follow the dreams of his faithless father, heave a spear in the rain forest at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro and stab himself in the foot.

  49. Yes, Trump supporters have a functioning brain and love America! And the anti-American muslim is still trying to destroy America and Americans while being the most decisive moronic criminal on the planet!!!

  50. Oh, that is rich coming from the black racist of all times, Bozo! I am not a fake news fan nor am I a fox fan. I am a person of mixed race from this melting pot of the USA and for the continued survival of this nation, it’s constitution and my rights as a legal citizen of this country. And I am sick of this racist activist and his agenda based on color coding and bought by Soros, a rich white weirdo who thinks he is godlike and who has funded Bozo and his crowd from the beginning. Money does buy a lot of folks and Bozo is one of the top guzzlers of Soros’ money and agenda. Soros is a globalist and since a teenager has taken advantage of the misery of the world including supporting Hitler and shunning his faith as a jew to help turn them in for the torture chambers and strip what little they had fro his own gain in those years. The end result is Soros is a monster and should have been removed from this country or better yet never allowed to immigrate after WWII. And Bozo is a black racist along with his wifeypoo who really has totally lost contact with this nation and the rest of the free world. His agenda is to destroy the USA as an enemy within!

  51. Time for Soros funded Obama to step away from politics. Your racist rhetoric and your failures as president are completely out of wack and against all that we stand for as a nation. It’s time for you to get another job instead of preparing speeches for dementia
    Joe or mandating laws for Biden. Obama your a disgrace to the people of this nation. Time to keep your mouth shut and move back to Africa.

  52. Obama said it has become clear to him that the country today is “more divided than when I first ran for president in 2008.”
    Isn’t that a clue about who caused the problem of division? We were all getting along better than at any time in the many decades I’ve lived and then something happened in 2008 that seems to have set things back.

  53. Maybe a baseball bat would knock that arrogant a h o l e into reality, HE’S the one living in an alternate universe.

  54. People do not realize, that this animal, is WORSE THAN ANIMALS……
    May his TRIBE DECREASE…….!

  55. The whole CHEATER criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership is one “BIG FAT LIE from top to bottom and President Obama just exposed it”!! He says “CHEATER Joe Biden can unite our America”!!!!! How in HELL can he do that when he cannot “put two words together to make a sentence due to dementia and old age senility”?????????????? They all are “LYING HYPOCRITES”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Actually Mr. Former Worst President, if you were to watch Fox News, you might actually learn something. Just go away!

  57. Nothing this A-hole says is reality! He is a self centered Pig that hates America, but loves power and money!

  58. This asshole was the worst president in my lifetime and I’m 65 ! He has a lot of nerve talking about fox viewers , when the liberal media’s like CNN , MSNBC andABC have been caught reporting lies time and time again ! And the dumb ass democrats keep believing them how dumb is that !

  59. I hate, yes I think it is hate at this point, the Obamas, freeloaders that used our system unfairly, then have never to try and ruin our country for all

    this guy is not bright and was elected strictly on identity.. the man has never held a job outside politics.. the wife is worse – pure racist and bad mother

  60. Me thinks distorted Obama and his “lovely” wife should stay on Martha’s Vineyard…I believe they have purchased a multi-million dollar home in the black neighborhood located there. He did everything in his power to ruin our Nation and the last thing any of us need is Obama telling the world what he thinks of the previous President Trump. I could go on forever but I think we’ve just had about enough of Obama (and the Mrs.) and his lies and damaging comments against the American People….after all, he did prove that most Americans need to really evaluate why they voted for Obama…I warned people from the get go to be careful in their voting….he BS’d many people…I saw right through him! When you come from Detroit and grew up in a divided environment, you learn what/who is Black and White and who to trust…ignorance is never bliss. He’d be best to retire, stop making ridiculous funds from his one-sided, shallow speeches and live in his wonderful world on Martha’s Vineyard!!

  61. Bath House Barry has some gall to complain about America being divided when he is personally responsible for a great deal of that division.
    Of course, Demon-crats NEVER take responsibility for the harm they cause.

  62. Sorry but you are the one that caused all this by always pitting one against another. The majority of Americans can care less of what color or ancestor you may be. We care for all of our citizens as well all who are legally here within our boarders and support the freedoms we are guaranteed in our Constitution and this Great REPUBLIC (not a democracy).

  63. Doesn’t the Vice Versa rule apply. Talk about an alternate reality, that is what the New York Times publishes.

  64. Of course they have a different perspective, they don’t buy the pure propaganda garbage shoveled on other networks.

  65. He takes all the benefits of a white man and screams racism when he doesnt get it. He hasnt done anything for the USA since he became president. Because of his indecisions, I call Obama = Obie 2 Tone the name fits.

  66. That’s rich coming from the person who created the great divide! Anyone who doesn’t want to be a sheep and conform to the radical line of thinking is in a different realm of reality. Wow. I think he and his followers are the one’s who think we can live in a reality of non existent Utopia. This ass created a racist society..

  67. Biden is a divider, liar, and a buffoon on steroids. Hardly able to speak, let alone bring the nation together. And Obummer started it all.

  68. That POS should F off back to Kenya and take his tranny partner and his Soros arranged family with him.

  69. When will Obama realize that Anericans don’t care what he has to say .And we don’t want to hear what he says!! We had enough of him for eight horrible years. He’s the one who has a different perception of most Americans.. We love our country just the way it was founded.. We don’t want Socialism or communism and we don’t want him!!!

  70. Obama is actually correct. We who watch Fox News have a different perception of reality than other Americans – we have the better overall perception of the facts, not fake news. And he’s too stupid and egocentric to realize that half the country thinks that he is the very fool that he calls us.

  71. Obama is the trouble maker and Republicans can see it very clearly! We have good morals and ethics that he doesn’t have! Obama believes he can cheat, lye or cause a problem and that is how he was raised! His grandparents let him and accepted his way of thinking! Grandparents are lenient! He is causing trouble in my country! He was born in Kenya! He covered it up by putting Sheriff in Az. In jail to shut him up! Sneaky Obama! His wife is no better!

  72. Now, How did I know it was going to be this “Dumb Clucker “ ! When they said previous President ( Prior President is debatable) he is an instigator, racist, divider, COP Hater , America hating Gay Radical Muslim that wants to destroy this country and turn it into a Progressive Socialist Communist Leftist slum ! No one cares what he thinks, he is to busy running the Shit show they call the Biden Administration!

  73. Obama hates Fox cuz they are lean toward Republicans in there reporting–However they give a fair and balance reporting. He hates Republicans and Trump get most of the attention on Fox.

  74. Obama is like every other Leftist Elitist! Been spoon-fed their entire lives and have received a bigger piece of the pie then they’ve worked for because of the very system they wish to destroy! In reality, the are like the starters of a Pyramid scheme” that having made their money, they want to shut the doors so there will be enough peasants to serve them!

  75. Obuma-Talk about spinning your BS and dividing American people.
    WOW did he read the book on communism

  76. obama one little black boy and krauchi one little whiteness boy trying to be relevant.
    No one is paying attention to either.

  77. The older OBAMA gets , the more STUPID he becomes. He almost destroyed this COUNTRY and he’s not finished. Using his Puppet BIDEN to complete the job !!
    P. O. S. !!!!!!!


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