New Email Reveals Hunter Biden’s Baby Momma was on Biden’s Consulting Firm’s Payroll

Center for Strategic and International Studies via Flickr

New emails recovered from President Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop reveal the mother of his child was once listed on the payroll of his consulting firm. The emails claim that Lunden Roberts was a basketball mentor to Hunter’s youngest daughter as well as former President Obama’s youngest daughter Sasha.

According to the International Business Times:

Hunter, 51, previously had an affair with Lunden Roberts, 29, with who he fathered girl in August 2018. Roberts in May, 2019, filed a paternity suit against the younger Biden. Hunter initially denied the couple had ever had sex but after a DNA test established “with near scientific certainty” that he was the child’s father, the couple settled out of court.

The email was a reply to Cecilia Browning, the manager of a Georgetown building that housed the offices of Hunter’s consulting firm Rosemont Seneca. Browning had warned Hunter and other people against giving visitors access to the building through a side entrance during the after-hours, the Daily Mail reported.

Offices for Iceland and Sweden are also housed in the same building as Biden’s consulting firm.

“I have never knowingly attempted to hide visitors or break any rules. What do i[sic] have to hide Cecelia. There is a camera in every hallway every 10 feet,” his reply read. “I had phoned ahead to let security know that my youngest daughter’s basketball mentor she worked out with Maisy and Sasha Obama when they played in rec league together. Maisy, my daughter continues ton [sic] pursue a NCAA Div. One team and Lunden continues to help,” Daily Mail quoted Hunter as saying in the email.

In the same email, Hunter also included a short bio of the basketball mentor, which listed her as a former player for the Arkansas State women’s basketball team for the 2011 to 2012 season. He also claimed she was a “three-time NCAA All-American” and a top ranker at George Washington University’s National CSIS Masters Program.

  1. Hunter Biden is the true example of white privilege if that’s what the liberals like to talk about!!!!

    1. You know what? I feel privilege … my parents taught me honesty, integrity, “do unto others …”, etc. As an adult, I apply those morals and feel GOOD about myself. I don’t see THAT happening in ANYTHING the media is spewing in our faces. Be true to yourself and follow God’s signals because if you FAIL, He will let us know! It’s starting to happen.

      1. A big loud AMEN to that, Coni! I, too, stand proud of who I am and and my “white privilege,” andwill never apologize! I come from humble but loving beginnings in which my father worked six very long days a week and took us to church on Sunday. I studied and prepared and thus did well in school (worked and paid for college since my parents couldn’t afford it), started my career at the bottom, worked long and hard and gradually climbed that ladder, and as a single Mom with no help from their father, took care of my kids and myself financially. Thanks, Mama and Daddy, for the loving home and lessons learned. Ultimately it’s all about the CHOICES we make, and with very few exceptions, everybody has choices! I made a few poor ones along the way, but with God’s help, was able to correct them and move on. I am fed up with all the pity parties and whining from people who CHOOSE to sit back and wait for their hand-outs!! 🙁


    1. I think Hunter’s sin was denying his paternity in the first place! My question is, “With whom did this POS celebrate Father’s Day today?” So sad, some people have simply rotten biological fathers!!

  3. Is ANY of this dysfunctional and ILLEGAL CRAP ever going to make a DIFFERENCE???? I canNOT understand how this BIDEN family can sleep at night! MOST of the rest of us live an honest life and DESPISE being lied to, taken advantage of, EXPECTED to accept immoral behaviors and WATCHING OUR GOVERNMENT IMPLODE! Who ELSE sees this?

    1. I wonder how the legal system in America allows this crappy Biden Crime Family to exist for almost fifty years breaking the law without going to jail. Everyone in the country knows Biden is a crook, even the idiots who voted for him. Where is Merrick Garland when you need him? .

  4. There is a rumor going round that there is a court order stating that Hunter Biden is not allowed anywhere near his niece without someone else in the family present. Apparently, while Hunter was keeping company with his sister in law and when he was ‘high’ he walked and crawled around the house naked and the child, she was under twelve at the time, used to see him naked. It will possibly be mentioned when the book, The Laptop From Hell, comes out in September.

  5. Good Grief, Don’t you think China has enough on the Biden’s to sink them? I mean real vulgar stuff to do with sex trafficking, and pedophilia?

  6. Has there EVER been a more corrupt family than that of Joe Biden? Well ….. maybe Clinton, …..maybe Pelosi …..maybe Schumer. Oh, hell! Maybe all the rotten Democrats!

  7. It is the stretching point where the rubber band will return to its original size…da karma will bite
    never fails either 😵‍💫

  8. The real question is will the PEOPLE see this CRIMINAL and his father in prison where they belong or will the government assure that there are TWO criminal justice systems. One for the PEOPLE and the other for perceived royalty.


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