Over 200 Rabbis Slam Pelosi Over Failure to Strongly Condemn Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Israel Comments

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More than 200 rabbis condemned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her failure to harshly condemn radical Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Israel comments. In a letter to Pelosi 224 rabbis accused Rep. Omar of helping incite violence against American Jews.

Last week Omar made comments comparing the United States and Israel to dangerous terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Taliban.

Fox News reports:

“We reiterate that the mob attacks on American Jews today are directly attributable to the rhetoric of Rep. Omar and those who stand with her within and beyond Congress,” the rabbis wrote. “To protect Jewish Americans and, moreover, safeguard the integrity of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, we thus insist upon the removal of Rep. Omar from her appointment.”

“Rep. Omar’s unfounded assertion that Israel committed ‘unthinkable atrocities’ by defending lives against an openly genocidal terror organization is not merely offensive, it is pernicious – for it is grounded in the blood libel and the calumny that Jews poisoned wells during the Black Death,” they wrote. “Without anything resembling a forceful response from the Democratic Party, tolerance of anti-Jewish hatred has proliferated.”

The rabbis said they had warned against putting Omar on the Foreign Affairs Committee in 2019 and accused her and her allies of “playing identity politics.”

“When 12 Jewish Democrats in the House rightfully denounced Rep. Omar’s abhorrent bigotry, the Congressional Progressive Caucus stooped to playing identity politics, cravenly claiming that the motivation for the condemnation was opposition to Rep. Omar as a ‘Black, Muslim woman’ rather than her anti-Semitic animus,” they wrote.

Lawmakers have called for Omar to be censured over her repeated comments against Israel. However, Pelosi said that she does not plan to punish Omar for her statements after she issued a clarification.

  1. Most of the democRATs are antisemitic. If you can’t see something as obvious as that, you are a brain dead zombie. Pelosi has demonstrated she has no control over any of her radical House members and is afraid of them.

  2. Most of these ppl, either jew, RINO or Roman-Catholic, pretend, that, they’re conservative & pro-America, but who do they vote for & support, politically. That the question…run with the foxes and hunt with the hounds❓


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