Trump Makes 2020 Election Admission on Fox News

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Former President Trump made a shocking admission to Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Wednesday. For months Trump has reiterated that the 2020 election was wrought with widespread fraud that resulted in Biden’s win but for the first time Trump admitted his defeat and then even wished Biden well as president.

According to McClatchy Washington Bureau:

“We got them by surprise in ‘16, and in ‘20 we did much better than we did in ‘16,” Trump told Hannity. “Shockingly, we were supposed to win easily at 64 million votes and we got 75 million votes. We didn’t win, but let’s see what happens on that. The whole thing was shocking.”

“I think the election was unbelievably unfair, but I want this guy to go out and do well for our country,” he said.

Trump conceded the election in January before Biden took office, but the former president and his supporters continue to challenge results in several states. There has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the election.

Among the audits is a hand recount of 2.1 million ballots in Arizona’s most populous county. The counting, which took place after Trump alleged voter fraud in the state, has taken nearly two months. Results of the recount have not been shared.

Trump’s change in tune comes as he continues to hint at the possibility of mounting a third presidential campaign in 2024. He’s yet to make any formal announcements but has said supporters will be “very happy” when he makes the big reveal.

  1. Once again the idiots at Fix say there is no evidence or fraud Bullcrap There is tons of evidence as The Arizona audit proves but because the supreme idiots on the supreme refused to hear vfc the evidence The is being exposed nothing will be done but make no mistake it happened Trump did win

    1. The devil rats all need to be put in jail they cheated do whatever they want behind guys like Soros and Gates and these assholes basils they’re cheating assholes that’s what they are

  2. Fox News is a liar. Trump won and we all know it. Biden hid in his basement and has dementia. There’s no way he was fairly elected.


    1. Derek chauvin didn’t get a fair trial but he was guilty. And I think if they retry him it would be guilty again. But he has a right to a fair hearing.

      1. Guilty of WHAT, the man was dying due to all the DRUGS he swallowed when the cops showed up, he was a CRIMINAL, but now he’s a martyr, what total CRAP!

  4. You did win the election, President Trump!! Please come back and save our country from the puppeteers pulling the strings of the “squatter” in our White House, and their socialist/communist agenda, that’s rapidly destroying our country and removing our freedoms!

  5. This is why Fox is call fake news. Didn’t they understand what President Trump say? President Trump said the election was a fraud but still, he wished dementia Biden luck.

  6. “No evidence” of voted fraud?!? Bollox!! Trump conceded NOTHING – in January or now!! Evidence continues to mount of voter fraud – and most Trumpsters will NOT rest until THE WHOLE TRUTH is known and made public!!

  7. I have been bothered by the tone of Trump train news for some time.
    This article tells me Trump Train News has been infiltrated by closet anti-Trumpers. I read the referenced CNN article, and in it CNN assumes Trump Conceded – CNN Fake News. In no way did Trump concede to Biden – that would have been world wide news – it didn’t happen

    So the Question – who at Trump Train news has been bought by the Left and prints this type of Article?
    It.s not just corrupt politicians and Technocrats – soon lying and corrupt Journalists will find they can run but the cannot hide fro justice in it’s many forms.

  8. Trump’s victory was big because of his Pro-American policies. Theres no way that the American people wanted the Left running this country, just look at their destructive policies and agenda.

  9. Our Supreme Court should have mandated a REDO of our 2020 Election, due to the created Covid 19 crisis. What a creative way for fraud to occur.

  10. who writes this shit and furthermore who in their right mind would believe any of it… Oh I forgot people who committed the crime of the century and who live in basements and eat bowls of Richard craniums for meals. Such sad garbage… TRUMP WON!

  11. By the way, the CHEATER criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership has a new massive voter fraud planned for the 2022 and 2024 elections!!! They are going to us the “millions of illegal aliens crossing our wide open borders to use them as illegal alien voters by the millions to destroy, crush and conquer us all as legal American voters!!! Do you know that over 10 million illegal aliens voted for CHEATER Joe Biden in the 2020 election and not one had their asses thrown in jail for law breaking?? It gets worse, for we the American taxpayers are giving massive government money to those illegal aliens to destroy us all, with us as American voters paying for it!!!!! Doesn’t all of that make us their SLAVES????????????????

  12. In the article about Trump running for President again. I disagree with the comment no evidence of fraud. That’s total BS!!!Print the truth or print nothing at all.

  13. There has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the election.”

    Are you ignorant, or an incredibly biased propagandist? Because those are the only possibilities for making such an obviously false claim. There were well over 1,000 AFFIDAVITS of voter fraud and violations of election laws that could lead to voter fraud. Including semi truck loads of ballots being transported across state lines, truck loads delivered to election counting centers in the dead of night with no contact tracing. Huge vote counts in the tens to hundred thousands for Biden being recorded in the dead of night, the early morning hours after election day, long after the election counting was supposedly halted for the day. Counts that defy the laws of probability.

    Every one of those affidavits is signed under the penalty of perjury. So let me ask you this. Have any of these people been charged with perjury? Of course not!

  14. On election night I received a phone call from the demrat candidates campaign for congressional district 1 in CA asking me what I was going to do with my ballot and if I wanted them to come to my house and pick it up for me. No such call from the Republican candidates office ( who by the way I voted for along with President Trump). Now just imagine what would have happened to that ballot if I had handed it over to demrat operatives at my front door. This is called ballot harvesting which is legal in CA and the demrats with HR1 want TO EXPORT to the rest of this country. Don’t let them do it ! And yes Trump won.

  15. How many times do we need to hear “wide spread fraud” NO there was none and none needed. What was done was spot fraud in those states that were close in 16 to be set for Biden to win in 20. Systemic is the word used by the courts to NOT rule on it because of that words meaning. To me it is a weasel word.

  16. Why does the writer LIE about there being HUGE FRAUD in the 2020 election, and everybody KNOWS IT! The evidence is up this writers butt!

  17. I guess I’m in shock . Rising every time to challenge his adversaries, from his ride on the escalator almost to the end of his term he drove his message. Through the campaign, Obamagate , Impeachment , crooked media , and foreign adveraries too, I’ll never understand why he allowed himself to be pushed out of office. He should have held the crooked element accountable early in his term. Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan could have seen to it had they been bestowed the legal talons. It might be crucial to 2024 if Trump would name his future cabinet with emphasis on his VP & AG choices.
    Our Constitutional right to cast a legitmate ballot was one freedom American heroes lay their lives down for.We were silenced in 2020 . Do we stay silenced? First and foremost is restore our voice.


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