Every Scandal CNN’s Chris Cuomo Ignored When it Didn’t Fit His Narrative

By Senator Chris Coons (DNC CNN Camerota & Cuomo) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

CNN’s Chris Cuomo is no stranger to scandal but it seems he still doesn’t know how to take criticism. On Twitter, the CNN host was called out by a user for deliberately not reporting on stories that don’t fit his and CNN’s liberal agenda and he couldn’t help but respond. Cuomo fired back telling the user to name one example of him avoiding news that doesn’t match his liberal agenda and naturally Twitter users fired back with a laundry list of examples for the host’s media bias.

Click NEXT PAGE to see the scandal’s too true for CNN to report on:

  1. The whole Cuomo lineup is lunatics anonymous. Both brothers are so dumb they do not know when to keep their mouths shut and take it. Backfire on you boys often? DAH!

  2. Sure ‘whatever’ all those ppl leaving, libturded “demon©rat-run” $#!+-holes, must be racist…❓😂

  3. Can’t remember all his lies to keep them straight.
    Reminds me of —who was popular in High School and they follow the PAC
    He remains as a follower to his Democrap Party-a puppet to under the table money-another pay to play member

  4. Those “bros” are both arrogant, entitled, narcissistic jerks who think when they take a dump that people would pay to smell it.

  5. The Cuomo bros. think their shit don’t stink, but they need to take another sniff.
    There both full of lies & deceit, like every other demshits.

  6. He seems to act like a sissy boy sometimes. I think his father might have messed with both cumos they are both on the swingers list in my eye’s anyway. He is a putz and everyone but he and his wife seem to see it. Dudes about as tough as an old used lunch sack.

  7. Danger, danger, danger! It’s easy to get mad and stay mad at this marxist comrade and all those as bad or worse than he is! His followers are few but, even these are too many listening to the sleaze, slime, hatred, lies, and anti American, poison he injects into those who follow and believe him!! He is a cancer on America!

  8. ‘Hey…he’s my BROTHER!’ Fredo, you yourself are ‘a f—–n’ disgrace to your f—-n’ Italian heritage!’ There, you said it. I didn’t.


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